Are your Personal Care Products Messing up your Hormones?

Are your Personal Care Products Messing up your Hormones?


Take a second to imagine your daily grooming habits.

To start the day, you may jump in the shower and lather yourself with shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and body scrub. After the washing, lotions and creams are soon to follow. Finally it’s time to apply make up, brush your teeth, and maybe even splash yourself with a tad a perfume.

Now imagine lathering yourself in antifreeze, garage floor cleaners, followed by drinking fluoride, and rubbing on chemicals that completely throw your hormones out of whack.

How do these two scenarios relate? Well, by the time the morning routine has taken place- you may have overloaded your body with over 515 of these particular toxic chemicals that are wreaking havoc in your body in ways you never would imagine.

Toxic Chemicals that are illegal to put in food are the main ingredients in almost all main stream personal care products. The truth is, it is more dangerous to put these ingredients on your skin than it is to physically eat the chemicals. How? Anything you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your blood stream in 26 seconds. It does not go through your liver or kidneys to filter the toxins like food does. Your body has no defense.

Personal Care Products and Hormone Disruptions

That lotion and shampoo you are putting on every day may be throwing your hormones out a whack more that you know. Certain ingredients can alter hormonal chemistry in a couple of ways. They can increase circulation of certain hormones by mimicking their activity in the body, or they can reduce the level of sex hormones in the body or block their activity. This can impact fertility, lead to early menopause and influence things like mood, length and severity of the menstrual cycle in women.

Common ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens are known Endocrine Disruptors, which means they are substances that alter your natural hormones.

Some ingredients in body care products may cause estrogen dominance in the body. They do this by mimicking your natural hormones.  Endocrine disruptors cause hormonal imbalance. Many fertility problems iAre your Personal Care Products Messing up your Hormones-n women are linked to an over abundance of estrogen in the body, including endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, PCOS, breast cancer, irregular menstrual cycles, heavy periods, and PMS.

We all want balanced hormones, happy moods, and easy periods. By switching to body products that do not contain endocrine disruptions, you allow your body to function properly by not flooding it with the burden of toxic chemicals causing hormonal imbalances.

Go ahead and check the ingredients in your body products now. More likely than not they will contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, or propylene glycol. Toss them for a body free of chemical burden.

You can find a list of other hormonal disrupting chemical ingredients found in personal care products here.

As with food, the fewer ingredients the better! All of these chemical concoctions are actually causing major imbalances in the body. The  next time you rub a lotion or cream on your skin, imagine the ingredients that make up that product entering immediately into your blood stream. If you don’t recognize an ingredient, neither will your body and it will automatically begin to fight off the invader causing inflammation and hormonal imbalance.

Check out EWG’s Skin Deep Data Base to see how the products you are using rank on the toxicity level!

A few of my Favorite Natural Personal Care Products

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  • Kathy/

    I’m a big fan of this blog!! I’m completely against anything in my home that has dangerous chemicals, and use only natural products on my skin, hair and eat non-gmo organic foods as much as I possibly can!! excellent blog and information!!

  • CouponDivaAndi

    I’m tryin to take ALL the chemicals out of everything I eat, drink, and live…. 🙂

  • Jennifer DeFrates

    There are so many chemicals in our world. Makes you wonder what we’ve done to ourselves ( and the bees!)

  • danielle wells

    Fabulous article! Yes, I think some of my beauty products are messing with my hormones! Hubby and I have been on a journey to get the chemicals out of our house : GMO’s in our food, chemicals in baby care, and now in our cleaning and beauty products! IT’s definitely a journey and a one-step-at-a-time kind of thing, but blogs like this are so encouraging and raise awareness! Woo Hoo!

  • alamodest

    Ah, definitely! I don’t personally use any “products” for skin care or hair care. I’ve given that up a long time ago. I’m using stuff you can get from your kitchen. Although the only thing I have not given up are cosmetics. If only natural alternatives didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

  • Laura

    What kind of makeup do you use? I don’t wear makeup often but I do wear concealor and eye makeup and have been on the hunt for a good/natural brand

    • Renewing All Things

      Hi Laura! I love W3ll people make up… super clean ingredients and works really well!