What Actually Creates a Strong Immune System

What Actually Creates a Strong Immune System

Taking immunity into your own hands is empowering and overwhelming. With so many products out there and so many different people telling you what to take, it can be hard to know what to do. 

That’s what today is about. 

I’m going to talk all about immunity, and it actually has very little to do with what supplements or natural remedies you take. It’s deeper than that.

We are going to dive into: 

  • What actually creates a strong immune system (not what you think) 
  • Why just focusing on your immune system is pointless 
  • Why you need to focus on your nervous system and digestive system
  • Why symptoms are a GOOD thing  & What happens when you stop your symptoms 
  • What to do when you first start experiencing symptoms (game-changer)
  • The 6 categories you need to cover all of your health and sickness needs 
  • My top few minimal products that cover everything for a healthy body all year round  
  • Your Immunity Plan (unconventional and highly effective) 

A Different Approach to Sickness 

When most people think about immunity, they think the goal is to never get sick. Although it’s true that a sign of a healthy body is that it doesn’t get sick often, throughout our life we actually do need to experience illness so our body can adapt, rebuild and come back stronger than before. That can only happen if you treat the illness in a certain way, which we will talk about. 


When I think about immunity, I think about creating a body that can be exposed to anything and either not get sick at all OR get whatever the illness is and move through it fluidly and come back stronger than it was before. 

That can happen. 

I want you to throw the contagion theory out the window. Just because people are sick around you and are exposed to what they have does not mean you have to get the illness. If the systems of your body are working as they should, they can be exposed to anything and know how to handle it. If you do get sick, you don’t need to see your body as weak, it’s just a sign it needs to detoxify and rebuild and it’s actually using the sickness to help you do that. 

A great example: I am very pregnant. They say pregnancy weakens your immune system, but I will never agree with that. I was around my family DAILY that had a bad virus. I am technically in the population that is more suspectable of getting it because of my ‘lowered immunity’. I did an interesting experiment. I didn’t keep my distance from them or anyone I knew that was sick. I hugged and kissed them every day. I took care of them. They were sick for a month straight, we were in the same house every day . . . and I didn’t sick at all. I didn’t ‘catch’ what they had. I was exposed, but it did not turn into anything for me. 

My point: exposure does not equal illness. You want to create a body that can be exposed to anything and be okay. You don’t want to hide away from the world and be scared of catching something. You don’t want to avoid ‘germs’. You want to be able to live in the world and everything that it is and still be healthy.  

So how do you create a body that can be exposed to anything? 

Don’t Stop Your Symptoms

I want to start out with a really important concept to understand. Symptoms are not your enemy. You don’t actually want to stop your systems. When people get sick, they are on a mission to stop the symptoms either with over the counter medication or natural remedies. They don’t want the cough, the snot, the fever. 

Understand this: The symptoms are actually helping you. The symptoms are signaling you what needs attention and they are the agents that are healing the body. Sure, you could take something that would stop those symptoms instantly. But when you do that, you are stopping the detoxification and healing process of the body. You are trapping what is trying to get out which will cause long term problems in the future. You may feel better for a while, but that instant gratification will give you long term trouble. 

The first step to immunity is changing the way you see your symptoms. When they begin to pop up, that’s a chance for you to explore where they are coming from and what you need to start doing or stop doing. They are your loving friend trying to tell you something, your goal is not to stop them, your goal is to find out why they are having to be there. 

Quick Fix -> Long Term Problems 

As I said, there are plenty of medications out there that will stop (or mask) your symptoms. Many people will keep taking them over and over thinking they are feeling better but not realizing the long term cost. 

What happens when you take medication to stop symptoms? 

  1. Your body doesn’t detoxify 
  2. It is slowly weakening your gut and liver which will bring on numerous other health problems in the future. 
  3. Weakens your immune system because it’s not allowing your body to breakdown and rebuild to come back stronger. 
  4. Stopping symptoms now only leads to them coming back worse later.

It’s Not About Just the Immune System 

All we hear about is what to do to ‘strengthen your immune system’. Take elderberry and vitamin C. Try not to stress. All the common things you hear. 

