How to Prevent and Reverse Cavities

How to Prevent and Reverse Cavities

Most of us were never taught How to Prevent and Reverse Cavities OR that our diet significantly determines the health of our mouth, if you get cavities, etc. Sure, we hear how candy is not the best- but it goes so much deeper than that.

The great news is, the diet that is best for your oral health, is the same that is best for hormone, brain, and heart health!

According to the insights of Dr. Edward Mellanby, Dr. Weston Price and Dr. Ramiel Nagel there are

4 main things that contribute to tooth decay:

  • Lack of minerals in the diet (calcium, magnesium and phosphorus)
  • Lack of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) (especially D)
  • Too much consumption of Phytic Acid rich foods- nuts, grains, beans that have not been soaked overnight.
  • Too much consumption of processed sugar

To prevent and even reverse cavities- try this protocol out:

The goal is to load up on fat soluble nutrients A, D, E, and K2 and minerals while removing inflammatory foods to reverse cavities.

How to Prevent and Reverse Cavities

Diet: Avoid

  • SugarHere I talk about what sugar does to your body and teeth.
  • Processed foods
  • Phytic acid: Phytic acid is present on nuts, seeds, beans and grains that have not been soaked and sprouted. Phytic acid doesn’t allow you to absorb minerals in your food, it also leaches minerals out of your body, bones and teeth! The anti-nutrients of phytic acid have also been known to cause digestive disorders, lack of appetite, nutrient deficiencies, and tooth decay. When eating nuts, beans, rice, quinoa- make sure to prepare them properly by soaking or sprouting them. I talk about how to prepare nuts, grains, and beans for optimal nutrition here. 
  • Vegtable Oils: Soy, corn, and canola oil.

Diet: Eat

  • Foods rich in minerals and fat soluble vitamins including animal foods like bone broth, fish and eggs.
  • Raw and cooked vegetables especially green leafy vegetables.
  • Raw dairy like kefir, grass-fed butter and Ghee
  • Fruit- limit to 1 piece a day.
  • Foods high in healthy fat like coconut oil, butter/ghee, brain octane oil, avocado, olive oil, olives, and fish or fish oil and MCT oil- which is 10x stronger than coconut oil, fueling brain function, energy, and metabolism.
  • This coconut milk latte is a favorite.


  • Body Ecology Products: I love their Minerals, greens powders, and liquid probiotics.
  • Extra Vit C and Zinc
  • High vitamin D – get plenty of sunshine and days not in sun supplement with 5,000IU daily of D3 with K2 as these two work together. This is the most effective Vit D/k2 liquid that the body can actually absorb and use.
  • Cod Liver Oil– this provides the best sources of A, D, E- amazing for teeth, brain, heart, and hormones. Be cautious of the brand you choose as most oils are rancid and can do more harm than good.
  • Butter Oil– this is an amazing source of k2, a vital vitamin for your body. This is a great article about the importance of k2 and why it is the missing nutrient in our diets. This is the butter oil I use- it is very therapeutic and made from grass fed cows- and the butter is only harvested once a year, when it is at peak nutrition level.

Along with diet, here is the best oral care routine that I have come to love!


  • Sea Salt and Warm Water at least 5x a week
  • WaterPic flossing each day- this thoroughly cleans the gums and flushes all plaque out.
  • Oil Pulling every day or 3x a week
  • Brushing with electric tooth brush 2x a day
  • Mineral and clay toothpaste


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  • Velvet

    I just need to safe the teeth I already have and reverse any cavities trying to come in. I understand the diet. I went dentist yesterday, dentist was pulling my first ever cavity ridden tooth out didn’t pull whole tooth out just the cracked part. She said other part deeply embedded. So, will so oral surgeon. But APPOINTMENT next week. Meanwhile, have opened area plus this have tooth waiting to be extracted. I’m hotter than fish grease what do I do?? Given pain and antibiotic ?