What I Wish I Had Known

What I Wish I Had Known

When I was going to doctors and nutritionists to heal all of my health problems, I got diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea, infertility, PCOS, cystic acne, candida, anxiety disorder, parasites, hypothyroidism, incredibly low progesterone, high cortisol and on and on. When I took my daughter to the Doctor, she got diagnosed with severe eczema, severe food allergies, and a hive disorder. She had a list of what seemed like 100’s of foods she couldn’t eat, on top of getting prescribed steroids, a daily anti-histamine, and an epi-pen. All of which Doctors said, there is nothing you can do.


I knew there had to be another way for both of us to heal. A less expensive, less overwhelming, less fear-filled way. One that didn’t include diagnosis, didn’t depend on Doctors, didn’t include avoiding everything, drugs, or even tons of supplements or crazy diets.

Through an endless amount of seeking, turns out, there is another way. And it goes way beyond your physical body. It’s working with the emotional and spiritual world, and the body following.

Moving Beyond the Physical Body

I was going through a huge inner struggle. I was about to get more training on lab testing- to test people’s hormones, food sensitivities, detoxification pathways, toxicities, deficiencies,  etc., and then it hit me. I think testing for all of this can most definitely be beneficial, but I was having some serious red flags.

  • Looking at half of the population in the world that could never have access to fancy tests or supplements, what about THEM? Surely God has a way for all of us to heal without having to spend thousands of dollars worth of food, supplements, and testing.
  • I have seen people get gene and other tests done and now live a limited life because they have X gene or disorder. Or give themselves a label and live from it. Or say I have low X which is why I feel X. The testing made them feel overwhelmed and not empowered.
  • The problem with receiving ‘results’ from tests or someone else is that when your mind hears you have ‘X’ then it can literally make your body have symptoms that support your diagnosis. That’s how powerful the mind is, what you think, your body follows.
  • Say your results come back with low progesterone, high estrogen etc. That is actually not that helpful because it doesn’t tell you WHY.
  • After hearing all the never-ending health info of what you should and should not be doing to live a healthy life, people get overwhelmed and full of anxiety. “I should avoid this’, ‘I need to take this’, ‘I need to cleanse’. Instead of empowered, they feel lost because everything is too much and too conflicting.

Functional Medicine was my passion. Teaching about toxicities, deficiencies, gut health, hormones, detoxification, genes. . . all of that is great, but I have discovered it is literally 1/4 of what you need to address to heal and be healthy. And I am finding more and more people are putting all their hope in someone or something being able to heal them, and becoming very disappointed.

When I heard everything that was ‘wrong’ with my daughter and I, my first reaction was that I needed to buy all of these supplements, have a strict diet, and cleanse. As you can imagine, that. was. stressful.

Then, I discovered areas like neurobiology, psychoneuroimmunology , quantum physics, and energy psychology and my approach completely changed because I learned there are things more important than your physical body. Your physical body may be giving you the symptoms trying to tell you something you need to address, but ultimately, your body is not the problem.

Where to Start

If you have a health or mental health issue, eating clean and living a clean lifestyle is a must, but don’t make it more stressful or complicated than it is. Come at it from a place of love and curiosity instead of guilt and fear. When you start getting overwhelmed and lack pleasure, your efforts for health are going to be futile.

If you need help living a healthy lifestyle, the good news is, there are now hundreds of health coaches that can help you do so.

But most people that come to me are already living a ridiculously healthy life, but still have issues.

I want to talk to those people, because that was me.

The Biggest Factor of a Healthy Body

This is the main concept I want you to get from this post: Whatever health issue you are dealing with, instead of trying to figure out what is wrong, what you should be focusing on is what is causing your body to not be able to heal on its own.

Let that sink in.

It ultimately doesn’t matter what is wrong with you, your body and immune system are intricately designed to heal and come back into balance from ANYTHING. Bacteria, virus, cancer cells, toxins, hormone imbalance, doesn’t matter what is going on, your body was designed to make it right.

So the question is, WHAT is stopping your immune, digestive, and hormonal systems from being able to run how it is supposed to?!

95% of the time, the answer to the question is. . . stress. How you are perceiving, interacting, believing, and feeling each day. Consciously and subconsciously.

So, if stress is the number one thing that shuts off your body’s ability to be in a healthy state, wouldn’t it be wise to focus on that before anything else?

Health Blockers

People ask me all the time what kind of testing they should get for their hormones. They ask me what the best supplements to take. They ask me what to eat. They ask me what programs to buy or doctors to see to help them.

When I was desperate for healing, I went to every practitioner I saw with great hope they would be able to figure out what was wrong and show me how I could fix it.

