Life-Changing Mind Practices to do Each Day

I find the hardest part of life is keeping my focus and getting caught up in worry. . . about anything and everything.

One concept that has changed my life is this: we suffer most from our anticipations and limit ourselves most by our assumptions.

My worry and anticipation about how things ‘might’ go. . .

My assumptions of how I thought other people view me. . .

My worry and assumptions to what I think I ‘should’ be doing each day to be successful, prevent the bad etc. . . .

. . . .were making me blind to the serious blessings that were happening to me each day.

The more I anticipate what ‘could’ happen and the more I make assumptions about what people ‘are’ thinking- the more I actually create what I believe to be true.

So lately I have been going with: if I am going to make assumptions and anticipate the future, might as well assume things are awesome and experiences better than I ever could imagine are coming;)

Circumstance + reaction = outcome

Circumstance + reaction = outcome. This means that my reaction effects the outcome and what happens next. If my reaction to life is stress, worry, anger, etc. – that is going to create more stress, worry, anger, and problems. If my reaction is surrender, gratitude, and joy- a very different outcome will come about.

We will create and attract situations that are in line with our focus, thoughts, and emotions. 

We are in control, not victims. We choose what to think and feel, and those thoughts and feelings create- for better or for worse.

Easier said than done, but your brain is like a dog, you can literally train it to do anything. You can train it to not react in stressful situations, not to worry, or not to be self-critical.

My natural default thinking is easily worried and stressed out- but you can wire that out.

I treat this process like a mission each day. Doing anything and everything I can to not lose focus and let my default thinking take over which is “there is too much to do”, ‘What do they think of me”, “Why do I feel like this. . .”, ‘What if. . .”. . .”why did he/she do that. . .”

Do whatever you can to stay in a positive emotional state- because it is creating your reality and what you experience next.

Below are a few practices I do each day to train and stay in the state that God intended us to stay in.

Brilliant Mind Practices to Do Each Day

Before you get out of bed- think/say today is going to be a good day, amazing things are happening.


Ask Yourself 3 impowering questions first thing in the morning: What am I going to do/create today that will be more powerful and fun than anything I have ever done? How am I going to have a great day today? What can I do to nourish and be accomplished today?. . . . You are unconciously asking questions to yourself all day anyway, and your brain goes to search out an answer which is why it is so powerful to direct your quetions INTENTIONALLY. Or your default questions will take over “why is this happening”, “I don’t wan’t”, “what are they thinking”, “There is too much to do” ect. Whatever you ask, you will get an answer to.


Take a few minutes to think deeply about things you are grateful for first thing every morning. This trains your brain to scan for what is going right in the day and in your life instead of what is going wrong.


Reflect on what went well that day and what you are grateful for right before bed- your brain is in a powerful state to be programmed at this time.


Think and say what you DO want. Your body responds to your thoughts and words. Thinking ‘I am tired’, ‘today is hard’, ‘I don’t know what to do’, ‘I feel terrible’, ‘I feel fat’, ‘I look   _____’ . . . .you are literally programming your cells what to do i. e be tired, gain weight, etc.


Focus on what you do like going on around you. Your brain will scan the world and show you more of what your filter is set on. If you are focused on what you don’t like about yourself, your significant other, the world, your life- more things will keep showing up supporting your thoughts. If you think about what you do like about your spouse, life, body, etc.- you will find more reasons that support that filter. It is just how your brain works and most people are completely unaware of it.


When a bad emotion or situation comes along:

  • Reconnect: Lable the emotion- know it is okay to feel hard things or be in a werid mood, but don’t stay that way for long! – don’t run away from the feeling. Label it- feel it – breathe into it- surrender it.
  • Reframe: What can I do to change the way I see and react to this? What good can come of this? How can I let go of this?
  • Refocus: Get a reality check. Focus on what is important. Life here on earth is a BLINK of an eye- think of eternity. Remember there are people all over the world that are starving and going through incredible hard and terrible things. Think about what you are excited about, and what you DO want to happen.
  • Release emotions: Deep breathing and shaking/jumping literally releases the emotions from your body. Use your body to change your emotional state! Try a power pose.


Try to have one day per week with no phone or computer (or at least half a day). This resets your brain from being addicted to constant stimulation, and allows you to think and hear from God clearly.


Spend 20 minutes a day in silence to reset nervous system, receive insights, and rewire the brain. In this time: pray, visulize, intentionally direct your thoughts.


Listen or read something inspiring each day. This feeds your mind and spirit and strengthens them to be able to handle anything that comes your way.


Set the alarm on your phone to have refocus points during the day. . . reminders of what is important, what to pray for, and what to think. This is extremely helpful because the business of the day always seems to take over and your thoughts run wild- the alarm is a great reset and reminder.


What have you found helpful to stay in a positive emotional state each day no matter what is happening around you?

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