Charge Your Problems

Charge Your Problems

What if resisting pain and change caused more suffering than the actual situation causing the pain and change?

When we ignore the fear, worry, and anxiety that come up with something and either numb out by distracting ourselves- or just talk about how much it is hurting- we are just sitting in the storm instead of moving through it, and we do have the option to move through it instead of just expecting it to stop raining.

Charge Your Storm

I love this story from the book Take the Stairs by Rory Vaden:

“Growing up in Colorado, he noticed that the cows and the buffalo handle big storms differently. When a storm comes in and it starts raining, the cows try to run away from the rain. The buffalo see the same storm coming- they wait until it hit the peak of the mountain and then they charge the storm- run straight into it- the result is they spend a lot less time in the rain!”

I think often times, God wants us to charge and run into what is bringing up such strong emotions because he knows that it is holding us back, and we need to get out of that storm because he has SO many incredible things waiting for us to experience.

Stop. Identify what you are actually feeling and why. Often times, when we identity what we are actually feeling- it is not half as bad as we thought.

Ask God what he has for you to do to move through the storm and get out of the rain. What is the next step you can do to handle the situation: talk to someone? Take a day of quiet? Learn about the root of something in your life that is causing this problem? Listen to a podcast? Read a book?

Often times the symptoms and problems we are facing are signals that we need to do something different in our life.

The longer we run from the feelings we are trying to avoid, the more time we spend in the rain.

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