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      It is impossible to avoid  all toxins in this crazy world, and the good news is – you don’t have to. Our bodies are incredible and have an ability to fight unwanted invaders with force. However, if we do not give our bodies what it needs to fight, then problems start flooding in.

      1. The first thing we have got to stop doing is voluntarily flooding our bodies with toxins that are in our personal care products and cleaning products. Switch to natural skin care and cleaning products that do not overload your body with toxic nonsense.

      2. JERF, as it is called these days. Or, Just Eat Real Food. The next step is to avoid all of the fast food and processed food. Anything with a hundred ingredients in it is just a toxic burden to your body. If you do not recognize an ingredient, neither will your body.

      Ways to Detox Everyday

      Your body is always in the battle of detoxification, the more you can assist it, the faster your health will improve, and the faster your body will begin to flourish like never before!