3 Ingredient Metabolism Boosting Chocolate

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How This Nourishes Your Body

Today is a day to rejoice. I just discovered chocolate, that is easy to make, boosts metabolism, and is actually extremely healthy for your entire body. Like eating it everyday would actually benefit your health. Amen to that!

This gold mine is so easy to make, ready for it?

Coconut oil + cacao + honey ->freeze -> Eat and enjoy!

Each of the ingredients above are  incredibly nourishing to your body, I go into their healing properties in detail here -> Coconut oil, cacao, maca. I also add maca powder to the mixture for the added bonus of balancing hormones and a boost of energy.

You can sweeten the chocolate with raw honey, maple syrup, or stevia. Most of the time I do not even use a sweetener and I think it still tastes great!

Using an ice tray to freeze the chocolate makes it so convenient, and easy to grab on the go. Whenever a chocolate craving comes along, I make my way to the freezer, pop one of these suckers in my mouth, and feel pretty darn good about it.

healthy chocolate

Cooking Instructions

1. Combine coconut oil, honey, cacao, and maca – stir until well combined. If your coconut oil needs to be melted, toss all ingredients in a sauce pan and lightly heat and stir until all mixed into melted chocolate.

chocolate ingredients

2. Pour mixture into an ice tray to make individual chocolate pieces.

making chocolate

3. Allow to freeze until solid.

ice tray chocolate

4. Pop out of tray, and enjoy! I usually keep the chocolate in the tray and freezer because it will melt depending on the temperature of your house.

chocolate piece

Side Notes: To avoid sugar completely, you may omit the honey or use stevia.

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