What actually creates a healthy immune system and body? That takes focusing on all the systems of your body, specifically: 

  1. Nervous System 
  2. Digestive System 
  3. Immune System 

If your nervous system and digestive system are not working properly, anything you do or take for your immune system isn’t going to do anything. 

My Approach 

This is how I create a robust body and immune system that can be exposed to anything and not get sick. OR when it does get sick, it is able to move through it fluidly and come out stronger. 

  1. Prevention 
  2. Treatment and care of the nervous, digestive, and immune system 
  3. The 3-step plan when you do get sick 
  4. AND THEN supplements and natural remedies that detoxify your body and bring it back into balance. 


What really strengthens your immune system? 

Try getting sick if you. . . 

Get outside EVERY DAY 


  • The environment you breathe has a bigger impact on your microbiome than any probiotic you can take. Breathing in diverse nature environments is one of the best things you can do to support your gut and therefore your immune system. 
  • Grounding is the number one way to neutralize free radicals and the harmful balance EMFs put your body into. It is the most powerful and proven way to rid inflammation from the body. 
  • The Sun is the best source for creating the hormone (vitamin D3) that controls your immune system. 

Take Micro Breathing Breaks Throughout the Day 


  • To get your body into a parasympathetic state. When it’s in that state, it can then address and correct any imblances that are going on. 
  • Breathing is the number one way to move oxygen and nutrients through the body.

MOVE Everyday


  • The body needs constant movement to keep energy and life force flowing. Stagnation leads to disease. Sitting all day is a sure-fire way to make the body vulnerable to disease. 

Eat Strategically 


  • Your body has to use the building blocks you give it. If you eat junk, your body can only reproduce junk. If you eat a ton of vegetable oil and sugar, you are feeding disease. 
  • Foods like bone broth, liver, vegetables, healthy fats. All real life-giving foods will give your body the nutrients that are needed to heal and work perfectly.

Treatment and care of the nervous, digestive, and immune system 

First – Focus on your nervous system: Your nervous system is what decides if your body can heal, or not. If it can fight off disease, or create it. You could be taking the healthiest supplement and remedies in the world, but if your nervous system is not working well, you will 100% of the time get sick. Your nervous system is the secret sauce for staying healthy.

How do you take care of your nervous system?

  • Perception: Every cell and system in your body is taking directions from your thoughts and emotions to decide what to create. Does it need to create stress hormones or feel good hormones? Does your endocrine, digestive, immune need to be shut off to survive or can it be on and healing anything? Your thoughts decide. What makes stress bad for your body is thinking ‘this is stressful’ because that’s what your body takes. If you think ‘I can do this, let’s do it’, your body created a very different chemical reaction.
  • Breath: You can intentionally put your body into a healing mode whenever you want, through specific breathing patterns. Slow, long, through your nose, making your exhale longer than your inhale. This will automatically switch your nervous system into a healing mode.
  • Watch the amount of technology you consume: Constant checks and stimulation stress your nervous system more than anything. Those constant dopamine hits from checking your phone are actually hurting and taxing your nervous system. Have one time a day you check your accounts if possible. Make sure you have equal amounts of screen-free outside time with screen time. Your body will thank you.

Second- Focus on your digestive system. Your gut is actually a huge part of your immune system. A healthy gut = a healthy body. Your gut is what determines if you absorb nutrients from your food or not. It keeps out bad guys, or it doesn’t if it’s not working.

How do you take care of your gut?

  • Diet – eat gut nourishing food and avoid gut harming foods. Bone broths, healthy fats, sauerkraut. Avoid vegetable/canola oils, processed food, fast food, non organic meat products.
  • Products: Ditch toxic cleaning and personal care and start using ones that won’t hurt your hormones and gut.
    Eat with intention: To activate the digestive system before eating, take 3 long slow breaths before eating. When you eat chew chew chew. This will ensure it is easy on your gut and you absorb all of the fabulous nutrients.