Although they can give some good ideas, no one knows you like you know yourself. They don’t know your daily thoughts, emotions, perceptions, or beliefs and they can’t change them for you.

I know people are trying to find answers when they come work with me, and I could absolutely order them tests that will inevitably show ‘problems’, but I can’t do that anything more. I don’t just want to tell people what is wrong with them, instead I want to find out what is keeping their body from making it right. And that takes a deep examination of their body, mind, and spirit.

Before you see a new doctor or try a new program or supplement, listen to this.

I’m going to explain what has MORE of an effect on your health than any food or supplement.

Turns out, if you focus on these (free) practices first, your symptoms might just go away;)

A few concepts to understand:

#1 Fear is Your Problem:

If you are becoming overwhelmed with what to do and what not to do, this may be the reason that’s keeping you in the place you are in. Knowledge is power, but Dr. Google can actually make you worse by filling your mind with possibilities that we can make into actualities.

Instead of searching for what is wrong with you, empower your mind with what you can do to make it right (e.i the healing power of God, thoughts, and food).

Experiencing emotions of fear (anxiety, unforgiveness, worry, hopelessness, bitterness, comparison, self-hate or criticism, jealousy, depression, etc.):

  • Lowers your body’s frequency which then attracts low-frequency things (parasites, bad bacteria, mold, etc)
  • Weakens organs in your body so they can’t run how they are supposed to run
  • Puts you into a sympathetic state so your immune and healing system is shut off
  • Shuts down the part of your brain that allows you to receive wisdom or how to handle what you are dealing with

I realized that all of my focus was on what I feared with my daughter and feared about my own body.

Fear. Blocks. Healing.

Even though I had all the right intentions of healing myself and my daughter through crazy diets and clean lifestyle, I was putting our bodies in a state where it couldn’t even do so.

So first, I address if people are coming from a place of fear. (around food, what to do, what not to do, traveling, their symptoms).

Mind and Body are Connected, for Better or Worse:

Turns out, thoughts and emotions have the biggest impact on the biochemical reactions that are happening in your body. Your mind is the most healing tool you have access to. Each thought you think is changing your immune, endocrine, and nervous system, minute by minute. We don’t realize how many unconscious thoughts we are having that are putting our body in the state it’s in. As within, so without.

I had to realize that I couldn’t have fear around food, around our symptoms, or around what to do about it all. I stared becoming open to the fact our body can heal fast, that my mind does have the biggest impact on how anything effects me, and that focusing on my mental and emotional states matters most.

My area of expertize now lies in how we can intentionally use the mind to heal the body.

Powerful Practices that Heal and Create Health

For the record, I no longer have ANY of the issues mentioned above, we never got my daughter ANY of the medications prescribed, and she has no eczema anymore! I had to learn about all of this because I needed it and had to do it.

