Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus

Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is bringing up many questions and tons of fear. Here’s what you need to know, your body is incredible and was created with a built-in healing system. It’s more about the HOST than the VIRUS. The host is you. If you create a body that is not a good environment for a virus, then you could come in contact with it and never get sick! On the other hand, if you have a body that is a good host for a virus, then even the slightest contamination of anything will get you sick.

So how do you make your body a bad host for a virus so it can’t even live in your body in the first place even if you do come in contact with it? You eat and do lifestyle practices that viruses can’t live in, and you think and feel emotions that viruses can’t live in (love, joy, gratitude). Bacteria and viruses are very low energetic pathogens, they are attracted to low energetic environments (stress, processed foods, FEAR).

You can absolutely create an environment that bad bacteria and viruses can’t live in.

When you are constantly working on addressing your toxicities and deficiencies, your body is resilient and can face anything.

When I say toxicities and deficiencies, I mean what are the things creating blocks for your immune system to work as it should and what are you lacking for your immune system to work as it should. When you remove the blocks and get what you are lacking, your body is a virus-fighting and self-healing machine.

You could have toxicities and deficiencies in your body (heavy metals, glyphosate, mold, etc / nutritional deficiencies) but you also need to look at the toxicities and deficiencies you have in your mind and spirit as well because it will all affect how susceptible you are to the coronavirus.

How Fear Impacts Your Immune System

I’m known for talking about psychoneuroimmunology. The fancy word for how your thoughts affect your endocrine, immune, and digestive system. I talk about how every thought creates a biochemical cascade of hormones and chemicals that are either working for you, or against you. And most importantly, how we can intentionally generate thought and emotion to heal the body.

A few things to understand:

  1. You are a spirit, you have a soul (mind, will, emotions), and you live in a body. So many people think spirit and soul are the same, and they are not. Your soul is the bridge between your spirit and your body. It can be more spirit-led or more flesh led. Your soul is your mind.
  2. Your soul and your body are directly connected. What happens to your soul happens to your body and what happens to your body happens to your soul. So you can use your mind to change your body and your body to change your mind – amazing, right?!

Every thought and emotion creates hormones, neurotransmitters, and other biochemicals in the body – good or bad depending on the thought or emotion.

This works specifically in two ways:

  • Your HPA Axis
  • Your Nervous System

HPA Axis

Here’s how it works. Something happens in your environment and you have a thought and emotion about what is happening. Your hypothalamus reads that thought and communicates with your adrenals as to what hormones to make – cortisol, progesterone etc. Your hypothalamus is looking for stressors. So you can see that if your thoughts about your circumstances are continuously filled with anxiety, fear, judgment, etc, your HPA axis is sending that cortisol and other chemicals around instead of healing hormones and chemicals. Your hypothalamus is in charge of your limbic system and when your limbic system is constantly activated, your hormonal and immune system are constantly deactivated.

Your Nervous System

Simply put, when you activate your parasympathetic system, the healing systems of your body are turned on. When you constantly activate your sympathetic nervous system, your immune system is compromised.

Your hypothalamus and nervous system are responders to thought! So it’s not the circumstance that shuts your body down, it your thoughts about the circumstance. We need to understand that FEAR is the number one emotion that directly and dramatically weakens the immune system.

Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus – Mind Protocol

Like I mentioned before, you are three parts – spirit, soul, and body that are all connected. So you need to do things that will strengthen all three to really protect and heal yourself from anything. Just focusing on your physical body will get you 1/3 protected.

Begin implementing these strategies to intentionally use your mind to strengthen your immune system!

