Welcome to the Journey!

I’m Megan Kelly, a Nutrition Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician specializing in women’s health and neurobiology.

I help people transform their bodies, tap into the power of the mind, and be led by the spirit! 

I provide tools to help you find your purpose and thrive in all areas of life, despite what is going on around you.

The food we eat, the thoughts we think, and the toxins we avoid, physically control how our genes express themselves.

I am a believer that all areas of life come together to create true health, but we need to start with our mind.

Our mind controls our brain and our brain controls our body.

If your spirit is not healthy, your body will not be healthy.

Renewing All Things equips believers to experience health, purpose and abundance in each area of their life! 


I believe. . .

. . .In a life of simplicity. Putting all focus and energy into areas that bring peace, joy, and an eternal perspective. .

. . .In a traditional diet, one rich in nutrient dense foods and lifestyles that our ancestors thrived on without the diseases and health concerns we are dealing with today. . .

. . . The Bible is the flawless outline as to how to live our lives, what we should put into our bodies, and how to achieve true peace and health. The beautiful thing about this is, everyone will have a different story. . .

. . .In the incredible healing abilities of the body when given what it needs to thrive. . .

. . .In a thriving life, chasing after purpose, while truly experiencing the fruit of the spirit. Especially peace, joy, and love- every single day.. . .

. . .In being a student of life. Learning what works, what doesn’t, and discovering the unknown. . .


I married my best friend

Kenn is the genius and the creator behind Renewing All Things. He is so supportive of all my strange health endeavors like washing my face with honey and and being completely obsessed with coconut oil. Together we are passionate about experiencing the incredible health we were created to have – and helping others do the same.

Kenn is behind the technology and idea for the site, yet he is also deeply passionate about seeing people restored back the God’s original intention for them. He has been deeply interested in health and nutrition as they relate to God’s Word and loves using his talents in business and technology to see others reach their full potential. He also has a knack and will be posting from time to time.

Always open to where we are being called to next – living a life of simplicity and sustainability and adapting a healthy lifestyle no matter where our adventures take us.

We strive for true dependence on God, moment by moment, living life in such a way that the memories and miracles we experience everyday are impossible without our Creator.

So, if you are interested in health, both physically and spiritually, join us on our journey in discovering what true health feels like, and what you need to obtain it- it might be radically different than you think.