Nutrition Hacks for Busy People

Nutrition Hacks for Busy People

I love making elaborate, nutrient-dense meals that are full of veggies used in creative ways. Now, have a been able to do that in the last year? No. I barely sit down and eat chasing after a little one. Success to me now is just getting healthy food for all three of us, three times a day which means no fancy recipes or tricks.

I have had to come up with a list of staples I always have on hand to make sure we are getting in all of our nutrients, with little effort.

Nutrient Dense Foods

Who doesn’t want a rocking reproductive system, balanced hormones, glowing skin, and sharp brain function? I know I do, and eating nutrient-dense foods will without a doubt get anyone where they need to go.

Now, let’s get straight down to it and talk about incredible food that will transform the health of your entire body.

Each one of the foods below contain a concentrated source of powerful nutrients that the body thrives on. These foods support the entire body- everything from healthy skin and hair, to hormonal balance, to brain and heart function. The combination of nutrient-dense foods and micronutrient-rich alkalizing foods will give you the body, brain, skin, and health you desire.

Nutrition Hacks for Busy People

Liverwurst or liver pills:

Liver is absolutely incredible for your body. It’s full of bioavailable B vitamins, minerals, iron, and the list can go on and on. Read more about the benefits of liver here. Actually, all organ meats are incredible.

Don’t like eating liver and heart? Try liverwurst! It combines organ meats with beef and you can hardly taste it. Bonus, you don’t even have to cook it. Just defrost and eat. My daughter eats it up. I buy mine from US Wellness Meats for a clean source.

Still too weird for you to eat? Don’t worry, you can also just take Pasture-Raised Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules. 

Fermented foods

Another easy miracle to have in your kitchen. Adding a spoonful of fermented veggies to your meals not only helps the digestion and assimilation of your food, it also strengthens your immune system, promotes glowing skin, and takes away sugar cravings! Again, no effort involved (unless you want to make your own).

Read more about fermented foods

Bone Broth

Are you tired of me talking about bone broth yet? Just drink it. A cup a day will go a long way. It’s full of bioavailable minerals, amino acids, and collagen that will promote healthy skin, a healthy gut, and a strong immune system!

How do you make this easy? Just buy it! I used to make my own all the time, but that happens just about once a month now (if that). I love buying Bonified Provisions bone broth which is in the freezer section at Natural Grocers. Amazing quality and I give my daughter a cup of this a day. No effort, full of powerful nutrients.

You can also buy bone broth protein powder. One scoop = 1 cup of bone broth! This is honestly how I get my bone broth in most days.

Read more about bone broth protein here. 

Frozen Veggies

I don’t know what I would do without frozen veggies (probably eat a lot less of them). Because frozen veggies already come chopped and ready. I just cut the bag open, steam, roast, or sauteed. My favorites include: frozen cauliflower rice, broccoli, carrots and peas for the little to munch on, beets, and frozen spinach. No chopping, prepping, or mess.

Protein Powders & Collagen

I am a huge fan of protein, greens, and collagen powders because they can provide you with so much nutrition with no effort. Of course, there are healing powders and there are powders that can actually harm your health which is why it’s important to know all about it before consuming it. I love how you can add powders to anything to enhance it – hence why 80% of my recipes contain collagen, ha!

Read is your protein powder toxic? + How to choose a good one here

Protein Powders I recommend and love:

Greens Powders

If you want to get in tons of living enzymes, micro-nutrients, and antioxidants from greens, fruits, veggies, algae, sprouts, and herbs, all in a powder you mix and drink, get a greens powder.

I think everyone should consume a greens powder as an easy way to get the antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrition we are all very much lacking. Spirulina, chlorella, and sprouts are incredibly nourishing and healing.

Not all greens powers are created equal. Most contain pesticides and heavy metals that will do the opposite of what you are wanting.

Learn how to choose a greens powder here.

After much research, the two I use are:


Nothing can bulk up a meal like noodles. Which is why I like having low-carb, nutrient dense noodles always on hand.


As much as I would rather save a lot of money NOT buying packaged foods, the truth is, there are some incredible quality ones these days and it’s just worth it to me with the time I save having these available to add to meals on the side or eat as snacks.

Some of my pantry staples:

Mixed Greens & Sprouts

Pretty self-explanatory. Always have a huge box of mixed greens and a box of sprouts and throw them in EVERYTHING. Eggs, soups, stirfry, smoothie. Just add a handful to anything you are eating for an extra boost of raw, living, enzyme-rich food to nourish your body.

More about why sprouts are amazing here.


You can have a cup of bone broth (or a smoothie with bone broth powder), a handful of sprouts, liver pills, greens powder mixed in water, and a spoonful of fermented veggies every day with NO PREP OR COOKING REQUIRED. Just get it out of the fridge and eat. These are some of the most nutrient-dense foods you can put into your body, so feel good about consuming them, and feel better with how easy it is to do.

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