Why I Use a Shower Water Filter

Why I Use a Shower Water Filter

No matter what you may be lathering and washing with in the shower, one of the biggest factors of soft skin, shiny hair, and most importantly- feeling amazing is the WATER you are showering in! Drinking filtered water is great, but having a shower filter may be even more important. . . .

For years, I knew the importance of drinking filtered water to avoid harmful chemicals and viruses, but it took me a while to come to the realization that a shower water filter is just as important, if not more important than a drinking water filter.

Importance of Water

Water is the most important substance to every cell in our body. Most of our body is made up of water, and the quality of water we are drinking and showering in will directly affect how we feel and function. Unfortunately, most water these days is full of harmful substances that are causing imbalance in the body.

What is in tap water?

  • Arsenic: a powerful cancer causing agent
  • Aluminum: toxic heavy metal is linked with neurological, gastrointestinal and liver damage.
  • Fluoride: a highly potent free radical in the body that damages neurological tissue, injures the immune system and hampers thyroid function among many other problems
  • Chlorine: When chlorine is not filtered out of the water and is instead consumed in tap water it destroys the good bacteria throughout the body. This damages natural immunity and dramatically increases the risk for immune disorders and cancer
  • DisInfectant ByProducts (DBP’s): DBP’s are far more dangerous for consumption than chlorine.   They are powerful carcinogenic molecules that destroy the liver, kidneys and nervous system
  • Prescription and Over-the Counter Drugs (OTC): The Maine Department of Environmental Protection tested their water and found a number of different drugs to be present including:
    • OTC pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen
    • Antidepressants
    • Birth Control Pills
    • Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Meds

Why Use a Shower Water Filter:

Simply put, your body absorbs more water, chlorine, and chemicals than you can actually drink. SO even if you are drinking filtered water, but if you do not have a shower water filter, you are still getting all of the chemicals, medications, and viruses that you were trying to avoid.

  • We Absorb More Chlorine Through Showering than Through Drinking Water

What your skin absorbs goes straight into your body. Often times, putting something on our skin is more dangerous than actually ingesting it. This is way using topics creams is so effective. This is also why it is so important to watch what personal care products we are using!

A Quality Water Filter Should Remove:

  • Chlorine
  • Heavy Metals
  • Fungus, miold, and feces
  • Fluoride
  • Bacteria
  • Hormones and Estrogens
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Plastics
  • Cancer causing nitrates
  • Pharmaceutical drugs (narcotics, birth control, antibiotics, antidepressants)
  • Viruses

Clean Water Should:

Not All Water Filters are Created Equal

Cheaper water filters do not filter out all of these dangerous components such as bacteria, virus, lead and mercury. That is why I like using Naturally filtered water system. It filters out:

shower filter


Other Options

Reverses Osmosis: Reverse osmosis is a great system to utilize due to its ability to get nearly all of these major toxins out of the water. However, it also takes all of the valuable minerals out of the water that your body so desperately needs to use the water properly in the body. If you do RO, make sure you add a pinch of mineral-rich sea salt.

Naturally Filtered System

In our house, We use Naturally Filtered’s under sink water kitchen filter as well as their shower filter which combines the best available filtration technologies to give you pure, naturally filtered water straight from the tap for pennies per gallon.

  • Check out Naturally Filtered’s site if you are interested in learning more.

  • Use coupon code 3KT8C9 receive 10% off any product purchase!

Use a Shower Water Filter for healthy skin hair and energy!

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