How to Stay Healthy When You Travel

How to Stay Healthy When You Travel

Traveling the world, bouncing around from city to city, flying overseas. . . making an adventure out of life. However, It can be hard to Stay Healthy When You Travel.

Sounds exciting right? Anyone who has traveled for hours on end knows that the journey to these adventure destinations is not so glamorous. Between 10 hour long plan rides, awful airport food, and little sleep, staying healthy while traveling can be rough.

At the moment, I am flying from Costa Rica, to Hawaii, to Colorado, to Georgia, to Tennessee and then back to Costa Rica. In just 3 weeks. Oh Buddy!

I am determined to go through this journey with health in mind and to not get dragged down by the traveling blues.

How to Stay Healthy When You Travel

Snorkle1. Prep Your Body Before You Leave: A week or more before you begin traveling, really nourish your body so your immunity will be higher, your body will be running smooth, and you will be more likely to have more energy and clarity during the journey! A couple of ways I prepare for a trip include:

  • Load up on probiotics: Everyday, try to eat at least one kind of fermented food like raw sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, or beet kvass. I also like to take a good probiotic supplement every morning. Probiotics will strengthen your immune system, regulate digestion, and detoxify your body.
  • Support your liver: The liver is constantly hard at work detoxifying and keeping your body healthy. A liver that is overloaded with toxins leads to hormone imbalances, acne, and even depression. Supporting your liver with herbs like milk thistle, warm lemon water, and detoxifying herbal teas is a great way to detoxify your body and gain energy, hormonal balance, and clear skin.
  • Eat a nourishing diet: Nourish your body with organic fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, organic grass fed meats, health fats like coconut, avocado, and butter, and drink as much herbal tea and clean water as you can. Avoid sugar, vegetable oils, factory farmed animal products, and gluten as these things cause inflammation and weaken your body and your immune system.

2. Move Your Body: I know it is hard to stay active while you are forced to sit for long periods of time, which usually makes you more tired and completely unmotivated to be active when you do get off the plane or out of the car. BUT every little bit of movement is better than nothing. Exercise stimulates the immune system and releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) – both important while traveling.

  • Walk as much as possible: While waiting in airports, or on a pit stop from a drive, try to get some walking in. Shake your legs out, stretch your back, jump up and down. . .anything to get some blood pumping through your body.
  • Do stretches in your seat on the plane or car: While sitting in your seat, do little exercises to stimulate some circulation and keep your body from getting stiff and tight. Roll your ankles around ten times, stretch your arms up and breath, roll your neck around five times one way, and five times the other.
  • Chair squats: Stand in front of a chair with your feet hip-width apart. Slowly lower your buns toward the chair without actually sitting down.Keep your knees over your ankles and place your weight in your heels throughout the full range of motion. Straighten your body upright and repeat.

bible3. Meditate and Pray:  Traveling and getting to experience the breathtaking scenery that God has created can be a very spiritual adventure.  Being intentional about each part of the journey, and worshiping our Creator for the beauty of different places, and the uniqueness of his people all around the world can be life changing.

  • Pray all throughout your journey: Praying at the beginning, during, and at your destination is an amazing way to stay connected and spiritually strong during the unpredictability of traveling. Praying safety over each ride, praising His name for each safe landing, and praying with your traveling partners can be an incredible way to experience the presence of God like never before.
  • Read: Long plane rides, layovers, and times of relaxation are a perfect time to dive in to the Bible, or crack open an encouraging book. View the long travel as time to connect with God, listen to his word, and experience his incredible peace.

snack4. Eat Well: 

  • Bring your own snacks:  Bringing your own food is one of the most important parts in traveling healthy. I like to make my own trail mix with coconut flakes, almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and goji berries. I also bring a small container of coconut oil, almond butter packets, and a few herbal tea bags to add in hot water. Slicing veggies and hard boiling eggs are another travel friendly snack that will keep you feeling good! When you are running low, search for health food stores around the area so you can stock up for the traveling day.
  • Eat before you travel: If you have a long travel day, try to have a hearty breakfast and/or lunch before getting on the plane so you are not tempted to eat terrible airport food.

lemon-water-ginger5. Detox as Much as Possible: Between the toxic chemicals in the air from the plane, to the radiation of security, to the sick bacteria of people sitting right in your face, your body is exposed to many toxins while traveling. This is why detoxing is essential while traveling to prevent sickness, hormonal imbalance, and just plain bad moods.

  • Breath: Deep breathing removes 70% of all the toxins produced in our bodies! All throughout your travels, practice deep breathing exercises for peace of mind and detoxification!
  • Drink warm lemon water: Almost anywhere you will be able to ask for hot water with lemon. Drinking warm lemon water boosts your immune system, flushes out toxins, and aids in digestion.
  • Sweat: Our bodies eliminate hundreds of toxins that we accumulate through sweat. Everything from heavy metals, to pesticides, to toxic ingredients in our personal care products. So, the more you sweat, the more toxins can be released from your body. Lay outside in the sun, work out in your hotel, or anything else that will bring out some moisture in that body!

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