Advanced Healing Practices

Advanced Healing Practices

What do you do when a tragedy hits? A diagnosis you didn’t expect, an accident, an injury, a sickness? What do you do when you or a loved one is suffering, ill, or facing something you never imagined could happen?

I had to stare that question in the face when my second daughter was born with a rare diagnosis where her abdominal wall did not form and she was born with her organs outside of her body. Immediately after she came out, she was taken on flight for life, thrown into multiple surgeries, and connected to all forms of life support.

Every day we walked into the hospital, I would see her laying there completely sedated, medicated, intubated and hooked up to 11 machines with 3 different IVs and 12 different tubes. My heart shattered as my maternal instinct was to help and protect, and I couldn’t do anything, not even hold her.

Immediately my mind went to what I could do to help, even though I knew my options were incredibly limited as she was living in the NICU, completely being kept alive by machines. I turned to my good friends and colleagues in the alternative/functional medicine world to see what we could do.

I was able to discover and compile a list of a few powerful and advanced healing devices and practices that some of the top alternative medicine clinics and restoration centers are using to restore and rejuvenate the body that you can use yourself.

If you or a loved one are in the midst of a health crisis or injury, keep this list of the latest devices and practices to support and accelerate your healing and recovery, even if you are in a hospital (especially if you are in a hospital).

Advanced Healing Devices


Experts and top researchers in the areas of anti-aging and longevity are currently shouting from the rooftops the benefits of light therapy or photobiomodulation. Some even argue that how we use the different spectrums of light is just as important (on a cellular level) as what we eat.

Paleo f(x)JOOVV provides Olympic and NFL endorsed red and near-infrared light devices you can use at home for healing, beauty, mental and physical health! It stimulates cellular rejuvenation and collagen production as well as working on a deeper level to treat inflammation, muscles, and joints.

My entire family uses this light every day and they just came out with a new handheld, recharable device that you can take anywhere for medical grade healing on the go. We took this to the hospital and used it on our daughter every day.

No matter what injury or health issue you or a loved one may be going through, light therapy is incredibly healing.

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Wholetones Healing Frequencies:

There are certain sound frequencies that are incredibly healing to the body. Wholetones are specific songs and frequencies that have been found to relieve stress, promote healing, break negative cycles, and restore damaged DNA.

Have whole tones playing 24/7 around you or your loved one.

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BEMER stands for Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy Regulation. BEMER is a mat you lay on attached to a machine to give you the earth’s frequencies and intensities through PEMF ( pulsed electromagnetic frequencies). NASA has incorporated PEMF
Paleo f(x)generators in space because astronauts cannot survive without the earth’s geomagnetic frequencies. After a multi-million dollar study, NASA found the astronauts needed PEMF for bone density, better healing, regeneration of damaged tissue, greater cell longevity, and the health of human nerve cells.

BEMER sessions dramatically boost the body’s circulation and blood flow. This stimulates the body’s regenerative abilities. It is a microcirculation machine to stimulate circulation to all of our body through our small vessels. Without this microvessel circulation, most of our cells can be denied the nutrients required to function. Our circulatory system also distributes hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules.


Although PEMF machines will provide you a more intense and higher frequency output of the frequencies of the earth, grounding is also incredibly important (and free) and will provide many of the same benefits.

Grounding is equivalent to putting your body on a charger, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and flooding your body with amazing antioxidants that aid in healing anything.

The electrons from the earth have an antioxidant effect that protects and heals inflammation in the body. There have now been thousands of studies and scans showing the before and after of people walking barefoot on the earth for 10 minutes. You can physically see inflammation decreased, cortisol lowered, and the hormonal and autonomic nervous system balanced!

If you cannot get outside to ground every day, I would highly recommend getting grounding devices you can bring into your home or hospital.

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EMF Protection

There is now an overwhelming amount of independent scientific evidence linking electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless technologies with increased risks of cancer, infertility, insomnia, and depression.

If you are new around here, I talk a lot about energy. Why? Because you are just a big ball of energy vibrating at a specific frequency based on your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and emotions. EMFs are highly disruptive to every system of the body, causing chaos and disruption within the energy systems.

While you can’t avoid EMFs altogether, there are things you can do to protect your body.

  1. Turn your phone on airplane mode as often as possible
  2. Go outside with bare feet every day to reverse the effects and damage of EMFs
  3. Turn off your wifi at night

I like to use these devices as well

Advanced Healing Practices


Hands down, fasting is the ultimate way to heal. When the body is not digesting, it can put all of its energy and resources into healing and rejuvenation.

