I had the pleasure of chatting with my girls over at Sissy Pie about the best supplements woman can take.

There are so many on the market with every one of them professing benefits and why you NEED to take it. . . no wonder we are confused and overwhelmed.

I have a different take on supplements.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what supplements to take.

  1. The quality and sourcing
  2. How bioavailable it is (will your body actually absorb and use it)
  3. Rotating supplements based off what your body is needing at that time.
  4. I also like to take supplements that provide the KEY materials that our body needs to make hormones and neurotransmitters.

Best Supplements for Women

For women, I think we should be taking at least one supplement in 3 categories to support our hormonal and mental health.

Choose one supplement from each category, and you can rotate when you run out of a product.

Click on the supplement to see which kind I recommend.

#1 Micronutrients

Micronutrients are the power vitamins and minerals that promote radical health and healing. Unless you are in the sun with your shoes of daily while consuming large amounts of green juice, bone broth and fermented veggies (and actually absorb their nutrients) you are in need of micronutrient support. Each of these nutrients will heal on a cellular level, aiding in balancing the body to heal whatever you are struggling with.

For glowing skin, energy, immunity, thyroid/adrenal health, take your micronutrients

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#2 Essential Fatty Acids

Your hormones and brain are made from fat, specifically EPA, DHA, and Omega 3s. Your hormones and neurotransmitters can only be made by the building blocks you give them, and if you are not giving your body the right EFA, you will have hormonal imbalances simply because the body does not have what it needs to work how it was designed.

For balanced hormones, healthy skin, fertility, and mental health, take your EFA

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#3 Gut/Detoxification

Taking supplements that detox excess estrogen from the body, cleanse the liver so it can properly circulate hormones, promote elimination and detoxification, and nourish and heal the gut will keep your body, mind, and hormones happy campers. Taking supplements that support gut health will then heal anything else you have going on because the health of your gut = the health of your body.

For energy, clear skin, healthy digestion, happy moods, and antiaging take your detoxifying and gut supplements.

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To start, if you were to take a good mineral complex, fish oil, and probiotic, you would be in a great place!

BONUS CATEGORY #4 Bio-Individuality 

Here is where you can add some specific supplements, herbs, or adaptogens to address your specific issue. Your menstrual cycle phases are great to take into account when determining which supplements to take.

Below are some supplements that most women benefit from:

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