How to Work Out at Home

How to Work Out at Home

One of the best decisions I have every made was to Work Out at Home.

I have not had a gym membership in over two years. At first, I was really worried about it, thinking that I would not have any way to work out, or at least not at the same intensity as a gym. BUT to my surprise there are thousands of quick home workouts with NO equipment needed and get a more effective work out in than I personally ever got at the gym.

So, when you do not feel like going to the gym one day, or even ever going to the gym, here a few of my favorite quick home workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime, and work your whole beautiful body.

Work Out at Home

Total Body Workout

10 Burppees

15 jump squats

15 push ups

1 min plank

Repeat 4 times

Olympic leg work out

20 regular squats

20 side squats

20 front squats

20 back squats

30 second squat and hold

Repeat 4 times

All About the Abs

1 minute front plank

1 minute right side plank

1 minute left side plank

20 leg raises

20 full sit ups

25 in and outs

Repeat 1-3 times

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