Mind Healing Body

Mind Healing Body

There have been incredible breakthroughs showing the mind healing body.

We have heard about how the mind has an effect on the body, but science is now showing that it is more powerful than we ever imagined.


Ground breaking research in recent decades has shown that the human mind has a powerful capacity to heal the body.

Scientists unintentionally stumbled upon this fact when they were testing pharmaceutical drugs against placebos. A placebo is typically a sugar pill or saline solution that is used in medical trials to test against the effectiveness of a ‘real’ drug.

Scientists began to become amazed when the placebo drug (that had no healing effects) would suddenly produce spontaneous healing in their patients.

When individuals believed they were taking the ‘real’ medicine—consistently again and again, in trial after trail- individuals healed.

Consider the following examples of mind healing body

  •  Several studies have shown that placebo surgeries—where the patient is cut open but no surgery is performed—are as effective as real surgeries. This has been observed in conditions ranging from angina to arthritis in the knees.
  • In one trial, researchers told patients they were injecting them with a powerful Parkinson’s drug called apomorphine, but instead injected them with saline. Brain scans showed that the saline injections had effects that were indistinguishable from the real drug.
  • Valium, which is widely prescribed for anxiety disorders, has no effect unless patients know that they are taking it.

All of this suggests that the effects of an intervention—whether it is pharmaceutical, herbal, dietary, or something else—depend in large part on our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about that intervention.

Mind Causing Physical Brain and Body Changes

Now that we have access to brain-imaging technology, scientists are able to prove that people don’t just feel better (it’s not all in our heads), but their brain and body is actually changing.

Research has shown that when we believe that we are taking a drug but its really a placebo, the brain lights up and produces the same healing chemicals as if we really were taking the drug.

This has recently been shown with Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease arise from impaired production of  dopamine in part of the brain that affects movement. Research has shown that Parkinson’s patients given a placebo but told that it is an anti-Parkinson’s drug are able to move better. Brain scans have shown that the brain is activated in the area that controls movement and dopamine is actually produced.


Just as powerful the placebo is, the power of the mind can also have a negative effect. The mind can heal body but it can also destroy it.

These nocebo side effects arise in response to the side effect warnings on the actual drug or treatment. The mere suggestion that a patient may experience negative symptoms in response to a medication (or a sugar pill) may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, if you tell a patient treated with a placebo he might experience nausea, he’s likely to feel nauseous. If you suggest that he might get a headache, he may.

Patients given nothing but saline who thought it was chemotherapy actually threw up and lost their hair!

Take Away and the Power of Belief

Our body already has it’s own ‘pharmacy’. Ready to create any healing hormones or brain chemicals that are needed that are more effective than any pill or medication you can take.

  • Our beliefs physically impact our body, relationships and success.
  • Fear can destroy the most effective healing protocol and that faith can heal with no protocol at all.
  • Negative thoughts, fear, and emotions can physically cause symptoms in your body.
  • Your body CAN heal itself.

What is one area that you are having a hard time believing? How could you change your perception of what is going on in your life to change your body and your mind? Let me know below!


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  • sergio valentin

    Great article. Very insightful. Thanks.

  • sergio valentin

    Great article. Very insightful. Thanks

    • Renewing All Things

      Thanks Sergio! 🙂

  • CouponDivaAndi

    our God has made our bodies and our minds to be SO perfect together!

  • Bonnie

    YES!!! Oh my goodness, girl. I have been learning SO much about this and it is fascinating. I have recently been working with positive affirmations (aka: speaking God’s truth to myself!) and have seen changes in things I have struggled with for years. So amazing how He created our bodies.

    • Renewing All Things

      I love this Bonnie! It truly is amazing how He created us, and the world 🙂

  • Rhiannon Skeen

    Very interesting information. Kind of justifies the term “mind over matter” in my opinion. If you can mentally change your thinking about something it has the potential to improve. Great stuff!