Is Health and Happiness all in your Head?

Is Health and Happiness all in your Head?

Did you know that 80-98% of all mental and physical illness is caused by our thought life?

The newest research in neuroscience and neurobiology is showing that thoughts physically change our biochemistry. Each thought you think generates hormones and brain chemicals- positive thoughts generate healing chemicals – negative thoughts generate toxic chemicals.

We know through epigenetics that we are physically changing our body and DNA minute by minute by the thoughts we are choosing to think.

Mind Blowing Facts on Health and Happiness

  • 80-98% of all mental and physical illness is caused by our thought life
  • 90% of all of our thoughts, actions, feelings, and behaviors are controlled by our subconscious
  • Our Brain is taking in over 400 billion bits of information a second through our five senses.

Let me tell you, nothing has made such a noticeable impact on my heath. Your thoughts literally change your body. I feel like my eyes are clearer, I have more energy, my digestion is better than ever, and all because I have been working on these principles. On top of using Body Ecology Products, and Rosita Fish Oil– this information has made a radical impact on my health.

You CAN change your DNA

For a while now, I have been talking about epigenetics and how the food we eat and the toxins we avoid physically control how our genes express themselves. Well now we know that the thoughts that we think actually play a bigger role in changing our DNA then anything else!

How it Works

There are three parts to you:

You are spirit, you have a soul and live in a body.

  • Your spirit is your “true you,” created perfect in God’s image. Your Spirit deals with intuition, conscience and communion.
  •  Our soul is our intellect, will and emotions – our mind – and is designed to be led by the spirit. It is with our soul that we understand what the mind knows.
  • Our mind is the thoughts we think and the mind changes our brain.
  • Our body does the will of the spirit and the soul. So the choices of our mind determine the health of our body.

So. . .

  • The holy spirit guides your spirit
  • Your spirit guides your soul and brain
  • Your spirit and soul control your body
  • Your thinking controls every cell and DNA structure in your brain and body

How toxic and negative thoughts impact your brain and body:

In your brain, you have a ton of structures that look like trees that control the entire body.

  • When you have a toxic thought and do not do anything with it or focus on it more, the trees in your brain become black. This then throws your entire body out of balance leading to anxiety, depression, illness, hormone imbalances, and much more.
  • Your immune system responds to a negative thought the same way it responds if you got a cut or have a sickness
  • Toxic thoughts literally turn on BAD genes in your body. For Example: If you had a gene for cancer, constant toxic thoughts will turn that gene on.
  • Toxic or negative thoughts create physical inflammation in the brain.
  • The thoughts you think are either hurting your brain and cells or healing them. Each thought is either growing your spirit or inhibiting it from connecting with God.
  • Same goes for traumatic or hurtful emotions that you try to suppress, they are having a physical impact on your body.

How Gratitude, Positive Thoughts, The Bible, and Prayer Effect the Body

  •  When you feel a good thought, your brain physically starts to rejuvenate, creating proteins witch grow those tree structures and increase you IQ.
  • These proteins are what control our DNA. A good thought it like a light switch to heal your genes and turn on good genes.
  • When you give thanksgiving, praise, and worship to God, incredible things begin to happen in the brain, and the body follows the brain.
  • When God said that he will “Renew our Minds” and that we are created to have a “Sound Mind” he was not kidding. It chemically happens.
  • In Deuteronomy 30:19, he explains to us “we have the power to choose life or death, blessings or curses, choose life” This is chemically and physically true in our bodies. The more we follow his commands and speak and meditate on his word, the healthier, happier, and more successful we will be: and scientific tests prove this!

Take Away

  • Taking control of your thought life may be one of the most important things you can do because it effects your health, your peace, and your relationships with others.
  • You do have control over your emotions and feelings
  • You can rewire your brain and your subconscious to feel happy, at peace, confident, and healthy.
  • We have the unique ability to be able to observe our thoughts and take them captive. No thought is harmless, they are all physically and biochemically changing your body and brain, and there are now tests to prove this.
  • Your thoughts and choices are like electro magnetic waves and act as s signal in the brain. Good thoughts signal the DNA to express good genes, and toxic thoughts physically activate and express bad genes.
  • We cannot control our circumstances, but we can control how we react, and how we react determines the health of our brain and body.
  • Your subconscious is responsible for 99% of how you perceive life and your actions. What you allow in from your five senses will effect your subconscious.
  • Every morning your brain has something called neurogenisis- meaning new brain stems are formed and ready to help heal or harm the brain, and your thoughts are the signal to which one gets activated. This is why beginning your day right when u wake with 3 things u are grateful for literally changes and strengthens your brain.

Amazing News for Believers

This science is blowing the minds of believers and non believers alike. As a believer, we have the Holy Spirit inside of us, which connects us to God. This spirit can physically change our brains and bodies, and there are scans to show it.

Having the spirit inside of us will control our brain and soul which controls our life! It is an amazing life force that has unlimited possibilities.

I do not want to make this post too long, so let me know if you all are interested in a follow up piece explaining tangible steps to take to rewire and heal your brain and body and to be filled with peace, joy and purpose.

How to Detox Your Thought Life here. 



Switch On Your Brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf 

I would encourage reading this book as she provides thousands of references and scientific studies.

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  • Joann Grace Jordan Orloff

    Yes, please more! I am a fan! I am connected w/Dr. Jockers and his 30 Restoration plan and heard of you from him…You guys are a blessing in my life.

    • Renewing All Things

      I am so sorry to just have seen this Joann! Your comment made my day! Thank you so much for reaching out 🙂 Hope to connect more with you soon!

  • Cindy Ostrom

    Please write more on this topic. I always say it is challenging when you have lived with negativity all your life to change those thoughts but I realize it can be done. Encouraged by you!

    • Megan Kelly

      Thanks so much, Cindy! I agree with you, from my past, it is definitely a challenge, but we can rewire our brain to make it our new normal, it’s better when you have support:) I will be writing more about this soon!

  • Krystle

    Excellent article. Loved it!

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    wow, wat a topic and teaching. Thank you so much . I would love to learn more on this and from you. i would also appreciate to have the previous teachings in my email