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Why You Shouldn’t Take Probiotics Every Day

Probiotics, probiotics, probiotics. It seems like everyone is on one these days. Heck, I tell you to take probiotics because ‘gut health is everything’. While that’s true, there is more to the story. I am not against probiotics, but here are a few thoughts you should consider when using them. Dr. Zach Bush, a triple […]

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Looking for the best natural makeup lines? You are in the right place. One of the top questions I get is people asking about non-toxic skin care and makeup. Especially after I talk about how traditional makeup contains endocrine disruptors and xenoestrogens. This means the chemicals in these products not only mimic estrogen which creates estrogen dominance which is […]

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I had the pleasure of chatting with my girls over at Sissy Pie about the best supplements woman can take. There are so many on the market with every one of them professing benefits and why you NEED to take it. . . no wonder we are confused and overwhelmed. I have a different take on […]

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