Benefits of Liver

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How This Nourishes Your Body

Interesting Facts about Liver

most-expensive-food-goose-liverGross. – The first thought most people have when thinking about liver. No worries, mine too.

Now I am in love with the stuff because of how nourishing it has been to my skin and hormones. I am also one of those odd individuals that like the taste, so that was a plus.

Ancient cultures viewed liver and organ meats as sacred and were saved for pregnant woman, warriors, and those that were considered higher in class. Traditional cultures knew that the nutrients found in liver were non-negotiable for the health of the entire body, especially woman ready to conceive and growing children.

“Throughout most of recorded time humans have preferred liver over steak by a large margin, regarding it as a source of great strength and as providing almost magical curative powers.”(1)

Modern media has since put the nonsense into our minds that liver it toxic and not to be consumed. Chris Kresser writes, ” A popular objection to eating liver is the belief that the liver is a storage organ for toxins in the body. While it is true that one of the liver’s role is to neutralize toxins (such as drugs, chemical agents and poisons), it does not store these toxins. Toxins the body cannot eliminate are likely to accumulate in the body’s fatty tissues and nervous systems. On the other hand, the liver is a storage organ for many important nutrients (vitamins A, D, E, K, B12 and folic acid, and minerals such as copper and iron). These nutrients provide the body with some of the tools it needs to get rid of toxins.” (source)

Nutritional Profile

Liver is one of natures multivitamins, filled with:

  • High-quality protein
  • Nature’s most concentrated source of vitamin A
  • All the B vitamins in abundance, particularly vitamin B12
  • One of our best sources of folic acid
  • A highly usable form of iron
  • Trace elements such as copper, zinc and chromium; liver is our best source of copper
  • An unidentified anti-fatigue factor
  • CoQ10, a nutrient that is especially important for cardio-vascular function
  • A good source of purines, nitrogen-containing compounds that serve as precursors for DNA and RNA
  • Brain, hormone, and heart healthy essential fatty acids including EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docasahexaenoic acid), and AA (arachidonic acid)

I would say liver is one of the most nutrient-rich, powerful, and health-promoting foods you could eat! If you just hate the taste, I love taking these liver pills as an easy way to get these life-changing nutrients in my body! 

Remember, source matters! You must get grass-fed, organic, clean, and pure liver in order for it to benefit the body. I trust this brand

Superfood Benefits and Reasons to Eat

1. Increased energy: “Liver’s as-yet-unidentified anti-fatigue factor makes it a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders.

800px-Beef_liver_sashimi“Liver’s as-yet-unidentified anti-fatigue factor makes it a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders. The factor was described by Benjamin K. Ershoff, PhD, in a July 1951 article published in the Proceedings for the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine.

Ershoff divided laboratory rats into three groups. The first ate a basic diet, fortified with 11 vitamins. The second ate the same diet, along with an additional supply of vitamin B complex. The third ate the original diet, but instead of vitamin B complex received 10 percent of rations as powdered liver.

A 1975 article published in Prevention magazine described the experiment as follows: “After several weeks, the animals were placed one by one into a drum of cold water from which they could not climb out. They literally were forced to sink or swim. Rats in the first group swam for an average 13.3 minutes before giving up. The second group, which had the added fortifications of B vitamins, swam for an average of 13.4 minutes. Of the last group of rats, the ones receiving liver, three swam for 63, 83 and 87 minutes. The other nine rats in this group were still swimming vigorously at the end of two hours when the test was terminated. Something in the liver had prevented them from becoming exhausted. To this day scientists have not been able to pin a label on this anti-fatigue factor.””

From “The Liver Files” on the Weston A Price Website.

2. Healthy reproductive system and balanced hormones: Eating liver is like taking a multivitamin that provides the entire body with key nutrients necessary for a balanced hormonal and reproductive system. Our bodies need certain nutrients to produce and maintain hormonal balance in the body. If we do not eat foods that have these nutrients, our body cannot produce and maintain in hormonal balance simply because it does not have the building blocks to do so. Not many woman these days are eating nutrient dense foods, such as liver, and are suffering from fertility issues and hormonal imbalances more than ever before seen in history.

The concentrated source of fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, full spectrum of B vitamins, trace elements, and other minerals make one powerful combination of nutrients that provide the exact building blocks the body needs to function properly- without hormonal, fertility, or energy issues.

liver3.  Disease Prevention and Proper Development: Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and iodine, combined with “fat-soluble activators”, vitamins A, D, and K (vitamin K2)—play the ultimate role in building a beautiful, fully-developed body and maintaining its function throughout life. Liver provides just that- an abundance of vitamins and minerals, along with the proper fat soluble nutrients needed to absorb and use them throughout the body.

Critical nutrients the body needs to stay free of disease, and maintain a strong immune system are vitamins A, C, and D. “Vitamin A is important catalyst for a variety of biochemical processes in the body. It’s required for assimilation of protein, minerals and water-soluble vitamins, and it also acts as antioxidant > protecting body against free-radical damage and diseases like cancer. Vitamin A plays a crucial role in reproduction, promoting full-term pregnancy and proper development of face (eyes, nose, dental arches & lips).” (3).

When we give our body the nutrients it needs to produce hormones, have energy, fight disease, and even develop a baby, it will do so without any problems- which amazes me still, every. single. day.





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