Fasting has been proven to:

  • Reduce oxidative stress, enhance the cellular repair processes and appears to be a key strategy for anti-aging and longevity.
  • Turn on certain genetic repair mechanisms that enhance cellular rejuvenation.
  • Decreasing inflammation, rebuild the body, and boost metabolism. It is one of the most effective and powerful detoxification strategies you can do.

Of course, fasting should be done under the care of a practitioner that is knowledgeable and can help you determine what type of fast is right for you.

A few fasting options include:

  • Interment fasting: Having a 16-18 hour break of eating between dinner and breakfast. Only drinking water at that time.
  • Fasting mimicking diet: Abstain from food but can include things like coconut oil or butter and bone broth for a period of time.
  • Straight water fast for 24-72 hours.

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Cold Thermogenesis

Cultures all around the world have been practicing cold therapy for hundreds of years because of the profound healing, healing strategies detoxifying, and anti-aging benefits.

Cold therapy:

  • Boosts the immune system by activating two important virus-fighting cytokines. A German study indicated that gamma interferon and interleukin-4 are elevated and work more synergistically after the body was exposed to cold. People who take cold showers on a regular basis have been shown to have a lower chance of developing cancer, colds, flu’s, hemorrhoids and varicose veins.
  • Dramatically improves lymphatic flow. The lymph system carries away waste products from immune-related activity. Cold showers lead to whole-body contractions which squeeze lymphatic flow through the system faster. This helps the body squeeze metabolic waste products and environmental toxins out of the skin.
  • Speeds up healing: Just as ice placed on an injury helps pain and inflammation because of the constricted blood vessels, same goes with the entire body.

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Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline that emphasizes the inherent power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. The practice of chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

Because the nervous system controls the functions of cells, organs and tissues of the body, a misalignment can reduce the ability of the body to heal. When the spine and nervous system are aligned, all systems can flow how they were designed.


Back to the energy thing. . .

Because you are just a big ball of energy and not a physical thing at all – getting your energy right will fix anything going on.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that is based on the premise that a blockage or disturbance in the flow of the body’s life energy, or “qi,” can cause health issues. Placing needles or even your finger on specific acupuncture points throughout the body can restore the flow, balance the body’s energy, and stimulate healing.

Acupuncture also stimulates the autonomic nervous system (which controls bodily functions) and the release of chemicals that regulate blood flow and pressure, reduce inflammation, and calm the brain.

Emotion Code

Okay, still going on energy. . .

“Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.”

– David Feinstein, Ph.D

There is a flow of constant life energy that is supposed to be flowing through our bodies to keep us healthy physically and mentally. When that energy is not flowing correctly mental and physical problems begin to happen.

Environmental factors will affect the flow of energy through the body but emotions are the biggest factor controlling the body’s energy systems.

Trapped emotions, anxieties, and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous system are the main source of everything that ails us.

When you experience a traumatic or intense emotion, the energy of that emotion can literally get stuck inside the body. When that low vibration energy gets stuck in the body, imbalances, disease, pain, mental, physical, and emotional problems begin to occur.

The low vibration stuck in the body then attracts more low vibration issues (parasites, bacteria, virus, etc) while also weakening your immune system.

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Healing List/Protocol

  1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet focused on healing fats, vegetables, and structured water while incorporating fasting/interminate fasting as often as you can.
  2. Walk outside barefoot every day and/or use grounding devices if you can’t get outside – if you have access to a BEMER or PEMF machine, even better!
  3. Turn phone on airplane mode and use other EMF protection on your devices
  4.  Have WholeTones playing in your home or hospital 24/7
  5. Do two 10 minutes sessions of Red Light Therapy a day
  6. Take a cold shower for at least 1 minute each day
  7. Get adjusted or do acupuncture as often as you can
  8. Release blocked emotions and energy using EFT tapping or the Emotion Code
  9. Incorporate as many healing foods and supplements as possible. Top Healing substances include:
    1. bone broth
    2. fresh green juice
    3. collagen
    4. cod liver oil
    5. amino acids
    6. extra vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, and glutathione

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    Watching Megan and Kenn use the JOOVV light and Bemer on their daughter in the hospital was quite the experience. More so was watching the medical personal watch them use these devices. I loved listening to the parents as they explained the how’s and why’s of each machine they used on their daughter, Talyah. It offered such a great perspective of healing options to the medical staff at the hospital that I feel many didn’t know before. The Wholetones Frequencies was playing 24/7. There truly is such power in all of this and I couldn’t be more proud of Megan and Kenn as they use this heartbreak as a tool to continue to help others.