Third- Healthy Immune System Practices

  • Eat and take substances that provide the nutrients you need and that help detoxify the body
  • Earth, sun, water
  • Lymph – rebounding dry brushing

The 3-step plan when you do get sick 

When you do get sick: Life happens and you get sick. Great! It’s actually an incredible opportunity. Getting sick is your body’s way of ridding itself of stuff that has built up and needs to get out, that’s a good thing! It’s also your body’s sign that something has been weakening your healing system, leaving it more vulnerable to whatever is going around. When you are sick, it’s an opportunity for recalibration and cleansing what has built up or what is causing blocks in your system. It’s a great chance for detoxification to actually leave you better off than you were before. So when you do get sick and do practices that help detoxify the body AND mind, then you will actually be healthier than before you were sick!

  1. Mind over Body: Get your body into a healing parasympathetic state. You could be supplementing with the best, most expensive products around, but if you are still living in stress, anxiety, bitterness, fear, etc. (which arguably may have weakened the immune system in the first place) then your immune system literally can’t turn on and run as it should.  Address what is causing the emotion that is keeping your immune system off and do whatever you need to turn it around. Taking 10 minutes to slow your breathing and focus on what you love, what you are grateful for, and what you are excited about will reactivate your immune system better than any supplement you can take.
  2. Eat easy to digest, anti-inflammatory foods – The less energy your body has to put towards digestion, the more it can put towards healing.
    – Bone broths
    – Green juices
    – Vegetables
    – Healthy fats
  3. Do the healing FOUR
    – Sleep
    – Sun
    – Grounding
    – Clean Water

Supplements and Natural Remedies 

Once you are doing everything above, now it’s time to add in a few key supplements and natural remedies that have been proven to help the body heal, detoxify, rebuild, and rebalance. 

Remember, these supplements are not meant to stop symptoms, but rather assist the body into coming back into balance faster and better than before. 

Let’s Get Started
There are 6 categories of immunity substances that heal and protect. Some people go all in on just one of these categories, I like to use them in combination. With carefully selected products from each category, you will be stocked and ready to confidently conquer whatever comes along.

  1. Essential Oils
  2. Homeopathic Medicine
  3. Herbal Medicine
  4. Medicinal Mushrooms
  5. Antiviral/Antibacterial Detoxification
  6. Vitamin Therapy 

My Top Immune Game-Changers 

The truth is, you don’t need tons of supplements and remedies to be healthy or get back to health. You do however need to have the foundational ones that provide the building blocks your body needs to function as well as the remedies that detoxify the body. 

These are my top products for immunity. Minimal, but incredibly effective and cover all the bases. They are focused on nutritional therapy and detoxification. 

I have had many people tell me they wish they could just have one place they could get all of these easily. You can! 

*FYI: I don’t sell supplements or promote just one particular brand, I am not sponsored, I have a practitioner Fullscript account that allows me to recommend products from all top professional brands to clients and put them in ‘protocols’ so they are easy to access. That’s it.*

I have a protocol called “Unstoppable Immune” that has all these supplements. You can get them all or just a few, but they are all in one place for you. 

How To: 

  • Click Here 
  • Make a free account 
  • Go to my unstoppable Immune Protocol 
  • All of the supplements will be available there 

Here are my top products I use to stay healthy AND get back into health 

To Take Daily:

  • Vitamin C:
  • Vitamin d3/k2:
  • Ocean Minerals: 
  • IonBiome: 
  • Saline: I believe that one of the MOST preventive things you can do for any viral respiratory illness is to irrigate your, and your children’s, nasal passages with saline or Xlear nasal spray at the end of every day and after any potential exposure. This is because after exposure to a virus, the influenza virus tries to invade and multiply in your nasal passages for at least 1-2 days before you develop any symptoms. Nasal irrigation can wash away viral particles before they have the opportunity to take hold, and thereby prevent many infections from happening in the first place!

To Take When Sick 

  • Cellular Silver: Best antibacterial and antiviral fix. 
  • GI Detox: Binds toxins from the body 
  • Biociden Advanced formula throat spray: A powerful combination of herbs, minerals, detoxification agents. 
  • Host defense: Medicinal mushrooms
  • Optimal Detox: A protein formula that delivers the amino acids, minerals, and other ingredients to detoxify, heal, and rebuild the body. 
  • Flu Fix – Take for flu
  • Cold Crush – Take for Cold
  • Saline – for colds and allergies, and everyday immunity 

If you want to make it easy and get everything you need to stay healthy this year, you can see all of these products and get the bundle here. 

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