Have you ever wondered what your symptoms are telling you?

Many people turn to Doctors (traditional or alternative) to tell them what is going on with their bodies and minds and what to do or take to fix it.

When you are having symptoms and you go to a doctor (holistic or alternative), they do tests, give you a diagnosis, and usually a pill or supplement to fix it.  Sometimes it works, more often it doesn’t, and just a short time later you are struggling with the same or even more issues.

Why is that?

What caused your issue to happen is far deeper than what any test can pick up or any supplement or pill can fix.

The biggest concept to understand is you are a Spirit, you have a soul (mind, will, and emotions) and you live in a body. Each part of you directly affects the other so only working with one part makes no sense when you really understand how an imbalance or disease comes into existence.

spirit soul body

I love functional and holistic medicine. I think it can do miraculous things. And, you will never be able to fully heal by just looking at the physical body. Why?

You can rarely (if ever) treat your issue just by looking at one part of yourself. Your issue is made up of a combination of all three parts of you.

Understand, Doctors and other health practitioners can ‘help’ you find what is going on, but you can’t rely on them to fix it. The truth is, no one that can know what is going on with your body and mind more than you and God. No one. Relying on others to figure it out and ‘fix’ you is where our system is broken.

When we take personal responsibility for our health and learn how healing works, we can examine ourselves to see what’s blocking the body from operating as it should, and what can we do to fix it.

Symptoms are Beacons not Burdens

Instead of looking at mental or physical breakdown as the problem, look at them as an invitation, trying to let you know there is something that needs addressed so those symptoms don’t have to be there anymore.

Health issues are trying to communicate and help you, not destroy you.

It’s astonishing where becoming curious rather than resentful or fearful about physical or mental health problems leads. They are not meant to be a burden but rather a beacon.

Beacon: A signal fire, especially one used to warn of an enemy’s approach.
A signaling or guiding device that emits light, such as a lighthouse.

Every day, the state of our body and mind are giving us signals – trying to guide or warn us. When we become AWARE of those signals, we can travel where they are lighting the way for us to go Or stay away from where it’s warning us to not go. We just have to listen. No doctor, healer, friend, or counselor can know what you need to heal more than God and you do.

Curiosity and awareness take hopelessness and fear and turns it into gold. Symptoms are for you.

They are trying to tell you something, the question is, what?

What Caused Your Problem?

Here is a super interesting concept I want everyone to understand . . .

Whatever physical or mental problem you are dealing with does not just have one root cause.

It actually works more like this.

The best picture I can give is of a bucket – you are a bucket. Different things are going to fill up your bucket from the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual life. Eventually, something will make your bucket spillover which will result in your physical or mental health problem.

Now, what made your bucket fill-up wasn’t just one thing AND what made your bucket spill over was not just one thing. Sure, mold toxicity could be a drop in the issue. A vitamin D or magnesium deficiency could be a drop. Trauma could be a couple of drops. Leaky gut could be a couple of drops. Generational sin/curses can be a drop. But it’s not the only drop that caused it.

It will be a combination of things that built up and eventually spilled and caused the issue actually happen.

This is why people with the exact same diagnosis can’t be treated the same way. Because what caused their diagnosis to happen was a different combination of things that finally caused it to spill from the other person.

This is also why it drives me crazy when people try to pin a health issue on one root cause. It doesn’t work like that.

Many clients come to me and say they have seen other practitioners that did a test and found out they have xyz. . . low this or high that or this ‘diagnosis’. I go deeper. Why is this hormone off balance? Why is your thyroid not working? Why are you not ovulating? Why do you have leaky gut? Why do you feel tired all of the time? I promise it’s not just because one thing is off.

People want a black and white answer. They want to find something and blame it on that and then fix it. It doesn’t work like that.

I have found it looks something like this:

One person dealing with anxiety(or any problem) could be 50% physical reasons 40% mental/emotional and 10%spirital

Another person dealing with anxiety (or any problem)could be 40% spiritual 20%mental/emotional and 40% physical.

That’s why it’s not super helpful to make a blanket statement that this diet or this supplement will treat this or have the same protocol for every patient dealing with a specific issue.

What is Your Combination?

I hear all of the time that people have seen practitioner after practitioner and they can’t figure out what’s wrong with them. Or what they did to treat them didn’t work. That’s because maybe your issue only has 10% to do with your body and those Doctors are only looking at and treating your body.

