How I Ended Anxiety Around Money

How I Ended Anxiety Around Money

Money used to give me crippling anxiety.

I would worry about not having enough. I would question everything I bought in guilt. I would cringe at the monthly bills coming that needed to be paid. I would worry about giving money away because I thought we didn’t have enough to spare. I constantly shared my worry with my husband and expressed that we needed to change something, work harder, and stop pursuing our dreams in order to find security.

Fast forward to an incredible revelation that has changed my life. Throughout my training in neuroscience and neurobiology, I had been studying how the mind works and reviewing countless different case studies over and over. I came to learn that certain mindsets are actually just habits that are controlling the way we see and experience life.

Then the self-examination set in. I realized as far as I can remember- I worried about money. Where did this come from? Generational. My dad has this same problem, and I simply picked it up.

After this realization, I made a decision. I decided that I wanted to feel and look at money in an entirely different way. I didn’t want to worry. I didn’t want it to consume me. Most importantly, I wanted to see money the way God sees it.

And so the rewiring process began.

The science behind rewiring your mind

A quick explanation about how this actually works:

  1. I noticed that I had a view around something (money) that I wanted to change and see completely different. I wanted to wire in a mindset of abundance and wire out lack.
  2. Every thought you think is a physical structure and pathway in your brain that controls your default way of thinking.
  3. If you have been thinking a certain way over and over- those are the pathways you have in your brain so that is how you are automatically going to think because that is what is there.
  4. The goal is to break down those pathways and build new ones.

How it works

It takes 63 days to break down pathways and to replace with a new pathway. It also takes that long to get your new way of thinking into your subconscious mind so it becomes how you automatically think and see the world.

So I began.

Every day- for 63 days in a row, I began wiring in a new mindset around money.

Mindsets I wanted to wire in around money

  • God abundantly meets all of my needs according to HIS riches and glory.
  • Everything is HIS, I make it and use it how he tells me to.
  • There is always an abundance- and whatever I really need – there is always a way to make it happen.
  • I am blessed and called to be a blessing.
  • Give, give, and give some more.
  • Everything will always work out.

Mindsets I wanted to wire out about money

  • I can’t afford
  • We don’t have enough
  • I have no idea how we are going to make it work
  • We can’t. . .
  • I can’t do what I love and make money

Every day, I spent a few minutes deeply thinking about the old mindset and the new mindset I am wiring in. Then, when I had old feelings come up- I would replace that thought with the new thought I wanted.

Slowly, day by day, I was breaking down my old neuropathways and building new ones.

What happened at the end of my journey? I am a completely new person around this subject!

Did my circumstances change? No! Actually, for a while they got worse. There were months where we literally did not know how we were going to pay our credit card or mortgage- but I wasn’t worried! I felt peace. I truly BELIEVED that God supplies for my every need. I truly believed it would all work out.

Do you know what came with not being worried, trusting, and giving more?


I now have story after story how God provided for us when we could not. Two years in a row we needed thousands of dollars to pay our taxes and other big expenses that came up- and at the very last minute- money came in from RANDOM places (amazing family, rebates from hail damage on our house and car, modeling jobs I took, garage getting broken into, and long lost money from my grandpa) CRAZY.

In our tightest time financially, we needed thousands to pay our midwife, buy a new car, and pay our taxes, on top of normal bills. I had NO CLUE how it was going to happen. A week before we had to pay, I still had no clue how it was going to happen, I just knew it would work out. I also knew worrying about it would not do a thing but make it worse. So we stood on God’s word- that he meets ALL of our needs. And, it happened. I am honestly still not sure how it happened but everything is paid and taken care of.

We are still not living in security by any means (cost of being entrepreneurs), but I am not worried about it. Which is 100,000% different than the old me.

Now I am not saying to do and spend whatever you want and pray God takes care of it. I am simply saying to do what you think he has called you to do, and trust the rest.

I have loved getting into the mindset that as believers, we live in abundance- and it is our job to spread that abundance everywhere at any time.

Changing Your Mind: Ending Anxiety

There are many areas in life we wished we saw and experienced differently. Most people (including myself) try to think differently about something, maybe for a couple of days- and then get distracted from the goal. The hardest part of all of this is to stay focused and intentional every day.

If you can be intentional about focusing on ONE area you want to change and work on it until you experience a difference, that is when true transformation happens. You can’t give up. You have to know that each thought you think is changing your brain.

Create Beliefs

What you truly believe is what you experience in life. If you truly believe God will meet your needs, he will. If you truly believe you can change your health, you can. If you truly believe you can accomplish something big, you will.

The problem is, as much as we WANT to believe these things- the reality is we don’t. Which is okay! The great news is, even if you don’t truly believe or feel something like you want to- you can wire it in until you do!

Even if you don’t feel abundant, healthy, confident, etc, you can always IMAGINE what it would be like. And imagining is physically changing your brain to shift your beliefs.

If you want to believe God’s word- you need to wire it in! And, that takes intention and time.

What to do

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit what mindset in your life you need to rewire. Or, you may already know depending on what you are struggling with.
  2. Spend time in meditation each day thinking about and imagining yourself with that new mindset. How would you act? What would you say? How would you feel?
  3. Have a replacement thought to use throughout your day. When your old thoughts and feelings come up- replace them with the thought you want instead.
  4. You won’t ‘feel’ it at first. You may say “I am trying to feel confident, but I don’t” Or I am trying to feel peace, but I don’t”. The BIGGEST take away is that your FEELINGS follow your actions. You may not feel confident, but if your act confident, eventually you rewire your mind to be it.
  5. You must BE what you are wanting FIRST. Feelings come later. This is an instance where ‘fake it until you make it’, happens to be true.

And so is the incredible process of renewing your mind. Once you are done wiring in one thing, you move on to the next. 63 days may seem like a long time, but if you knew you could be free forever, why wouldn’t you?

It is truly amazing how the thoughts you choose to think (whether you feel like it or not) change your body and your life.

Examples to wire in:

  • Abundance
  • Confidence
  • Health
  • Joy

Wire out

  • Lack (I don’t have enough time, money, things, energy)
  • I am not enough
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear

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