Highly Effective Ways to Prevent PMS and Balance Hormones

Highly Effective Ways to Prevent PMS and Balance Hormones

Finding out ways to balance hormones and prevent PMS is a passion of mine. Because truly, women are not meant to be miserable every month. We are not meant to suffer from mental/emotional/physical agony.


I know it happens. I know life happens and sometimes, your hormones get off track.

Greif + stress + hormones is an interesting combination, I’m sure many of you can relate.

My hormones have got off track many times in my life for many different reasons. Life situations triggered everything from hypothalamic amenorrhea, to acne to PMS, to hair loss, to mood swings.

Just recently, after going through so much loss and trauma, I knew my hormones were off. I didn’t need to go spend a lot of money on testing to figure that out. Often times when we are struggling with health symptoms, we research, and worry, and spend a lot of time and money on testing and Doctors. I’m not saying that’s bad – but something I had to learn was to spend less time searching and more time healing.

It’s okay if you notice your hormones  (or anything in your body) are off, there are practices you can do to bring anything back into balance.

If you notice your hormones may be off, start implementing these quick tricks to see a difference within 2 cycles. Remember, focus more on doing practices you know heal the body versus searching and worrying about your symptoms.

Odd but Highly Effective Ways to Prevent PMS and Balance Hormones


Grounding may be one of the most important practices to assist your body to come back into balance no matter what is going on.

If you think of your body like a battery, there are things that drain your battery and things that charge it. Having a full battery makes you feel amazing, full of energy, and mentally strong. A low battery creates imbalances, inflammation, and disease within the body.

The problem is, almost everything we do each day is draining our battery, causing some serious issues. Every system and organ in your body functions optimally when it has an adequate source of electrons. Activities that steal electrons include being around phones and computers constantly, being inside most of the day, inflammatory foods, and wearing shoes every time you go outside.

The earth is the ultimate source of electrons and we were made to be GROUNDED. Meaning, stepping outside on the ground with bare feet is like putting your phone on the charger. The earth and sun are the chargers for your body, and you are living off a beyond dead battery if you are never putting your feet on the ground or getting sun on your skin.

The electrons from the earth have an antioxidant effect that protects and heals inflammation in the body. There have now been thousands of studies and scans showing the before and after of people walking barefoot on the earth for 10 minutes. You can physically see inflammation decreased, cortisol lowered, the hormonal and autonomic nervous system balanced!

I would recommend reading The Earth Prescription for tips on how to make it practical in every season.




And when your sleep is off, your hormones will be off.

When I know my hormones need some balancing, I intentionally get sunlight in my eyes first thing in the morning and when the sun goes down I only use red light, candle, or dim lighting.

Love Your Liver

Your liver plays a huge part if you want to prevent PMS. Your liver is responsible for processing hormones so if it’s backed up, it won’t be able to process them properly. Sadly, it probably is having some trouble because of the toxic world we live in.

I like to spend a week or so doing intentional liver cleansing when I am having symptoms of fatigue or PMS.

This includes:

  • castor oil packs
  • coffee enemas
  • herbal tinctures and teas
  • remove foods that are hard on the liver and eat foods that support liver detoxification

After I have spent some good time detoxing my liver, every cycle after ovulation I make sure to do practices that will help my liver process everything smoothly. Things like infrared sauna, liver support tea, and eating tons of vegetables, sprouts, green juice, and smoothies with cilantro and dandelion.

If your hormones need love, love your liver first. This is especially helpful for acne and other skin issues.

Ditch Your Deodorant

Okay, I mean ditch your toxic deodorant AND any other toxic conventional products you may have. Many women do not know that the ingredients in conventional products contain what are called xenoestrogens. Meaning they mimic estrogen in the body which leads to estrogen dominance which leads to PMS and all other hormonal symptoms. These toxic ingredients also create quite a burden on your liver.

So, switching to all-natural personal care and cleaning products will actually make you a better person to be around because you won’t have to deal with PMS, who knew?;)

Mind your Mind

Your mind directly affects your body. Every thought creates a hormonal and biochemical reaction. Of course, the food you eat and the products you use affect your body. But, your mind affects your body just as much if not more.

When I feel that my body is off, I examine my thought life.

Your HPA axis is what you may hear practitioners talk about in regards to hormones. Here is how it works – your hypothalamus takes whatever thoughts you are having and then sends signals to the pituitary and adrenals as to what hormones to make.

If you are continually having thoughts full of fear, self-criticism/self-hatred, envy, offense, etc. your hypothalamus takes those thoughts as stressors and will create a biochemical reaction in the body accordingly.

What I think more practitioners should be talking about is how to intentionally use your mind to influence and heal your body.

That means taking time each morning and each night to put your body into a healing parasympathetic state through slowing breathing and generating the emotion of love, joy, and gratitude.

Thoughts can heal. Emotions can heal. Words can heal.

What thoughts, emotions, and words are you experiencing most often? Are they ones that will prevent PMS or promote it?

Practice throwing in play/pleasure/joy/gratitude/humor resets throughout the day. You will be blown away by how that effects the body’s ability to regain balance.

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