Best Gluten Free Flour Alternatives

Best Gluten Free Flour Alternatives

As a creator of anti-inflammatory healthy dessert recipes- I have worked with many, many flours over the years and have been on a mission to find the best gluten free Flour alternatives that satisfy the comfort of bread, pasta, cookies, and bars.

Their are multiple problems with traditional flours:

  1. They steal your energy 
  2. The cause hormone imbalances and cause fat storage because they spike insulin and blood sugar.
  3. They disrupt your microbiome and feed bad bacteria
  4. They cause intestinal damage and issues like leaky gut.

My goal is always to create recipes that are actually good for your hormones, brain, microbiome/gut and metabolism- and of course, still tastes like something you crave to eat.

Here are the best gluten free flour alternatives I have come across that are gluten and grain free.

Best Gluten Free Flour Alternatives

Otto’s Cassava Flour

This is my most recent find and it is incredible! Most gluten free flours are expensive, and cannot be used to replace regular flour 1:1. You usually have to combine a bunch of different flours to create a good texture- well not any more!

Cassava (also known as Yuca) is a root vegetable. Cassava is a staple food for half a billion people across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is the perfect alternative to wheat flour when dried and ground using our proprietary method.

Yuca is an excellent source of non-inflammatory carbohydrate filled with fiber and resistance starch which feeds the good bacteria in your intestines.

Otto’s Cassava Flour  is an all-natural, amazing, grain-free replacement for wheat flour and can be used as a 1:1 substitute in countless recipes. I only use this brand because:

  • There are no fillers. Only 100% Yuca (Cassava) and water are used to create this single-ingredient wonder.
  • Foods made with Otto’s Cassava Flour do not have that familiar dry or “alternative flour” taste or texture that often comes with gluten-free flours.
  • Amazing to use for cakes, cookies, brownies, pancakes, tortillas and crepes
  • Otto’s Cassava Flour also is great in savory dishes  sauces, gravy, and searing flour.
  • Otto’s Cassava Flour is the very highest quality cassava flour available. Other cassava flours are hand peeled and sun dried. That sounds romantic, but it can produce undesirable results. As the cassava dries in the sun it ferments and takes on a sour, musty smell and taste. If it happens to rain, it must sit longer, allowing opportunity for mold to grow.
  • Otto’s Cassava Flour, is thoroughly peeled and baked into a beautifully clean smelling and tasting flour.

Coconut Flour

Coconut flour  is high in fiber and healthy fats, so if you’re looking to go on a lower-carb diet, want to try a Paleo or vegan diet,  start using coconut flour.

  • Coconut flour’s high levels of healthy saturated fats are used by the body easily for energy and help support a healthy metabolism, balanced blood sugar levels and more.
  • Coconut flour also assists in creating a healthy blood sugar level, since it carries a low glycemic load and doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.
  • Coconut flour  helps with healthy digestion.
  • Coconut flour has this positive effect on heart health because of its high supply of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber plus its healthy MUFA fat content.

Coconut four can be a little hard to work with as it usually takes a good amount of liquid because it absorbs so much- so most recipes call for large amounts of eggs or oil.

Some of my favorite coconut flour recipes include my coconut flour chocolate chip cookies, coconut flour short bread cookies,  coconut flour sandwich bread, coconut flour pizza crustCoconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites, coconut flour mini doughnuts, and coconut flour banana bread.

Almond Flour

  • Almonds are packed with L-arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium.
  • Almonds are also a high-fiber food and contain certain types of healthy fats, and they’re also good for baking.Best gluten free flour alternatives

Almond flour is great for making cookies, cakes and other baked goods. It’s also useful in different meals for coating chicken or cauliflower to make it crunchy. I like making my gluten free thin mint cookie recipe with almond flour.

Food Based Flours

I also love using foods in place of flours to make cookies, breads, and muffins. The ones I have found work best are:


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