How to Healthy Food Prep for the Week

How to Healthy Food Prep for the Week

Healthy Food Prep has saved my life. 

Making each meal you eat from scratch can seem intimidating and way too time consuming BUT once you get the hang of prepping and having a few principles to keep in mind when throwing meals together, it becomes a breeze!

Most times, I do not have a recipe.

Healthy Food Prep Template 

I just make sure I have one thing from each category below and the meals make themselves!

  • Protein: Meat, eggs, fish, beans, or nuts
  • Fat: Avocado, coconut oil,  olive oil, butter/ghee
  • Vegetable or leafy green
  • Complex Carbohydrate: sweet potato, plantain, quinoa, squash
  • Flavor add ins:
    • Spices: cumin, turmeric, Italian seasoning, or any mix you like!
    • Stone ground mustard, love.
    • Dressings or salsas: Premade dressings or salsas(make sure they do not contain soy or canola oil!)
    • Hot sauce: Buffalo, hot, so many options!
    • Sea salt: Makes anything taste better
    • Hummus: Sounds weird, but this works well with veggies, starches, and even chicken.
    • Tahini or almond butter: Again, I use this all the time for veggies, sweet potatoes, squashes,and quinoa. Ever had a baked sweet potato, almond butter, butter, and cinnamon? To. Die. For. Try it! Your welcome 🙂

Important Note: No not skip the fat or flavor add in! These are what make the food actually taste amazing! The fat will not only make the dish, it will also keep you full, fuel your brain, and balance your hormones!

To throw together meals that are super simple try these go to examples:

  1. Put greens, vegetables, protein, and sweet potato or quinoa in a pan and saute all in butter or coconut oil. Add hot sauce/seasonings/sea salt if desired.
  2. Example: Kale, sweet potato, zucchini chopped and sautéed in butter topped with sea salt, salsa, avocado, and two fried eggs. There are so many variations of this!

One Day Food Prep:

Preparation makes things a heck of a lot easier. If you dedicate a couple hours or less to prep some of your food just one day a week, things will be so much easier.

Food Preparation Sunday(or whichever day):

  1. Cook a whole chicken or chicken/turkey (money saver) or cook some chicken breasts
  2. Cook a big pot of quinoa or rice
  3. Bake a bunch a sweet potatoes and squash
  4. Slice and chop veggies and place in bags for any meal during the week: the more the better!
  5. Make individual salads with veggies and greens.
  6. Hard Boil a dozen Eggs OR make an egg bake
  7. Make one large crock pot meal like this here
  8. If you really want to do it all in one day, you can precook burgers, steaks, or a pot of beans.

Now, you are ready to kick butt this week! With very little cooking involved, you can now throw all of your prepped food together in minutes. All you have to do is maybe cook anymore protein you want (beef, buffalo, lamb) and throw that on some veggies and quinoa.

The flavor add ins are a life savor. Adding butter, sea salt, and a spice like cumin literally transforms the dish. You can also get some awesome hot sauces and salsas to throw on your veggies and meats.

Try this out and let me know if it made your life any easier!

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