Holistic Dental Care + Alternatives You Need to Know

Holistic Dental Care + Alternatives You Need to Know

Holistic dental care. It’s been a jounrey.

It all started after my second daughter was born. She was in the hospital and I was driving to see her one day. I took a bite of a bar and half of my back molar broke off #myworstnightmare

Five pregnancies were hard on my teeth and gums as is the case for many mamas. The fluctuating hormones + sleepless nights accelerated my night teeth-grinding to the point I was losing most of my enamel.

This lit a fire under me to figure out how to save my teeth from being destroyed and create a healthy mouth that does not need dental work for life.

What I want you to walk away with today is the knowledge that there are better options if you are needing or will need fillings, crowns, or root canals. . .

From meeting with over ten biological dentists, here’s what I learned. . .

Find a Dentist

Traditional dentists are like traditional doctors. They are not trained in alternative cutting-edge techniques, nor are they educated on the effects of nutrition and lifestyle on dental health.

You want to get out of the cycle of getting fillings, crowns, and root canals. . .

Here is what you should search for in your area: Biological / Alternative / Biomimetic Dentists 

These types of dentists:

  • use new technology to heal and repair teeth
  • use non-toxic biocompatible materials
  • use lasers and ozone to clean, heal, and disinfect gums/teeth
  • try to be minimally invasive and preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as possible aka rarely do crowns or fillings
  • take your whole body and lifestyle into consideration

Holistic Dental Care

Step One: Brush

The biggest thing I have learned is that brushing your teeth and brushing your gumline are two different things. I use a bass toothbrush and the bass toothbrushing technique to brush my gumline. (learn more about that here) I use an electric toothbrush to brush my teeth.

  • Gums Brush: I use this toothbrush for the bass technique to clean my gumline (which is where you want to break up the bacteria) You can’t just use any toothbrush because that area is very delicate.
  • Electric Tooth Brush when I am brushing the surface of my teeth.

Step Two: Floss

Most holistic dentists recommend a Waterpik. Waterpiks are amazing because you can add essential oils, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide to the water for extra healing.

Step Three Mouth Rinse

Step Four: Bonus

Use a tongue scraper and oil pull first thing in the morning before eating or drinking a few times a week.

Read this if you want to know the dental diet. What to eat and what not to eat to prevent and reverse dental problems.

Types of Toothpaste

Find a paste with hydroxyapatite in it. This amazing substance is well-studied and will remineralize your teeth and it is more effective than fluoride in preventing cavities.

  • Tooth Powder: I’ve tried many over the years and I keep coming back to this. It restored my enamel!
  • Tooth Oil: I like to use a few drops of this along with the powder
  • The tooth powder + these non-toxic whitening stripes are the best combo for safely and effectively whitening your teeth!

New Technology to Look Into

Check out alternatives to these common dental procedures you may be needing:

  • Bioclear: Remember that chunk out of my molar I was telling you about? Instead of getting a crown as every dentist told me I needed, I went with bioclear instead. Many fillings, crowns, and even veneers and cosmetic fixes can be avoided and replaced with this method!
  • ALF: ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functionals) is a non-traditional orthodontic treatment method that uses principles of cranial osteopathy.
  • Myofunctional Therapy: To work on proper facial alignment, posture, chewing, and breathing.
  • Lasers: New lasers can remove decay, treat gum disease, and detect tooth decay way before it becomes a problem.
  • pH and oral biome: Some dentists can test your ratio of good to bad bacteria. You can test your pH yourself at home to see if your body is acidic.

Try applying these tips to avoid throwing your money away at the dentist!

Find of The Week

10 years ago, I kicked all plastic out of my kitchen. Glass is great but it’s heavy, breakable, and takes up so much space. I have been loving these silicone storage containers for food storage.

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