How to Become Happier

How to Become Happier

Many people strive to Become Happier. 

This is not a post about wishful thinking or superficial happiness…I wanted to write just a glimpse into the science of reprograming your thinking and perspective.

I love this stuff and have been personally doing these exercises I am going to tell you about for a couple of months now and my entire outlook on life and how I take on every day has dramatically changed.

Grand CanyonAs much as I love food and supplements for biohacking my health, energy, mood, and skin- You cannot overlook the equally important area of your thoughts and hacks you can do to literally reprogram your subconscious.

Only five percent of brain is conscious, 95 is not. So that 95% controls so many of your actions. You also think 6000 thoughts per day and 80% negative. It is not our fault, it is just where our mind automatically goes.

Here is an example: Take a look around the room and find five things that are blue and memorize them………………………………Now, look back here and tell me five things in the room that are red.

See, your eyes did see red things but your subsconceince mind was not looking for them.

You can literally set the filter of what you see in the day. 

Imagine if your sub conscience mind was constantly seeing every good thing about people, yourself, and everything about your day. Well, a few simple changes can begin to do just that.

I have been using this mind power technology that has been seriously changing my outlook on life and my overall sense of well being and health. Taking advantage of that 95% of your brain can provide HUGE benefits. 

Just something to think about:)

Powerful Mind Reprogramming Techniques to Become Happier

1. The very first thing you do when you wake up: Write down or think of three things you are grateful for. You will be amazed how this simple practice could change your life and set up your mood for the entire day.

Doing this literally reprograms your mind to see and recognize the good in the day above everything else that is going on. The reverse is also true, if the first thing you think of when you wake up is something negative or something you hate, your mind will automatically be looking for other negatives throughout your day.

2. At the end of the day: write down three things that went well in your day. BONUS if you write down three Gratitudethings you want to get done the next day. This again is programming your subconsciousness to pull out everything good that is happening around you.

Writing things that you want to get done the next day programs your subconscious to figure out how to get them done while you sleep.

3. Every day, be thankful you have a working, beautiful body. Our self talk has a dramatic impact on our body. If you constantly are thinking about what you do not like or what is wrong with you, your subconscious goes searching for reasons to make that true AND sets the focus on trying to find something wrong.

This is why some people have amazing self-confidence no matter what they look like and some of us can constantly find something wrong or something we want to change. Doing this for so many years has programmed our subconscious BUT the good news is that we can begin to retrain it.

Sounds crazy, but as you get dressed or put lotion on, thank each body part you touch or look at for working so wonderfully. SCIENTIFICALLY this makes your brain view your body different and begins to search for reasons to make what you are saying true. By doing this each day, you begin to develop an entire new outlook about yourself as well as seriously increase your confidence.

When we have negative self talk, we are literally programming our brain to work against our body which can lead to numerous health problems.

Even if you do not think the best of your body, this is a time to “fake it until you make it”. Speaking what you love and having gratitude for every part of yourself literally begins to change your body and reprogram your mind.

Now, give these a try for a week and see what it may do for you! 🙂




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