  1. CHOOSE YOUR FOCUS: What you focus on, you will get MORE of. Focus on health, not symptoms. What can you do to feel joy, not anxiety. What do you like about yourself? Your Life? Not the opposite. This is more than a nice idea, it’s a scientific fact. What you want more of, you need to focus on where you already have it in your life for it to grow. I promise this heals (your mind and body) and changes your reality. Set reminders throughout the day to remind yourself to check what you are focusing on.
  2. BREATHE– How amazing is it that God gave is a way to get our body into a healing state AT WILL. So many problems are occurring because we are not getting our body into a state where the immune-endocrine and autonomic systems can work like they should. When you stop and breathe slowly (preferably while doing something enjoyable and feeling joy) your body goes into a healing state. How often do you do that throughout the day? That might be the problem. . . .
  3. SUN – EARTH – WATER – All which are free, but powerful. Every day, drink plenty of spring water, get out in the sun for at least 20 minutes with your bare feet touching the ground and you have one of the most healing cocktails you can buy. The anti-oxidants, vitamins/minerals, and ions these provide detoxify the body, fight inflammation, and balance every cell and system. Before a pill, try these, please.
  4. HELP SOMEONE ELSE: Again, not just a nice idea but it’s a fact that when you take your eyes off yourself and help someone else, your body generates healing hormones and neurochemicals. We were designed to help each other, and our body heals when we do. That’s awesome.
  5. GENERATE YOUR STATE: It has been proven joy HEALS. Thankfulness HEALS. Excitement HEALS. Love HEALS. How much joy, thankfulness, excitement, and love do you have in your life every day? What if the lack of pleasure and postive emotions is leading to your issues? What if you choose to intentionally find things in your day that fill you with these powerful healing emotions. When eating, truly feel pleasure. When with loved ones, stop and bask in the feeling of gratefulness. Admire something beautiful. Plan something you are going to look forward to. But, do it INTENTIONALLY or you won’t do it, the day will sweep you away before you have had the chance to think. To start, try starting your day generating a healing state and emotion, before lunch the same thing, and again right before bed.
  6. PRACTICE COHERENCE: Coherence is a state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. In states of coherence, there is increased synchronization and harmony between the cognitive, emotional and physiological systems, resulting in the efficient and harmonious functioning of the whole body. You get into a state of coherence when you close your eyes, focus on your heart, slow your breath, and think of something you love or something you are grateful for and bask in that meditative state for at least 5-20 minutes.
  7. PROCESS & CLEAR EMOTIONS: Emotions are physical molecules in the body, when you don’t process emotions, those molecules literally get stuck in the body causing blockages in the endocrine, immune, and nervous system. It’s not about avoiding negative emotions or thoughts, it’s about not resisting them. This concept alone could be the missing link you are looking for. You don’t have to think positive all the time to be healthy. Having the full range of emotions is normal. Resisting, fighting, or avoiding them causes problems. When you feel an emotion, feel it. Breathe into it. Use energy psychology techniques to clear the energy of that emotion from your body. What will make you sick is not allowing the energy of the emotion to move through and release from your body.
  8. MOVE: In whatever way works for you. On top of the million benefits you have already heard, moving your body daily allows the body’s energy systems to flow freely. Without movement, energy gets stagnant and blocked, causing any issue you have.
  9. GET TO THE ROOT: Again, your immune system can heal anything, unless there is something blocking it from doing so. Problems occur because there is something going on (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) that is preventing the healing process from taking place. Your body is just giving you the symptoms that something needs to change. From what I have witnessed and experienced, anything can cause anything. Meaning, your hormonal imbalance or physical symptoms may not be something going on in your body, but rather stored trauma, mental patterns, bad beliefs, or spiritual ties that are manifesting as your symptoms. EVERYTHING in life IS cause and effect. The root cause can be physical, emotional, mental, energetic, or spiritual, (it’s usually a combination) so addressing all areas will bring the healing you need. You need to detox each area- just focusing on one will usually leave you feeling like you need more.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what is going on with you, it only matters what is blocking your body from making it right.

Problems in the soul area (your mind, will, and emotions) are the block most of the time. Fear and other unpleasant emotions not only block your ability to heal, they also block your ability to receive wisdom on what to do to heal (which God does want to give you).

Instead of seeing your symptoms as the enemy and doing whatever you can to make them go away, realize that symptoms are actually your best friend. They are trying to communicate something to you, something you need to change that will ultimately put you in a way better place than before. When you try to fight, ignore, or wish the symptoms away, you could be missing wisdom that leads to freedom.

Addressing subconscious beliefs, mental patterning, trauma, and most importantly your day to day thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and body states should be priority #1 when address health and mental health problems.

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  • Heather

    In my search for wellness, I too have learned these things and now I am attempting to apply them – I am on no medications now and understand that movement is the language of the brain …when things changed for me is when I learned the importance of grieving and mourning losses throughout my life – I did what some call “catch-up mourning” and today have less pain in my body but do struggle with a lot of cognitive issues which is what I am working on now – finances bar me from most programs so I am learning to research and apply what I learn

  • Kelly Madigan


    I hope this message finds you well.

    Interesting philosophy.

    I have been seeing practitioners out of fear for my son’s future He has Autism which we have been “treating” for 7 years with supplements and a strict diet. When he was younger we focussed on western based therapy and eventually started biomedical which I am convinced was necessary. It is however stressful and depressing watching the rest of society enjoy themselves in ignorant bliss.

    I have anxiety and allergies which I also started treating with supplements, injections etc.

    My wife has anxiety, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain which she follows western medicine treatment and resents the guilt associated with living a “clean” lifestyle with restrictions and high expenses.

    I am wondering if you have a theory in how a child with Autism may benefit from your philosophy?
    I have seen acceptance and love contribute to his well being versus constant diagnosing of symptoms (behaviour) and obsessing over possible causes.

    Indeed our healthy lifestyle has created an unhealthy emotional environment.

    Take Care


    • Megan Kelly

      Hi Kelly! So much I could say that would be too long for a comment. I understand that Autism and everything you mentioned can be incredibly hard to navigate. Some of my top thoughts:

      1. I would begin exploring energy psychology techniques that could begin to clear root causes of the autism (that may be emotional or spiritual vs. physical) something like the Emotion Code.

      2. As hard is it is to see your child suffer (really, I think it’s the hardest thing one could deal with) the thoughts and emotions you hold energetically affect your son’s health and healing. In my experience with my daughter, it’s the emotions of love and acceptance that will put you in a state where you will be able to receive wisdom on what you need to do. Focusing on your daily mental and emotional states, and intentional prayer over him every day while generating the state of gratitude that he WILL get better is what truly changes reality and health.

