New Technology to Help You Disable Distraction

New Technology to Help You Disable Distraction

Life is wild right now. Times are tough. Stress is high and the pull to grab your phone for distraction and dopamine is real.

The problem is, that little device you can pick up at any time is a portal to anything you could ever possibly want to know, endless entertainment, endless information, and endless social validation which is causing an epidemic of distraction, anxiety, depression, and a culture sucked into the matrix.

I’m in it too. I find myself on my phone more than ever during stressful times to get relief.

It’s fake of course.

It’s like drinking a Celceus for more energy. Sure, it will give me some in a quick hit. But the crash and long-term effects of doing that will eventually burn me down. It’s not real energy. Just like those quick checks that make you feel good are not real joy. Social media is not real connection.

It’s actually burning my ability to feel real joy and connection just like Celceus is burning my ability to feel real energy. It feels good in the moment, but soon you realize your mind has taken a hit.

You are kind of in a lose-lose situation: distraction feels good and you have an entire world in which it’s their job to take your attention. To get you hooked with likes, followers, novelty, and never-ending new exciting things to see.

But that also means if you know that, you can set blocks in place of the unlimited distractions to counteract what you will automatically and addictingly do.

How to Disable Distraction with Aro Home Device

91% of adults keep their phone within arm’s reach all day.

75% of the time we spend with our kids in our lifetime will be spent by age 12.

79% of married couples admit technology distracts them from connecting with each other.

I found this information on the company Aro’s website and it was eye-opening. Aro is a technology platform leveraging the science of habit formation to help you connect by disconnecting.

How it works according to Aro:

  • The Aro app: The first app designed to reduce screen time by pairing with a device to help you put down your phone. Set goals, get reminders, track time away, and compete with others.
  • The Aro Home device: Habit formation starts with a visual cue. The Aro Home device is a visual cue to take a break from your phone, a tech-packed device that gives you credit for time away, and a beautiful charging station all in one.
  • Habit-changing insights: As the saying goes – what can be measured can be improved. Aro shows you data on how intentional you’ve been with time away from your phone to make it a habit.

I believe the #1 thing you can do for your mental health is create separation from yourself and your phone for as much as you can each day. If it’s by you, you’ll look at it. That’s how they designed it to work.

Aro makes creating rhythms of disconnection so much easier than simply putting your phone in another room.

Having a visual cue of the box has been so helpful to me to put my phone away throughout the day. If you have a family with older kids that have phones, I think this would be an amazing way to get everyone off their devices every night.

We’re living in a social experiment right now, and no one knows quite how it’s going to turn out. Addiction, overconsumption, and dependence on that little device in our pockets is getting wild.

I could be wrong, but based on the recent statistics of how many people are on anti-depressant/anti-anxiety meds and suicide rates, the trajectory isn’t looking good.

Now more than ever before, intentionally doing practices to strengthen and protect your mind are not optional if you want to have a good one.

Aro leverages the science of habit formation and motivational design to ensure parents and kids don’t miss out on what’s most important by helping reclaim time spent on their phones.

Check out Aro here to see how it could possibly help you and your family! 

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