Ocean Minerals

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How This Nourishes Your Body

Could minerals be the missing link to feeling your best, hormonal balance, energy, anti-aging, and mental health? I believe so.

Stress depletes minerals. The soil our food is grown in is lacking key minerals.

If you have constant cravings, low energy, and never really feel satisfied after eating, its because your body is not getting enough minerals from your food.

Minerals and Trace Elements play an irreplaceable role in the biological functionality of the human body.

Every chemical reaction, every thought, and every heartbeat in the body are dependent on minerals and trace elements.

Many mineral supplements on the market are not helpful to the body because:

  • They don’t actually get absorbed or used.
  • They are sourced from a toxic area.
If I could choose to take only 1 supplement it would be minerals. Unless you are in the sun with your shoes of daily while consuming large amounts of green juice, bone broth and fermented veggies (and actually absorb their nutrients) I think you are in need of micronutrient support. Minerals penetrate and heal on a cellular level.
Not to mention the noticeable side effects they have on your hair and skin (which is the main reason I am doubling up on them now. . . hello postpartum!) Thank heavens for minerals! Raw enzymes that bring LIFE!

I switch off between a few different types of minerals

  1. Ocean Minerals: Ionic
  2. Earth Minerals: Humic and Fulvic Ionic Minerals
  3. Cellfood Liquid Concentrate
  4. Oceans Alive Pure Phytoplankton

Ionic Ocean Minerals:

Ocean minerals are the richest, most restorative source of minerals and trace elements on Earth, and because our internal mineral chemistry is exactly the same as ocean water, Ocean Minerals are the natural choice for perfect absorption and broad-spectrum availability.

Due to its solvent properties, water breaks minerals down into their free ionic state where they become active and electrically charged (electrolytes). Water is also the medium used by the body for transporting nutrients in the cells and for the chemical reactions of cellular metabolism to take place.

Minerals basically charge up your cells and make you feel alive.

Our physiology works at optimum levels when we enjoy the daily presence of 100 percent ionic, full-spectrum minerals in our bodies.

Like anything you put in your body, where it is sourced and how it is processed matters. I use Omniblue Ocean minerals:

At OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals , we take great care to ensure the purity and safety of our minerals. OmniBlue Ocean Minerals are naturally produced through a 100 percent solar process from the South Antarctic Current from remote, pristine areas of the Great Barrier Reef.

One of the main reasons I love ocean minerals is because of the bioavailable source of magnesium it provides. Magnesium is a miracle mineral, especial for PMS, anxiety, sleep problems, constipation, hormonal balance, and so much more!

OmniBlue™ Ocean Minerals uniquely contains the recommended daily dose of 455 mg of pure, absorbable magnesium. Magnesium is in its most bioavailable form in our ocean-derived minerals, creating the vital activation and catalyzation of your energy molecules ATP, and thus essential to generate and sustain your energy.
OmniBlue is BALANCED with potassium, major electrolytes, and all existing trace elements as inherent in ocean water and in your blood naturally.

Minerals must be replenished daily at full-spectrum levels for maximum nutrition, body physiology, and robust vitality.

The Mineral Composition of Our Blood Is a Mirror Image of the Mineral Composition Inherent in Ocean Water

You can find the Ocean Minerals  I use here and you can also check out OmniBlue Website for more awesome info about the magic of ocean minerals!

Earth Humic and Fulvic Minerals

To get a different array of minerals I also love taking Body Ecology’s Ancient Earth Minerals.

Ancient Earth Minerals are the highest quality blend of humic, fulvic, micro and macro minerals and amino acids.

  • Nourish your thyroid and adrenals
  • Detoxify
  • Reduce the signs of aging
  • Build immunity
  • Chelate heavy metals

A Bio-Available and Detoxifying Source of Minerals

Fulvic andancient-liquid humic minerals are organic compounds that act as organic mineral carriers and detoxifiers.

Ancient Earth Minerals can chelate heavy metals along the intestinal tract, in turn reducing heavy metal burdens in the digestive system. The only way the human body can benefit from mineral nutrients is if they are available to be absorbed. Ancient Earth Minerals enhances this absorption process by enabling minerals to pass through cell membranes.



Cell Food

CELLFOOD’s unique structure oxygenates and feeds the cells— cleaning and tuning up all the body’s systems throughout the day.

It naturally provides the highest levels of oxygen and hydrogen to the body, helping to support overall improved energy endurance and natural health.

It’s a blend of super energized minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that help bring other nutrients into the cells.

CELLFOOD’s colloidal and ionic formula has a negative charge (as measure by Zeta potential testing). This negatively charged solution (like blood and lymph) allows for the rapid absorption and assimilation of nutrients. This process enables the body to more efficiently eliminate toxins and balance pH.

Marine Phytoplankton

Oceans Alive is made from a natural power food that feeds nearly all life on Earth in one way or another. A tiny ocean plant called marine phytoplankton already supplies up to 90% of the air we breathe. Full of minerals, enzymes, EFA, and amino acids.

Phytoplankton can be absorbed on a cellular level, so the body doesn’t have to rely on the digestive system or liver for processing. This not only helps the body obtain necessary nutrients when liver function is impaired, but can help restore liver health without taxing the body’s detoxification pathways.

Superfood Benefits and Reasons to Eat

Benefits of Minerals:

  1. Enhance skin, hair, and nails. I notice a huge difference in the appearance of my hair and skin when I am taking all of my minerals!
  2. Increase energy
  3. Improved mood and mental health
  4. Decreased anxiety
  5. Improved digestion
  6. Full hydration
  7. Deeper sleep
  8. Reduced stress
  9.  Better recovery post-exercise
  10. Increased performance and energy for sports
  11. Strong sense of fulfillment nutrition-wise
  12. Regrowth of hair
  13. Less constipation,
  14. Clearer skin
  15. Improved circulation.


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