What I eat in a Day: Healthy Meal Examples

What I eat in a Day: Healthy Meal Examples

This is an article I wrote for another health website, thought I would share!

Throughout the years as an Esthetician, I have found that nothing changes your skin faster or more effective than treating it from the inside out first. I love creams and fancy treatments as much as the next girl, but when my clients are looking for dramatic changes, I start with what they are putting in their body each day.

If you remember two things, remember this:
Balanced hormones = glowing skin
Healthy gut = glowing skin

Doing whatever you can to take the best care of your gut and hormones is the ROOT of healthy, beautiful skin. This means managing your emotional and mental states, eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding triggers that cause inflammation.

As someone who struggled with severe cystic acne, redness, and horrible uneven skin tone for years, I know from experience what my skin looks like when I am nourishing my body and when I am not, and let me tell you, the difference is astonishing. What I consume each day either leads to redness and dull skin or smooth glowing skin that needs little makeup. Obviously, I prefer the latter which makes it easy to eat nutrient dense meals each day.

Let’s dive right into what a typical day of eating looks like for me.

Right when I wake up

I drink 32oz of filtered clean water with 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar while I am changing and playing with the baby.

8:30am Breakfast

No matter how many times I try something different, my body thrives on smoothies for breakfast all year round. The ingredients change each day depending on what I have, but this recipe is pretty standard.

  • Handful of mixed greens
  • Small zucchini or cucumber
  • Small handful of fruit (berries or pears usually)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1-2 tablespoon hemp or sprouted sunflower seeds
  • Scoop of greens powder
  • Scoop of quality protein powder (fermented or sprouted)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut water kefir

Renewing Basics

?Uh YUM! Today I also added a spoonful of chia seeds to make it thicker. This gives me so much energy for the day ahead.

10:30am Power Drink

When the little goes down for a nap, I begin to work and I love having a delicious drink on hand. Either yerba mate, matcha, bone broth, or a dandy blend tea lights me up. Today I chose bone broth, one of the staples that has transformed my skin from the inside out.

bone broth

12pm Lunch

Lunch is typically leftovers from dinner the night before thrown on top of some greens and cultured veggies. I always make sure to have veggies + greens + healthy fat + protein + complex carbohydrate at lunch.

Today this looked like a bed of mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, and beet sauerkraut topped with homemade buffalo burgers, olive oil + apple cider vinegar + sea salt + mustard dressing, with a side of baked sweet potato made with coconut oil + cumin.

Healthy Meal Examples


4pm Snack

I am still nursing my 10-month-old daughter so I typically need a nourishing afternoon snack. I always reach for something with some good healthy fat in it. This typically looks like carrots dipped in tahini or coconut butter or one of my protein + fat snack bites.

Today I enjoyed my raw Turmeric Bone Broth Protein Cookies.

7pm Dinner

Although I thoroughly enjoy cooking an elaborate dinner, in this season of life with a little one running around, it just does not work. For dinner, I never follow any recipe, but rather create ‘ingredient meals’. This looks like throwing together whatever veggies + greens + healthy fat + protein + complex carbohydrate I have around and dressing them up with spices or awesome condiments.

Tonight, this looked like throwing some salmon and butternut squash in the oven, steaming some cauliflower and broccoli, and sauteeing some kale in ghee.

I tossed the salmon on top of the kale and added some coconut aminos and sprouted pumpkin seeds and then topped my veggies and squash with some coconut oil + salt + pepper.

Healthy Meal Examples


9pm Dessert

I may or may not use breastfeeding as an excuse to have dessert every night;) This either looks like a piece of homemade coconut oil dark chocolate or homemade dark chocolate collagen bites made with sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, cacao, coconut oil, and sweetened with monkfruit. Tonight this looked like a delicious square of dark chocolate!

homemade dark chocolate?

I should also add that I consume at 3-4 liters of water each day, this is an important component of a radiant complexion as well as a wrinkle eraser!

Nourishing your skin from the inside out can be a delicious, rewarding experience. Thanks for taking a peek into mine:)

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  • Ashlie

    I love this however what would you suggest for someone with horrible digestion and no gallbladder? Would you tweak this in any way? Like maybe leave the meat out at lunch? Thank you! Trying to find a balance??

  • Melissa

    This is so helpful thanks for this! I have noticed recently that you post more Keto-related recipes. So with that in mind, do you still eat a complex carb at each meal? And do you ever count calories or macros?

    • Megan Kelly

      Hi Melissa! I do more keto related desserts and some recipes because I also create them for other websites that want more keto but I personally eat a complex carb at every meal, I have found that balanced meals keep my hormones happy. I never count calories or macros though, I go off a more intuitive eating approach:)