Wondering How to Be Happier?Groundbreaking neuroscience studies are showing us how we can set the filter of our mind to notice and experience more of the events and emotions that WE CHOOSE. Your brain is always working, it is our choice if we take

Groundbreaking neuroscience studies are showing us how we can set the filter of our mind to notice and experience more of the events and emotions that WE CHOOSE. Your brain is always working, it is our choice if we take time to direct it or not. People often ask How to Be Happier. One amazing revelation is, we have the power to set the filter in which we view the world! There is a part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System- this part sorts through the BILLIONS of bits of information that we are getting every second. Whatever we are thinking about most, our brain scans the world around to provide evidence to your thoughts. For example, if you think about how blessed you are, you will begin to notice more things in your life that bless you. If you are thinking how you do not have enough, you will begin to notice more reasons why you do not have enough.


Take a look around the room and find 3 things that are blue and memorize them………………………………




Now, look back here and tell me 3 things in the room that are yellow.

See, your eyes did see yellow things but your subconscious mind was not looking for them.

You can literally set the filter of what you see in the day.

How to Be Happier: Activating System

  • Your Reticular Activating System is a part of your brain that filters all of the information coming at you. It only takes in what you have deemed most important by your habitual mental setup.
  • If your mental muscles have been trained to look for worry, problems, and things you do not like-that is what you will see.
  • It’s all in what you have knowingly OR unknowingly programmed your brain to do.

Set the Filter of Your Brain

  • You are quite literally taking in BILLIONS of bits of information each microsecond.
  • Here is the thing: there is so much good and so much bad happening around us- we could not possibly take in all of it, and we set the filter of what our brain chooses to notice about life happening around you.
  • Imagine if your sub conscience mind was constantly seeing every good thing about people, yourself, and everything about your day.

Program Your Mind To:

  1. Focus on what you do like and rather than what you do not like: about yourself, about someone else, about your life.
  2. To focus on what you do have verses what you do not have.
  3. To RESPOND instead of REACT to life.
  4. Have a mindset of abundance rather than lack.

Emotions are Habits

  • The more you express any emotion, the more that becomes your default personality.
  • Unfortunately, many mindsets and emotions that are automatic for us are worry, fear, and criticism. . . BUT that can change.
  • The more you practice one particular emotional state say, anxiety, the more your cells create receptors for that emotion and kill off the ones that are not being used.
  • The more you practice joy and gratitude, the more neural pathways and receptor sites you make for that emotion- and feel it more often.

Happiness is a learned skill:

  • The more we shift our focus on what we like, verses what we do not like, what we have verses what we do not have. The landscape of your brain begins to change as you wire in new neural pathways and begin to see life completely different.
  • Gratitude is the answer for worry, anger, or any bad emotion! When you are in a negative emotional state, when you stop and focus on what you love, what you appreciate, and what you are grateful for- it physically shifts your body chemistry.

Action Step

  1. Every morning- think about 3 things you are grateful for, this will set your filter to search your day for more things to be grateful for.
  2. Take 3 times throughout your day to refocus you attention and get off AUTOPILIOT thinking. Intentionally think about what you like, what you have, and what you are thankful for. The more you do this, the more this kind of thinking becomes your default.

Whatever You Focus On, You Empower

  • Our brains were designed to focus- to always be directing our attention to something. Whatever we direct our attention towards- we empower.
  • Every single input we allow in from our five senses is shaping who we are, and who we will become- whether we like it or not.

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