Psychoneuroimmunology?! What does that even mean?!

Basically, it is the study of the minds effect on the brain and the brains effect on the immune and endocrine system.

Thoughts + Emotions have a larger impact on health and healing then we ever thought possible, and it is my mission to help people explore and apply this connection in their everyday life to heal, balance hormones, and rewire their brain to experience life in an entirely different way.

I was recently on a podcast with Emily Schrom and we covered things like:

  • Psychoneuroimmunology, the mind, and how it can change everything
  • My 4-minute presence practice that can rewire your brain and dramatically change the way you experience life
  • How my healing journey took more than food and supplements
  • How not processing your emotions leads to imbalance and disease
  • How to rewire your brain and break mental patterns of lack and anxiety
  • How to intentionally generate thought, energy, and emotion to heal the body
  • So much more, give it a listen!

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  • Linda

    Hi Megan! Make sure to put episode #26 for the podcast. I love your site! Blessings, Linda

    • Megan Kelly

      Ah thank you for saying that Linda!! <3 <3