5 Day Feel Good Challenge: 5 Ways to Think and Feel Your Best Every Day

5 Day Feel Good Challenge: 5 Ways to Think and Feel Your Best Every Day

People often ask me what my motivation is to live a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle, and how I stay consistent with it. My answer is plain and simple: When I was eating processed foods, factory farmed animal products, not drinking clean water, and filling my mind with news and social media, my body ended up with terrible acne, anxiety, and major hormonal problems. I would rather live without those ANYDAY – no matter what I had to do.

The great news is – not only does this lifestyle make you feel amazing, it also comes with the side effects of increased energy, clear skin, stable weight, clear thinking, and enhanced mental, physical, and emotional resilience in every area of life.

5 Ways to Think and Feel Your Best Every Day

Fuel up with the right food:

The biggest factor to feeling and thinking your best every day is determined by what you eat. Your body has to use the food you give it to create hormones and neurotransmitters. If you are not giving it the building blocks it needs, then your body simply cannot make the compounds it needs to make to feel and think your best.

Solution: Following an anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing diet will get you feeling better than you thought possible. Hormones, your brain, your cells, and neurotransmitters are made out of fats and proteins. Base each meal around a clean protein, healthy fat, small complex carbohydrate, and plenty of antioxidant-rich greens and vegetables. This will ensure that you are getting all of the building blocks your need to feel, look, and think your best.

Drink Clean Water

Surprisingly, drinking more water can solve many of the problems we are dealing with today. The main cause of low energy is dehydration. People are always amazed how much better they feel when they start drinking more water. Wrinkles and many skin issues also dramatically improve. Not just any water though, tap and most bottled waters are full of chemicals and fluoride that are destroying your microbiome and immune system.

Solution: Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water each day. Mountain spring water, reverse osmosis water, or a high-quality water filter are your best options.


There have been numerous studies done showing that sitting all day is a sure way to have depression, anxiety, and low energy. Our body was designed to move- to be constantly getting oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the brain and other organs. Without movement, this does not happen. We know that movement and exercise produce feel good neurotransmitters and chemicals in the brain that affect our entire outlook on life. It also pumps oxygen, nutrients, and blood to your brain and other major organs leaving you with a clear mind, increased creativity, and a boost in energy.

Solution: Try this simple formula: 5 minutes of moving for every 1 hour of sitting and higher intensity exercise 3x a week. You will be amazed at the difference this makes upon mood, creativity, weight, and energy. Any kind of movement like walking, yoga, stretching, or simple body weight exercises are perfect to get your body flowing. The more you add these little movements into your day, the better you will feel- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Get outside

We were meant to be outside, to be interacting with the natural elements and earth that provide us with the energy, electrons, and antioxidants we need to feel our best. Studies have shown it boosts your immune system, focus, and improves your outlook on life.

Solution: Take at least a 5-30 minute walk outside each day, bonus if you are barefoot!

Fill your mind with inspiration

Studies show that what you allow into your mind may be the biggest factor in how successful you are, how happy you are, and how well you can physical and mentally perform.

Thanks to the new discovery of neuroplasticity, we know that our brain is constantly rewiring, for better or for worse depending on the information we are giving it from our thoughts, actions, what we look at, what we listen to, and what we read. This means that every single input we allow into our minds is physically changing our brains, and getting wired into our subconscious. Your subconscious controls how you perceive life, how you react to situations, and what you think about yourself. Your subconscious is what is running you 95% of the time.

When you are not conscientiously thinking (when your mind wanders, when you react to situations without thinking, and when you are driving and you realize you have zoned out) your subconscious is what is operating and driving you on autopilot. We want what is in our subconscious to be in line with the person we want to be- and intentionally filling your mind each day is what will get you there!

Solution: Start and end your day with 3 things you are grateful for + listen to one inspiring podcast or book every day. This begins forming new neural connections in your brain that determine how you view life.

The 5 Day Feel Good Challenge:

If you do these 5 things for 5 days, I guarantee that you will begin to feel, look, and think better than ever before!

  1. Drink 1/2 your body weight in clean water each day.
  2. Base every meal off clean protein, healthy fat, complex carb, and plenty of antioxidant-rich veggies.
  3. Take a 5-30 minute walk outside each day
  4. Take 3-5 movements breaks throughout your day to stretch, walk, or do body weight exercises.
  5. Start and end your day with 3 things you are grateful for + listen to one inspiring podcast or book everTake the 5-day feel good challenge!y day.

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  • Kelly

    It’s a great time of year to take on this challenge. Great list!

  • Shela Yount

    This was great! Can’t wait to implement these ideas!! 😀

  • Kori Thompson

    Writing these down, and taking the challenge!!! Thanks for the great ideas! 🙂

  • CouponDivaAndi

    I’m trying to drink more water every day – that’s a hard one for me

  • Kristi Finefrock

    Such great tips that I try to live by! I’ve just started slowly working out again since being hurt and man, can I tell the difference physically and mentally already! Oh, I have missed just moving as much as I used to and thankful I’m at a point where I can start moving more!