My Supplement Routine

My Supplement Routine

Supplement RoutineI try to keep my supplement routine highly effective. I am not a fan of taking a bunch of pills- to me, they seem to not get absorbed and are a waste of money. This is why most of the supplements that I choose are in forms that are highly absorbable, and hardly any pills at all. Liquids and powders seem to work best for my body to where I actually notice a difference.

Here is my current supplement routine. Note, I am 32 weeks pregnant- but it honestly does not look much different when I am not!

I am not going to go into the details of the many incredible benefits of these supplements, but I will try to link to them if you want to do further research:)

My Supplement Routine


I switch off between a shot of coconut water kefir or a probiotic pill/powder each morning. Amazing for skin, digestion, and detoxification, and energy.

Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil:

Most fish oils on the market are rancid and actually causing inflammation in the body. More on this topic and choosing fish and cod liver oil here) I choose to take this cod liver oil because of how it is sourced, processed, and how potent and healing it is. Amazing for hormones, pregnancy, brain health, hair and skin.


I am currently switching off between Thorne Research’s Basic Prenatal, Innate Responses Prenatal, and Dr. Ron’s next generation multivitamin. All of which have vitamins and minerals in chelated and absorbable, activated forms for the body to use.


I switch off between sea minerals and fulvic/humic minerals so I am getting both sea and soil based minerals. I love Body Ecology’s humic, fulvic, micro and macro minerals and amino acids as well as Aussie Trace Minerals.

Minerals are so essential for every function of the body. The two websites linked above do a great job at explaining the benefits.

Vitamin C:

One of my favorite supplements for glowing skin and immune support! I switch off between Synergy’s Powered Vit C in my smoothies or Seeking Health’s liposomal liquid Vit. C for ultimate cell absorption as many vitamin C supplements on the market these days do not get absorbed by the body and are a waste of money.

Greens Powder:

I use Body Ecology Superfoods for my different fermented greens powders and vegetables. I switch off between the spirulina and greens powder blend. Amazing for skin, detoxification + hormonal balance, and energy.


I write all about collagen here. I love to put it into my smoothies every morning.

Probiotic liquids:

I love Body Ecology Probiotic Beverages, I have not found another with the unique strains these drinks have. I have noticed a huge difference with my skin and digestion! Great to drink throughout the day for an energy boost as well as healthy digestion, detoxification, and immune protection.

Other Supplements:

Other supplements I love to use, but not a daily basis include:

Digestive enzymes: Digestive enzymes are a life savor for traveling or eating out. They keep digestion regular, prevent gas and bloating, and increase energy.

I use Body Ecology Digestive Aids
Magnesium: I get some magnesium from the minerals I take- but when I am feeling anxiety, need to relax, or have hormonal issues- I put extra magnesium oil on or take an Epsom salt bath.

Essential Oils: I love putting lemon and orange in my water and use them for any illness that may come along from cold, flu, soreness, acne etc.



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  • Kaitlyn

    Any recommendations about how to take multiple vitamins/supplements? For example, if the daily serving is 2, 3, or 6 capsules would you take them all at once or spread them throughout the day? Thanks for a great article!

    • Renewing All Things

      I’m sorry Caitlyn, this comment got hidden! I usually spread them out with my meals. For example, if it says to take 4, Ill take 2 at breakfast, and 2 at lunch 🙂

      • Kaitlyn

        Thanks! Bad news: Innate prenatal changed their formula–it doesn’t appear to be a good as before. Do you have another recommendation?

        • Renewing All Things

          Yes! Thorne research or seeking health have good prenatal. Or Synergy Prenatal for a whole foods option 🙂