The Best Way To Drink Coffee

The Best Way To Drink Coffee

coffeeThere is just nothing better than going to get coffee.

Coffee with a friend, coffee for a long drive, coffee to read, coffee to study, coffee to write.

Going to coffee is very comforting, and just seems to make anything better. But you need to know The Best Way To Drink Coffee to save your health.

Am crazy? Probably a bit, but over time I started to realize just what was in those fancy coffee drinks I was getting, and what they were doing to my body AND my wallet. . .


Problems With Most Coffee Drinks. . .

1. Sugar: The number one toxin to our body is sugar. It accelerates ageing, feeds diseases like cancer, causes mood swings, weight gain, and skin problems. No thank you. The drinks that you may be getting at your local coffee shop are probably filled with more sugar than you think. A grande pumpkin spice latte has 49 grams of sugar in it! Sad story, most coffee drinks have more sugar in them than a can of soda. . .

2. Pasteurized Milk: The milk in the United States is scary. Most milk that coffee shops use are from factory farmed cows that are shot up with antibiotics, and fed grain and corn. This makes their milk extremely harmful and inflammatory to the body. On top of that, because the milk is pastuerized, there are no enzymes or beneficail nutrients that your body can digest. Pasteurized, non organic milk = hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and digestive problems.

3. Artificial Flavors: Then we order the non-fat, sugar free skinny vanilla latte and think we are making a better decision. At least that is what I thought. In reality, the non-fat, sugar free drink is far WORSE. Artificial flavors are chemicals that cause major inflammation and imbalances in our body. These sweeteners are highly addictive and they kill brain cells, cause weight gain, and completely mess up your bodies ability to feel full, which causes huge uncontrollable cravings. As far as fat free goes, fat does not make you fat, it actually makes your body burn fat. Sugar and artificial sweeteners makes us fat.

4. Pesticides: Non-organic coffee beans are often liberally sprayed with pesticides. Buying organic coffee can really save your body from this toxic burden. When it comes to the beans, quality does matter.

5. Stressing Your Adrenal Glands: If you are the type of person who has low energy, mood swings, can’t sleep through the night, or find yourself chugging coffee throughout the day, it may be doing your body more harm than good. Coffee is very straining on your adrenal glands which play a large role in hormone balance and energy. We must nurture our adrenal glands for hormonal balance, stable moods, restful sleep, and and consistent energy.

The Best Way To Drink Coffee

Balanced Blood Sugar = Balanced Hormones & Healthy Body

coffee and food1. Do Not Drink On An Empty Stomach: Drinking black coffee with sugar on an empty stomach is one of the worst things you could do to your hormones. It seriously puts a tax on your adrenals, completely messes up your blood sugar levels, and sets you up for mood swings and energy crashes throughout the day. Try drinking coffee with a meal to stabilize the caffeine shooting through your body.



can-i-give-my-baby-coconut-milk2. Add Some Fat. Adding some quality healthy fat to your coffee will again help stabilize blood sugar levels and will help your body absorb and use nutrients.  Starting the day with healthy fats provides energy, is good for cognitive function, and supports your hormonal system. Some good sources include organic grass-fed butter, coconut milk, or coconut oil.




latte3.  Choose Organic Coffee: To save your body from the toxic burden of pesticides, opt for organic blends.






cinnamon4. Add Some Cinnamon: Spices can be incredibly healing, decreasing inflammation and strengthening your immune system. Cinnamon in particular is extremely healing because it will slow the rate at which the caffeine and sugar enter into your blood stream which in turn helps balance blood sugar. Try adding a dash to your drink to experience these awesome benefits.




honey-photo5. Sweeten with Raw Honey or Stevia: Sugar = disease, aging, mood swings, anxiety, low sex drive, and hormonal imbalances -> Just say no. Your life will be changed forever. The best options are natural sweeteners, with the lowest glycymic index, so it does not completely throw off your blood sugar levels and hormones. This is the best brand of stevia that I recommend.




If you drink coffee everyday, try applying one of these tips to make your body smile. Also making your own latte is easier than and more delicious than you think!




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