Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Given the current state of affairs, I want to invite you to view disease differently and look into the Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory.

What if bacteria, viruses, and germs were not the problem, what if it was the environment that they are attracted to?

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Germ Theory:

Western medicine is based on Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease. “Disease is caused by specific microorganisms that invade the body from the outside.” Pastur was famous for developing pasteurization – the process of heating a liquid (like milk) to kill pathogens (bad germs) to extend shelf life and make the product safer for consumption. He also was also one of the first to be involved in creating vaccines. This school of thought, that germs are bad and need to be killed in order to prevent sickness, is what Western medical doctors believe to be the right way to treat and prevent sickness and disease.

Terrain Theory

The Terrain Theory, also known as the cellular theory was developed by Antoine Bechamp. He found that the presence of germs (or viruses) does not constitute the presence of a disease. Bacteria are scavengers of nature, attracted to dead tissue. Germs or bacteria have little influence on live cells. Germs or microbes flourish as scavengers at the site of disease. They are living on the unprocessed metabolic waste and diseased, malnourished, nonresistant tissue.

“They are not the cause of the disease, any more than flies and maggots cause garbage. Flies, maggots, and rats do not cause garbage but rather feed on it. Mosquitoes do not cause a pond to become stagnant, they are attracted to already stagnant water. You always see firemen at burning buildings, but that doesn’t mean they caused the fire(1).”


“Bechamp found that germs were everywhere and even existed inside of us in a symbiotic relationship. Bechamp noticed in his research that only when the tissue of the host became damaged or compromised that these germs began to manifest in a prevailing symptom (not cause) of disease…Bechamp saw the infection as a footnote to the state of illness and not the primary cause. As the person restored health through diet, hygiene and detoxification, the infection went away on its own, without needing measures to kill it (1).”

In other words, it’s about the host (you) and the inner terrain of your body, not the virus.

Bacteria, viruses, and germs are not bad. We actually need them for a healthy body. Trying to stay away from them or kill them is not the solution.

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” – Hippocrates

Viruses are Good for You

Do you know what this means? Germs, bacteria, and viruses are critical for human life and are the actual mechanisms that actually try to keep us healthy. They are not inherently good or bad, it depends on the host, which is you.

That’s how they work, when your body has some kind of decay, imbalance or breakdown of any sort, those bacteria/viruses actually attracted to that and they come into the body actually trying to clear that away. In doing so, people experience the ‘viruses’ symptoms: cough, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose – those symptoms are not bad, they are actually trying to detoxify and heal you! Those symptoms are actually just detoxification symptoms. If someone has really bad decay in the body, those symptoms may be more severe – but ultimately, it’s all working together to try and heal you and fix what’s going wrong.

Instead of looking at viruses as some invisible particles that could be lurking on anyone or anything, look at them as health enhancers. If you have a healthy, alkaline, mineral-rich, active body, those mechanisms won’t do anything to you. Even if they do, it’s with the purpose of enhancing your health.

What to Know

Now that we know that if the host or terrain of the body is a healthy condition, there is no need for bacteria or viruses to come in and clean it up. So you could be exposed to the virus or bacteria and it would do nothing.

If you do have some issues going on in the body, you are susceptible to get ‘symptoms’ because they will go in and try to heal what’s going on.

The solution is to work on your body and create a healthy terrain that doesn’t have need of healing or detoxification.

You do that by:

  • Regular fasting so the body is regularly healing, repairing, and detoxifying, and cleaning up what should;t be there.
  • Eating whole foods organic nutrient-rich diet
  • Drinking pure water
  • Get plenty of minerals through green juice, bone broth, and ocean minerals.
  • Sleep, sun, grounding, exercise every day
  • Limited time on technology
  • Being out in nature as often as possible
  • Focusing on community
  • Focusing on your relationship with God and what He is asking you to do.

These are the guidelines we should be mandating people do because this is what will actually determine what will happen to them if they are exposed to a certain strain of coronavirus.

Conflict of Interest

What do the Pharmaceutical and other large organizations thrive off of? Vaccines, antibiotics, respirators, prescription drugs. Do they want you to be on those forever so they can continue to profit? Yes. Is the media controlled by these organizations? Yes. Do they want you to fear ‘catching’ something so you need to protect yourself through isolation and vaccination? Yes. Do they want you to know that taking care of your body through healing nutrition, sleep, clean water, exercise, sun, grounding, thoughts, emotions, decrees will protect you from these ‘harmful’ things? No.

They want you to fear because when you fear, they can control you.

I’m not here to throw around conspiracy theories. I’m here to provide you other narratives that you have not been told, for a reason. I’m here to give you resources to look into the facts yourself.

The truth is that the c-virus statistics are incredibly flawed. That’s a problem because all of the fear and ‘guidelines’ are based on those statistics.

There is more than a virus going on here.

Some resources I have found helpful that bring in many other resources together in one place:

A Pivotal Point in History

We are at a tipping point. The world cannot and will not continue as it has, and we get to decide which road it will go down.

Will we go down the road of world mandatory vaccination and monitoring? Will we allow the organizations that have been in control of our medical, food, and education systems for decades continue to cause destruction?


Will we join together and start a new way of life.

What if now is the time where we could regenerate our land and cleanse out the toxic food system? What if now is the time where modern medicine mixes with ancient wisdom to actually heal and provide the best care? What if people were taught how to take care of their bodies instead of always being given a ‘diagnosis’ and a ‘pill’ for it? What if the main sex-trafficking operations were exposed and shut down along with corrupt politicians aiding them? What if our economy gets rebuilt on the truth?


Now is the time. We need to pray and decree over Trump and our country. We need to show where our values are by what we buy. We need to not feed the mainstream media by watching it. We need to speak up and say NO to guidelines that are controlled by people that are not actually concerned about our health.


The Germ Theory is Outdated

When it comes to germ versus terrain theory, the germ theory has been proven false yet our entire medical system is still based on it.

Remember when we thought all bacteria were bad and now that we know about the microbiome, people are intentionally putting bacteria (probiotics) in their bodies every day?

It’s the same with viruses. They are not good or bad, it depends on the condition of the body in which they live.

It’s time to begin practicing the new biology in which people are taught how to create an inner terrain that will not be negatively impacted by whatever it may be exposed to. And, if a person does get sick, we need to treat them with substances that God created that truly heal.

What can you do?

Focus on creating an inner terrain that can face whatever the world may bring, which involves daily work on your mind, body, and Spirit.

See Holistic Protection from the Coronavirus for more ideas on how to do that.


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