Get to Know Me + What is Functional Medicine?

Get to Know Me + What is Functional Medicine?

I wanted to share with you all a little more about myself ūüôā Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, currently living in the City and trying to get backyard chickens;) My husband and travel to Costa Rica often and I am pretty much a hard core natural hippie- in a good way!

I am currently studying to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Most of my education is based off the principles of Functional Medicine, which I believe to be the future of medicine and health.

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease by using advanced testing technology that has never before been available to us in history. This allows us to see what is exactly going on in the body and brain, and fix any issue that is causing the problem.

In the World Today:

  • “Oh, you have mood swings, anxiety, or you are having a hard time in Life? Here, take this antidepressant.”
  • “Oh, you have period/hormonal problems, or acne? Here, take this birth control pill.”
  • “Oh, you have a sore throat or cold? Here take this antibiotic.”

Unfortunately, this is not getting to WHY you are having hormone/digestive/immune system issues and just puts a bandage over something that will continue to persist if left untreated.

Functional medicine does not just look at the symptoms, but rather where those symptoms are coming from. For example, you may have anxiety and extreme fatigue which could be the result of magnesium deficiency and bacterial infection.

Your body has the remarkable ability to heal and thrive if given what it needs, and avoiding what it doesn’t. Through checking your toxicities, body systems, and deficiencies, we can identify where your problem may be.

Any problem you have has a ROOT somewhere, our job is to discover where and provide YOUR body with EXACTLY what it needs depending on the results.


We can test to see how each body system is working, and identify where you may have a problem in the area of:

We can check your toxicities

  • Heavy metals (major contributor to depression and mood disorders)
  • Bacterial/parasite/yeast infection

We can test your deficiencies

Through testing each of these areas, we are able to see EXACTLY what YOUR body is in need of and provide a specific protocol based on the results.

Basically, it is a test, not guess system that is completely individualized because each body is so different and has different needs.

Your Protocol will be based on

  1. The proper diet that YOUR body thrives on.
  2. Targeted nutrients that YOUR body specifically needs, in the amount it needs them.
  3. Guided lifestyle changes to dramatically shift your health and prevent disease.

Whatever your health concern may be, know that there IS an answer, it just may take some detective work to fine it.

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