Meaning of Symptoms

Meaning of Symptoms

Is the health problem you are dealing with actually the best thing that has ever happened to you?

We all have had some type of symptom or health problem at some point in our life. Although unpleasant- we are looking at them all wrong- the meaning of symptoms will blow your mind.

Modern Approach: Get a symptom and try anything you can to get rid of it as fast as possible. Get a fever, and take a pill. Have aches and pains, take an Advil. Have a hormonal problem or acne and get on the birth control. Get a sore throat and get put on antibiotics. Have anxiety and depression and get on anti-depressants.

Although doctors are amazing, what they are trained to do is diagnose symptoms and give a treatment to the symptoms- not get to the root of WHY that symptom showed up in the first place.

Basically, we try to fix our symptoms with a pill instead of looking at WHY the symptoms are there in the first place.

Every symptom and health condition you have is your best friend- it is TRYING  desperately to communicate with you and let you know that something you are doing is not working, and needs to change.

Your body is speaking for your soul and spirit.

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The Root Cause:

There are two main root causes to any health concern or symptom.

  1. Diet and lifestyle: Eating the wrong foods, not sleeping enough, not exercising, not taking enough time to stop being busy.
  2. Emotional and Spiritual: From all of the cases I have seen, I would argue that 90% of symptoms generate from this area. Unforgiveness, bitterness, self-hate/judgment, envy, etc.

Meaning of symptoms: Every symptom you can think of from small to large has a mental and emotional root. From back pain to acne to hair loss to fatigue.

Check out an amazing directory of the symptoms you are facing and learn the emotional/spiritual/physical cause here! 

A Deeper Calling

What if these symptoms were calling you deeper, what if they are asking you to go to a place in yourself that you have never touched just to experience more joy than you ever imagined. What if they were trying to reveal to you what you truly needed in this life. Would you listen?

I have seen it time and time again. Health issues developing because of undealt with emotions and situations. For me personally, I had terrible acne and incredibly irregular cycles and anxiety DESPITE the fact that I was eating perfectly, drinking plenty of water, exercising, sleeping well, and everything else I thought would ‘fix’ the problem. Turns out, when all of that was clearly not working- I started exploring the emotional side of things. This is what I found the emotional causes of acne and irrefular cycles/fertility issues to be:

Acne: Negativity towards self, comparison, feeling less than, lacking self-love, unaccepted, nervousness, unworthiness, unresolved pubescent event(s), perfectionistic, controlling, anger, ‘There’s something wrong with me’.

Fertility Issues/Irregular Cycles: Imbalance between masculine and feminine energies, resistance to receiving +/or creating, feeling inadequate, unresolved past fears around falling pregnant, unresolved issues with parent(s).

Wow. Could not have hit me any harder than that. The acne and hormonal symptoms were the signal telling me that I needed to change the way I thought and how I was living life – it was holding me back, and making me miserable. I listened to the symptoms and began to change.

Instead of trying to “fix” my body, I started loving it, exactly how it was no matter what.

I started taking time each day to really enjoy: my food, my husband, my surroundings, and prayed about what else was trying to be brought to light. I started focusing on what I liked: about myself, the world, and my life instead of what I didn’t like. I started focusing what I wanted in my life, for my body, and for my health versus what I did not want. I dealt with fears and issues I had about the future, and reframed how I saw my past. I stopped being so hard on myself in work and allowed more time for growth and less for critisism. 

The results were powerful. Acne gone, cycle back, and currently pregnant:) I am so grateful for the person I am now and the absolute freedom and love I feel as a result. 

You are Not a Victim

Even with more serious issues like blood clots, major clinical depression, MS, cancer, and infertility are still symptoms trying to communicate something that needs to be changed or dealt with that is holding you back. Huge growth, transformation, and living a life you never imagined happens when you dive deeper instead of covering it up and not asking “why” did this happen.

As we know from epigenetics, you are NOT a victim of your genes, you control your genes through your diet, lifestyle, and thought life. The biggest point I want to make is that instead of blaming a symptom or health condition on your genes, on someone else, or think you have no control,  you can take responsible and heal like never before.Our bodies have the INCREDIBLE ability to heal and rejuvenate from ANYTHING. We just need to help it do what it does instead of putting blocks in its way from healing.

Undealt with emotions undeniably lead to physical illness and health issues – another post for another time:)

There is always a reason for the symptoms and health condition you have! It is not random.

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What are your symptoms trying to tell you- 75-90% of mental and physical issues begin in the mind!Actions Steps

  1. Get curious about your symptoms instead of wishing their demise and trying to get rid of it in anyway possible.
  2. Do not blame the symptom on your genes, on someone else, or think that you have no control over how it got there- what helped me was taking responsiblity for my health and knowing that it was in my hands.
  3. Look at the areas of your life and examine what might need to be changed. Is it your diet? Are you eating something that is causing you to be tired or have digestive/ hormonal issues? Your attitude? Your relationships? Your Schedule? Your symptom is only trying to communicate that there is something you could be doing or something that you should stop doing to feel incredible and make your life better than it is now.
  4. Do you have unforgiveness in your life? Envy? Self-judgment? Perfectionism?

What you focus on, you empower! Changing your thinking will change you life and body.

Know that your symptoms are a good thing, and will resolve if you take the time to explore and experiment.

If you ignore the symptoms and artificially stop them with a pill, they will still be there in the future, waiting to be dealt with and often causing more harm than at the start to get your attention even more.

Symptoms are inviting you to go to the next level in your life, it is your choice to accept the invitation or not.

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  • CouponDivaAndi

    Working on the spiritual end – now starting to seriously address the diet, exercise, and physical stuff 🙂

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    action steps: I believe so many of us feel the angst but don’t know how to take the next step…good word

  • Clare Speer

    Strong truth – love your words “What you focus on, you empower! Changing your thinking will change you life and body”! I am certainly working on this!

  • Samantha

    This relates to me so much and I’m thankful I found your blog today!!