      3.Take a month to really become aware of what you are focusing on daily (symptoms versus what is working well…bad behavior versus good…. joy verse fear….pleasure verses striving). It is a scientific fact that to shrink the problem. . . you have to magnify the solution. When you magnify the problem, it blocks your ability to hear the solution. Worship, prayer, and gratitude are the solutions. The healing power of thought, food, and prayer can literally heal anything and focusing on that truth comes incredible power.

      I hope this is helpful. I will let you know if anythign else comes to mind.

  • Andrew

    Such a great article, Megan! I pray everyone who needs this information might come across it one way or another. Blessings!

    • Megan Kelly

      Thank you so much, Andrew!! I really appreciate your feedback! Blessings!

  • Noelle Hartley

    Super inspiring. I’m so excited to start being healed and restored . AMEN AMEN AMEN
    PS Thank you xxx

    • Megan Kelly

      Thank you so much Noelle! I am excited and praying and believing for you!!! xxx

  • Claudia

    This blog post truly resonated with me; several years ago I dealt with cystic acne, uterine fibroids, painful periods and the list goes on. I was known as the “health nut” but I truly felt extremely frustrated because I still had many health issues. This all changed when I read The Loving Diet by Jessica Flannigan (on a whim and at my wits end). From there I started reading the works of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and other metaphysical authors. I started my journey of self loved,gratitude, and meditation. My life has since changed significantly for the better. I’ve had a bAby and my skin issues resolved. I focus on eating real whole foods but don’t stress about eating a gluten filled pizza with my husband every once in a while. The mind is extremely powerful. Thank you for sharing!

    • Megan Kelly

      It truly is, thank you so much for sharing your story!

  • Sara

    In a tiny nutshell, I began having headaches at age 10. Since then I have had just about everything checked, have done homeopathic detoxes for birth control, ct scans, hormone tests, you name it. I’ve been told recently by someon that aim the one not putting in the work and that I have the power to heal myself. I am an absolute firm believe in the Lord Jesus and have begged for healing over the last 28 years of bear constant headaches (literally). I physically push through most days to act and be “normal” through them. It’s been brought to my attention more than once about changing your whole mentality to heal yourself. I read through all of this Megan and I love everything you’ve said. My question would be, in addressing whatever might be the root causes…do you begin almost saying they don’t seeeve you? That you are free of them? I understand the concept of trying to treat the symptoms like thy are helping you know something deeper, but how did you or how should I begin rethinking any root issues? Does that makes sense? I don’t know whether to just begin telling myself that I release those things or what. Thank you so much. I want this and need this desperately and yet, after 28 years of it…I KNOW 8 mi can be healed, but I won’t lie by saying it’s hard not to let doubts creep in. I want to approach it the most effective ways possible. Thank you!

    • Megan Kelly

      Thank you so much for sharing Sara! I am literally writing a book all about this because many people I work with are in the same place as you, and I totally understand. Soon I will be writing about how to determine where the root of your problems are coming from and what to do about it (tangible steps to do every day). It can be generational, mental/emotional, or physical so addressing all of them is what creates the most success (especially generational stuff that you may not even be aware of but breaking it off can lead to healing). I want to write so much more but I am releasing posts, videos, and books all about this very soon so keep an eye out! I will let you know when my guide is out with steps to do each day for healing soon! Blessings!

  • Sarah

    Hi Megan!

    This message is so good!

    I just wanted to thank you for being open and sharing what you are learning!

    Your blog has been a blessing and encouragement to me through the last 3 1/2 years that I have been on a natural healing journey.

    I really feel like this is an important message and I just wanted to send some encouragement your way!

    I also pray for many blessings for you and your family!


    • Megan Kelly

      Thank you so much for reaching out Sarah! Truly, your words mean the world to me. You never know who is reading, so I really appreciate the feedback and encouragement! Many blessings to you! xoxo

  • Devon

    I really needed to read this today! I have a daughter with life threatening food allergies, environmental allergies and eczema. Did your daughters issues truly go away? I feel like so much of the negativity and stress/anxiety of life is rooted in the fear of my daughter’s allergies. I have many of my own issues, which seem to be rooted in this anxiety.

  • Muthoni

    Thank you for an amazing article. I love it. Blessings

  • Nurse Emily

    Thank you so much for this article. It spoke to me so much. This is definitely what I have been learning in the last year as I have dealt with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, among previous diagnoses. I am learning how not to just “try to trust God” but how to actually let go of my fears of the future (with 5G, satellites, wireless everything) and release my fears to Him. It’s a learning curve, but I’m starting to get it!

    I just found your website a week or two ago, and I love it so much, it literally warms my heart.

    Thank you and blessings to you. 🙂