Life-Changing Spiritual Practices to do Each Day

Life-Changing Spiritual Practices to do Each Day

Below is a list of my favorite Spiritual Practices that I have found to make dramatic shifts in my life.

I look forward to doing these each day because of the incredible fruit and experiences that have come from them.

I believe that if we can take the time to be intentional each day- doors will open up for us that we never imagined possible.

‘Draw near to me and Ill draw near to you”

Life-Changing Spiritual Practices to do Each Day

Decrees/reading the word out loud: Speaking decrees and scripture out loud physically changes your reality. It releases angels to carry out that word and  make it happen in your life. Words create matter and bring things that ‘are not seen into things that are seen’. If you knew you were releasing angels and creating life in any area that you need- why wouldn’t you speak things aloud each day?!


Speaking in Tongues: If you need/want more information and understanding on this topic, I would reccomend Patricia King’s work. When you pray in tounges, the spirit is praying on your behalf and is praying the exact thing that you need! Sometimes you do not know what you need, but the spirit inside of you does. Praying in tounges also strengthens your spirit and makes you more sensitive to God’s voice and presence.


Listening: Over the years I have found myself getting caught up in praying everyday, but not actually taking a good amount of time to listen. Without saying anything. Praying is so much easier than sitting for a while and just listening;) But if I want to know the answers to what I am praying, and if I want to know what God wants to do through me that day or my life, I need to pause and listen.


Meditating: I like to choose one topic, one concept, one thought, and think about that only for a certain amount of time. It is in that time that I receive more insight, wisdom, and clarity, of whatever I am meditating on. Whatever I am needing wisdom on, I meditate on it. Meditation brings revelation. The problem is- in our day and age of social media and Netflix- our attention span has gotten short- very short. Which makes it difficult to focus on one subject for long periods of time, but that is what brings the revelation. To experience God’s precense, we need to focus on it for more than two minutes! Not only is this amazing for your spiritual life, it also trains your brain to be able to stay present for periods of time without getting easily distracted, which is a lost art these days as we are constanty lost in social media, TV, our worries, fears, etc.


Visualizing: Visualizing is our greatest human ability- it allows us to encounter God, to change our reality, and to change our body. Taking time to intentionally visualize each day is one of the number one ways we can partner with God to create change.

Each day visualize:

  • Your health:
  • Your relationships and family:
  • Your Work:
  • Your prayers: Imagine what it would like to have whatever you are praying for happen.


Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship: 

  • Thanksgiving: what you are grateful for
  • Praise: How he has been so good to you
  • Worship: Just focus on him- how good, faithful, fun, joyful, miraculous he is


Identity Statement

  • Write down who you are and who you want to be. So important to keep this in front of you because you will percive and begin to handle life by who you think you are.



  • People/situations you are praying for- again, visualizing what it would look and feel like as if it already happened, this makes prayer 100x more powerful.



I wish I did this more, and one of my goals is to add it in to my weekly routine.  Mark Virkler’s book “The four keys to hearing God’s voice” is a great place to read more about this. Ask God questions and then just free write anything that comes up without thinking about it. This allows you to bypass your busy mind and allows God to get thoughts out to you.

How to Put it all Together.

I get it. You’re busy. HOW in the world will you have time to fit all of this in?!

Below is an example of what I do. I am not perfect, I have a newborn baby, but I try to follow this as often as I can.

Every day I make sure to:

  1. I take a few deep breaths first thing in the morning and think about thanksgiving, praise, and worship. What I am grateful for, and how amazing HE is
  2. I Visualize:
    1. I visualize the mindsets I want to have: abundance, success, patient, wise, etc.
    2. I visualize how I want my health to be
    3. I visualize my family’s health and success
    4. I visualize my work/purpose
  3. I pray
    1. I visualize my prayers and imagine what I am praying for coming true and feeling grateful that it already happened.
  4. Read and think about my Identity statement: reminding me who I am, what I am going to be, and what I want to keep in the front of my mind.
    1. Living for eternity: God and the purpose he has sent me to do, my husband, family
    2. I am favored, wise, and successful
    3. I am peaceful, I am present, I am guided.
    4. I release joy, inspiration, and healing everywhere I go.

It changes, and it is long…. that is just a piece 😉

The process above can take as much or as little time as I have!

Life-Changing Spiritual Practices to do Each DayThen: I alternate days

I either:

  1. Speak Decrees out loud in these areas:
    1. Family
    2. Finances
    3. Work
    4. Wisdom
    5. Health
    6. Any problem I am struggling with – I speak the solution to it out loud


2. Pray in tounges, listen, and meditate on something


What practices do you do each day to strengthen your spirit and get direction for your life?

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    Wonderful article! So glad to see you pray in tongues. No wonder your newsletters reveal insight beyond your years. Our Heavenly Father is pleased with you!

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