  • Daily times of relaxation, breathing, and heart coherence. This directly activates the parasympathetic response which will then allow the system of your body to rejuvenate and also eliminate anything that may be harming it.
  • Change your perception: Remember, it’s not stress that creates an imbalance, it is your thoughts about the stress. Whatever stressful situations may be happening, how can you view it differently? Reminding yourself that you can handle anything with ease, trials only make you stronger, and your mind and body are in extraordinary health.
  • Don’t fear! I want you to be empowered knowing you can do things that will absolutely strengthen your immune system to combat the coronavirus if necessary. Knowing fear is what will weaken your immune system the most.
  • Soak in daily gratitude, play, love, and joy. These emotional states will also begin to activate the healing response.
  • Rewire toxic and habitual thinking patterns
  • Your beliefs also have a huge impact on getting sick. If you are worried about getting sick, speaking that you will probably get sick – you will get sick! Your body is always listening to your mind. Every day speak – My mind and body are in extraordinary health. I can handle anything that comes my way with ease. I have the perfect immune system capable of protecting me from anything.

The more you can be in a healing state, the stronger your immune system will be.

Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus – Body Protocol

The good news is, there are incredible supplements you can take and health strategies you can do to make your body ready to handle anything that comes your way.

First and foremost, food is medicine. It’s essential to consume what nourishes your cells and take away what is accumulating an extra toxic burden, which will weaken the immune system.


Bone broth, healing fats, greens, vegetables, sprouted nuts/seeds/grains, clean proteins, and clean mineral-rich water.


Procced/fast food, conventional animal products, tap water, conventional personal care/cleaning products

Two KEY supplements

Vitamin C:  There are more than 30 clinical studies confirming the antiviral power of vitamin C against a wide range of flu viruses over several decades. Vitamin C inactivates the virus and strengthens the immune system to continue to suppress the virus. – Coronavirus: Exploring Effective Nutritional Treatments, Andrew W. Saul, Orthomolecular News Service; January 30, 2020.

Glutathione + CoQ10 + PPQ + Lactoferrin: Glutathione is known as “the master of all antioxidants” and it’s key for protecting your mitochondria from viruses. You need to protect your mitochondria because they determine how well your mind and body are going to work.

The coronavirus is said to attack the lungs – “The lungs have the greatest need for glutathione the level within the epithelial lining fluid, being approximately 140 times greater than the plasma level). Thus, in any oxidative (pulmonary) stress condition the physician should assume a general deficiency of glutathione status.” -Dr. Leigh Robinson.

Lactoferrin disables virus from attaching to iron circulating in blood so it doesn’t get a grip. It prevents the virus from manifesting in blood.

If you can build up a good store of Glutathione + CoQ10 + PPQ + Lactoferrin – every cell, system, and organ will be strengthened and protected.

This is my favorite glutathione supplement (Use code Megan5 for a discount) because of the unique blend of nutrients it contains in a liposomal form that work synergistically for optimal absorption.

Body Protocol

If you do happen to get virus symptoms, take

Directions: Take 1 serving every 2 to 3 hours after the first sneeze.

Immune protocol

Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus – Spirit Protocol

Now that you have your mind/emotions and body taken care of, let’s go deeper. Besides fear, there are other blocks that could be stopping your immune system from functioning at it’s best.

Things like:

  • unforgiveness
  • bitterness
  • envy
  • self-hate/hate
  • anger
  • unprocessed emotions/trauma

It’s critical to get those out of your body so there are no blocks in your system. You could be washing your hands all day long but if you are holding on to bitterness, envy, or unforgiveness – you will be compromised and your body will become out of balance.

I recommend reading other articles I have written about this:

Also on the Spiritual side, as believers – you are protected! Speaking and reading the word daily is as important as taking physical supplements. Use the word as medicine – it will heal, bless, and protect.

Read – The Power of Decrees 

Psalm 91


  1. Flood your mind with elevated thoughts and emotions
  2. Flood your body with healing food and key powerhouse supplements (glutathione/vitamin C) and get outside in the sun and your bare feet on the earth as often as possible.
  3. Flood your spirit with time in the word, in prayer, in stillness, and examine your life for any possible blocks that could be preventing healing/blocking immune function.

If you are taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit – you don’t need to worry! Your body is incredible and has the ability to face anything and heal when blocks are gone and nourishment is given.

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