Whole Tones Healing Music

Whole Tones Healing Music

Through years of being in the health and wellness industry, watching all of the fads come and go, I have come to the conclusion that a few of the most powerful practices you can do for your health, you can’t see.

I love talking about energy and quantum physics from a Christian perspective. It isn’t new age, although that is an area that likes to take this information and twist it. This is an area of science, and Christians should know all about because it is showing how God created the world to work, and how we can partner with him to create change.  This isn’t something like yoga for example that humans created, it’s just observing how God created the world to work (like gravity for example). One of those observations is that everything is energy.

This is perhaps the least known area of healing, but the most important, and the future of medicine. 

What Does Energy Have to do with You?

If you have ever heard “everything is energy”, that’s true. It means that what we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it. This has been proven time and time again by multiple Nobel Prize (among many other scientists around the world) winning physicists.

Quantum physicists discovered that when you look at any object or your body, when you get down to the smallest level, the physical atoms are made up of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. That means you and everything around you are vibrating energy that only appears physical because of the rate it vibrates at.

Why am I telling you this? If you look at your body as pure energy instead of a physical thing, you can see that change can happen fast if you work with the energy instead of the thing that is holding the energy.  

Alternative and traditional medicine both tend to look at the body from the physical point of view. They look at the biology of hormones and blood markers. They only look at the physical body and treat it with physical things (drugs, supplements, surgery). The thing is, energy systems have a huge impact on the physical things (hormones, DNA, neurotransmitters).

Because the body is designed to heal from anything when energy is flowing freely, it’s not about looking for what’s wrong as much as focusing on giving the body what it needs to make it right.

Given this discovery, wouldn’t you want your healthcare approach to be based on the reality of energy versus the illusion of matter?

Check out other posts I have written about healing modalities that work through frequencies.

Today, let’s talk about sound.

Healing Sound Frequencies

It makes sense that sound has different frequencies, you can clearly hear that.  Words and thoughts have different frequencies too.  As you can imagine, high frequency (loving) thoughts and words raise the frequency of things around you including your health. Low frequency (hate, shame, anxiety) thoughts and words create destruction and imbalance.

High Frequency = High Health

Low Frequency = Low Health & Life Problems

There are certain sound frequencies that are incredibly healing to the body.

Certain frequencies can align imbalanced frequencies in your body back into a healthy state.

Whole Tones is a collection of 7 songs that have been infused with these healing frequencies. Each song revolves around a different set of frequencies that affect the body differently.

The creator of Whole Tones is a strong Christain man that is revealing mysteries of healing in the Bible. Check out some interviews with him to get the full story.

WholeTones includes the entire range of ancient healing frequencies:

Song One: Open Door (396Hz) –
This beautiful piece opens you up to receive the healing. This frequency helps eliminate feelings of fear, guilt and shame.

Song Two: Desert Sojourn (417Hz) –
417 Hz breaks negative life cycles, as well encourages the increase of energy, productivity and creativity. It is also said to support issues of the stomach, especially digestion. It is said to positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches and lower back pain.

Song Three: The Key of David (444Hz) –
This is the master key with multiple potential health benefits. It establishes peace amid chaos. Best listened to when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Song Four: Transformation (528Hz)–
This fourth tone is designed to promote peaceful sleep, balance your hormones and gently soothe your muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems with gentle, alluring musical vibrations. In general it is good for the hormonal system and spiritual balance.

Song Five: The Bridge (639Hz) –
The bridge fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships. It also boosts your endocrine system and promotes better adrenal glands and gallbladder.

Song Six: Great Awakening of Soul (741Hz) –
714 hz provides deep spiritual and emotional healing. It is designed to assist you in becoming aware of your inner self while cleansing your immune system.

Song Seven: The Majestic (852Hz) –
This piece is a celebration of God and assists in creating a more divine connection with your Creator.

Whole Tones Offers

Having these on in the background of the house all day and playing them at night has created such a healing and peaceful atmosphere. I love the fact I am putting healing frequencies in my body and my family’s body every day.

The healing testimonies (physical, mental, and emotional) are incredible.

Wholetones has been found to relieve stress… promote healing… break negative cycles… and restore damaged DNA… in Minutes.

You can check out Whole Tones here!


  • Pay attention to your frequencies. What you think, say, and do is either raising or lowing your frequency which is then creating harmony or choas within your cells.
  • When treating your body, it’s important to look at it from an energetic point of view, because that’s what it is. Using modalities that work with unblocking stuck energy, redirecting energy, and increasing the energetic flow I have found to be the most healing.
  • Light has different frequencies that have a healing effect on your cells and body.
  • Sound also has a healing effect on your body and can realign imbalanced frequencies to bring the body back into harmony.

This is why I like to listen to Whole Tones while laying in front of my JOOVV light. . . holy healing!

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  • Bonnie Currie

    Thank you so much for this article! It feels good to know that I can be a Christian and enjoy and learn about science. Especially quantum physics, energy and vibrations. I was thinking I was getting into “new age.” But then I thought about it. If God created the elephants and He created them to communicate using low frequency vibrations that can’t be heard by the human ear, then how can that be evil, satanic, new age? I’m taking back rainbows, butterflies, crystals (rocks) and everything else that God has created that the enemy has tried to take over and use for his own purposes!