Cod liver oil is such an important supplement for your entire body. It’s an amazing source of vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and vitamin D, which are critical for the immune system, the skin, brain function, balanced hormones, and a healthy pregnancy. It provides nutrients that  almost everyone is deficient in the world  today.

This Cod Liver Oil played an important role in how I balanced my hormones and is one of the main supplements I take right now to prepare my body for conception.

Not All Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil is Beneficial

Cod Liver OilCreating fish oil is a very difficult process. If any oxygen gets to it at any time- it turns rancid. Almost all fish oils that are on the shelves are rancid, which can actually do more harm to your body than good.

Most oils are also usually heated(which makes it go rancid), deodorized, and then synthetic nutrients are added in. Not to mention the perservatives and flavors that are added to make them shelf stable and to cover the rancid taste. Even when a company says they do not use heat, even a tiny bit of oxygen will make it go rancid.

Why I Use Rosita EVCLO

This company is completely transparent and gives you all of the details you would ever want to know about this product. Check out the list of FAQs here. 

I love this product for a few main reasons.

  1. The oil  is bottled within 48 hours of the fish being caught in the waters of Norway. Which makes this the most fresh and pure oil that I have found available on the market.
  2. No heat, chemicals, or mechanical processing is used to create the oil. There are also no artificial flavors or preservatives  which makes the oil completely raw and highly pure and concentrated.

We did an interview about this product with Dan, the man behind Corganic. Check it out!

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  • Bluebelle

    How much oil do you take daily?

    • Renewing All Things

      1/2-1 teaspoon daily 🙂