Why Use a Squatty Potty?

Why Use a Squatty Potty?

When I first heard about the squatty potty, I quickly dismissed it. I didn’t think I had any problems, nor needed a stool in the bathroom.

In the health and wellness world, I could not escape hearing about the benefits and actually need to squat in the bathroom. After many, many of my fellow health professionals kept raving about this concept, I finally decided to try it out.

Why Squat?

Although convenient, the toilet actually puts you in a terrible position to eliminate, making it hard on your body and leading to a wide range of issues. Modern practices today have gotten way off track to what is best for the body. Just like laying on your back is a terrible position to give birth because of the position it puts your internal organs and bones- sitting on a toilet also puts the body in terrible alignment to eliminate.

Squatting is how our body was designed to eliminate yet most people have never tried it their whole life because we were raised on the toilet.

Why Use a Squatty Potty

Millions are struggling with modern day ailments including bloating, straining, hemorrhoids and constipation. Proper elimination is a major key to fix all of this.

When you eliminate better, the less toxic you will be, the more energy you will have, and the less bloated you will feel!

You can find a the squatty potty I use here. This squatty potty fits perfectly and has just the right height for the perfect squat!

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