A ‘physical’ issue can be coming from mental/emotional or spiritual. We need to understand that.

This also makes sense why some people respond to certain diets or supplements in a really good way and others don’t. It depends on what’s going on in your body, mind, and spirit. If the body is mostly your problem, then you will see excellent results when changing diet and lifestyle. If it’s not, you may not see much change.

I have such a great example of this. My daughter started getting food allergies and eczema when she was 3 months old. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to her because, from a physical standpoint, she had none of the indicators that functional Doctors are trained to know cause eczema. I had a natural vaginal birth, I had a great microbiome throughout pregnancy, I ate all organic nutrient-dense food, she never had one shot or antibiotic ever, she was breastfed for 2 years, and she had a gut-healthy organic diet. No one could figure out why this was happening to her. I tried so many different diets and supplements with little improvement. I was so frustrated because I have helped many children heal from eczema through diet and supplements, why wasn’t it working for my daughter? That’s when I realized that her eczema wasn’t really coming from the physical body like so many cases of eczema do. I then started exploring the mental/emotional and spiritual parts and that’s when the breakthrough happened. I found I had to break many generational sin/curses as well as clear many trapped emotions, particularly generational fear. When I started doing a protocol for her body AND mind AND spirit, that’s when the change happened.

Whether you are having sleep issues, chronic pain, autoimmune, anything – you have to look at everything and you can’t pin it on one thing. It takes a full life shift. Starting with the Spirit, then the soul, then the body.

How to Heal from Anything

To heal from anything, you need to clear the drops from your bucket. You could have more drops from the physical world, or more drops from the mental/emotional world, or more drops from the spiritual world. But I guarantee you have drops from all of them. So you need to explore all of them.

You do this by addressing the toxicities and deficiencies of your body, mind, and spirit.

A physical issue isn’t just physical. A hormonal issue isn’t t physical. A disease issue isn’t just physical. There are mental/emotional and spiritual aspects to it.

When you think you have found the root issue to your symptoms, go one layer deeper. So you have hormonal imbalance, what caused that? Your body is sensitive to mold, what caused that? Your thyroid is off, what caused that? You have leaky gut, what caused that?

A mental issue isn’t just a mental issue. Anxiety and depression aren’t just mental/emotional. There are also physical and spiritual aspects to it.

And different people dealing with the same issue will have different reasons for it.

The only way to know is to dive into each part and create a protocol for each part of yourself.

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What Your Symptoms Are Telling You

What Your Symptoms are Telling YouWhatever symptoms you are dealing with, instead of trying to do whatever you can to make them stop by taking something, why not explore what they are trying to tell you?

That’s what’s amazing about whatever issue we walkthrough. It’s an invitation. A chance to get to our next level. A chance to get one step closer to our unique mission in life. A chance to use what the enemy meant to harm to actually add to our advancement as a human. To get us to a better place than we were before.

Any health issue is an opportunity to get to a better level than you were before.

When something is going on you get to explore. What are the toxicities and deficiencies in your body right now? In your mind/emotions? In your spirit?

When you have a health issue, find someone that can help you explore ALL 3 parts of you and through that, your healing journey will transform you into a different person that is free, healthy, and whole in their body, mind/emotions, and spirit.

Whenever I have a mental or physical health issue come up, I automatically take personal responsibility for it. I don’t look to someone else to tell me what’s wrong. I don’t go into the victim ‘why is this happening I can’t do anything about it’. I start exploring. I see the symptoms as signals and I begin changing things that I believe they may be telling me. That. is. freedom.

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  • Kristen Lavalley

    Megan, what a beautiful and dead-on article! As a holistic practitioner and Christ follower, I can only give a big amen and you phrased everything so perfectly. Thank you for sharing!

  • Jill

    I’m a Christian pharmacist who focuses on natural solutions (when not acute situations) and healing frequencies. Happy to see others with the same focus. I often say that my life is full of irony.

  • Andrea

    I am dealing with rheumatoid arthritis which is affecting multiple joints and very bad just now- can you help?

  • Erica

    This was so amazing and exactly what i needed to hear. Thank u so much. I had just came across this article amd sure am glad i did just that by reading what my mind , body and soul needed.