Are you wondering how to balance hormones naturally? Are you struggling with mood swings, low energy, and PMS? I get it, my hormones have been off numerous times in my life. (hypothalamic amenorrhea, trauma, pregnancy). Heck, I have been pregnant 5 times in four years (helllooooo hormones).

In different seasons and transitions in your life, hormones will get knocked off easily. But the good news is, they can also be balanced easily.

Let’s get this straight. It’s not bad that your hormones are out of balance. That’s the point of hormones. The change. They fluctuate. They are the reflection of what’s going on in your life. Your body lets you know that you need to start or stop doing something by giving you symptoms aka hormonal imbalance symptoms. That’s why I am actually not a fan of getting hormones tested. If you are having symptoms and you test your hormones, they probably will come back as out of balance. That’s not actually super helpful information.

The root cause of your symptoms is not specific hormones, it’s what caused those specific hormones to get out of balance. Sure you may be deficient/have extra estrogen/progesterone/testosterone that may be causing symptoms but the real question is what caused those hormones to not be in the right ratios? Testing only provides you a snapshot of where your hormones are at. They can and will change rapidly, especially if you listen to what they are trying to tell you.

So, if you are having low energy, mood swings, or PMS (or infertility, acne, thyroid, etc), focus less on numbers and more on what you can do to put all systems of your body back into balance.

When your hormones are off, just pay extra attention to these five areas to get them back on track.

Top 5 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally


The reason we are having so many more hormone problems these days (infertility, PMS, mood/energy problems) is because the world is more toxic than ever before and our bodies were just not designed to handle that.

Toxins from the air + food + personal care products = all the foreign ingredients and inputs your body has to process = overworked backed up liver + damaged gut  = hormonal imbalance.

If you are having any issues and you are still using conventional make-up, hair care, lotion, non-organic food, and tap water then you need to make the connection between the two.

Solution: Control what you can control – organic food, clean water, and daily detox in some way. (sauna, rebounding, dry brushing, oil pulling, liver support supplements)


Food is information and medicine for the body. It provides the building blocks it needs to produce hormones (and everything else) correctly. Your body needs an abundance of nutrients to run how it is designed to run. When I notice my hormones are off, focusing on eating the most nutrients dense foods and making sure I am absorbing the nutrients from them is incredibly powerful. It’s so easy to get off track not eating enough of what your body needs to thrive.

Solution: Each meal make sure you have the corefour: protein, fiber, fat, and complex carb. Supplement with vitamin d3/k2, fish oil, sun fiber, and ocean minerals.


As women, our bodies are sensitive. That is one way we can be incredibly intuitive and powerful. That also means that if we are exposed to too many inputs in a day, our body begins to get out of balance. Life already gives us a lot to deal with. Then throw in constant phone checks, texting, shows, podcasts, and social media scrolling and our body can’t handle it. It unknowingly puts us into fight or flight which then does not allow our hormones to be made correctly.

We have to make the connection between screen time and health. Our hormones are imbalanced because our body and mind are not having enough time to recover. It can only recover with no inputs coming in.

Solution: Try fasting from food and screens for at least 12 hours each day. 8pm to 8am for example. In that time, sleep, get outside. Stare at the clouds. Think about what yourself in 5 years might look like. Take a bath. Dance. Sounds strange, but that’s what our body needs to recover.

Natural Environment Fix

Your body was designed to be outside. Certain biological functions are highly dependent on what happens when your body comes in contact with the earth and sunlight. Staying indoors all day every day is completely depriving your body of the critical elements it needs to balance every system in your body.


  1. Get outside in some way every day. Get your bare feet on the ground to neutralize any inflammation and charge cellular function (more on grounding here).
  2. Try to watch the sunrise and sunset as often as you can. (more on how light affects your hormones here).
  3. Experience and breathe in as many natural environments as possible. This creates a healthy microbiome and immune system. (more on why not to take probiotics every day here)

Internal States

Your body is constantly taking signals from your mind via thoughts and emotions. It takes that signal and creates a host of biochemical reactions and hormones depending on what that signal says. AKA fear, bitterness, comparison, stress, worry, discontentment send signals and frequencies in the body to create hormones and other chemical reactions that keep the body alive, but not healthy (fight or flight).

Here is how it works: your hypothalamus takes whatever thoughts you are having and then sends signals to the pituitary and adrenals as to what hormones to make.

If you are continually having thoughts full of fear, self-criticism/self-hatred, envy, offense, etc. your hypothalamus takes those thoughts as stressors and will create a biochemical reaction in the body accordingly.

So, knowing thoughts can create healing or unhealing biochemical reactions in the body, what if we intentionally generated high-frequency thoughts so our body can then take that and create the reactions and hormones we need to feel and be in complete health?

Something fascinating I have whitened, the healthiest people I know that look young and beautiful even as they age are the ones that have extreme control and put extreme intention into managing their thought life. Makes sense right? The number one cause of aging is stress because when you are in stress, your body is not healing or repairing which causes the body to begin breaking down. Well, if you can experience stress AND still stay in a healing state then your body can continue healing and repairing and looking beautiful no matter what is happening around you. It’s all about your perception to stress because your body only knows something is stressful if because your thoughts are telling it so. That takes an insane amount of mental training, but it’s possible.


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