How to Release Stuck Emotions

How to Release Stuck Emotions

I never realized how much emotions affected my body until I experienced blocked emotions releasing.

Did you know that emotions are physical molecules in the body? And that your emotions can get stored up and begin causing imbalances, mood issues, anxiety, depression, and any disease you can think of? It’s true. And many people have no clue that the symptoms they are dealing with are actually being caused by unprocessed and blocked emotions in the body.

Dr. Candace B. Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion writes about how unprocessed emotions in the body actually become stuck affecting a person’s entire system.

Emotions are E-nergy in M-otion. . .  meaning, they need to be moved THROUGH the body and released.

When the energy is flowing unrestricted through your body, you are releasing the old and welcoming in the new and healing happens effortlessly.

If we could stay in the flow and allow the body to do what it does best — release and naturally re-align with healing — then no symptom or emotion would last forever.

Why Emotions Get Stuck

  • We pretend they are not there.
  • We refuse to feel them or accept what is happening.
  • We numb out and distract with social media, tv, Netflix, alcohol, drugs, food etc.
  • The constant distraction we are in every day is not allowing us to be aware of what is going on in our bodies and what we are actually feeling.

How to Release Stuck Emotions – Blocked Emotions Releasing

People often do not face their emotions because they are scared to feel the bad ones. We tend to think feeling depression, anger, anxiety, etc. means something is wrong with our life. In reality, it is the RESISTANCE of these emotions that actually makes them 1000x worse.

The next time you are feeling a bad emotion- accept it. Know it’s okay. Label the exact emotion that you are feeling. What happens when you do that? Biologically, it calms your nervous system and your amygdala (the part of your brain that makes you think crazy). When you name and stare the emotion you are feeling right in the face- it tends to go away and not be as bad as you think.

The plan of the enemy is to distract us to not actually look what we are feeling in the eye BECAUSE he knows when you do- it loses its power over you.

It’s okay to feel anxiety, it’s okay to feel fear, it’s okay to feel anger. It’s NOT okay to stay in that state for a long period of time…. and why would you want to anyway?! Learning how to release emotions as they come may be one of the most powerful things you can ever learn how to do.

Techniques to Release Emotions

Once you experience blocked emotions releasing, nothing will every be the same. There are many techniques to release and clear emotions from the body. Here are just a few:

The next time you feel a strong negative emotion. . . Do something to change your emotional state!

  1. STOP: Acknowledge and label the emotion you are feeling. Know it’s not bad that you are feeling that. It is just a temporary feeling. Breathe deep into whatever area you are feeling that emotion in. (chest, stomach etc.) YOU NEED TO FEEL IT TO HEAL IT.
  2. Emotional Stress Relief: This is an awesome 3-minute technique that allows you to release emotions and stress from your body. I do this one the most! Here is a video demonstrating Emotional Stress Release.
  3. PRAY! I would do this every time regardless if you do the other techniques or not. Just mentally releasing the emotion and asking God to clear it from your body and breathing it out is fantastic. “I release ____ from my body, thank you for clearing this from my body”. Say it several times a day or when you are having an intense moment. This will only help signal to your body that it is safe to let it go. Another option is nailing it to the cross. Simply say “I nail ______to the cross of Jesus and repent from partnering with  _____I pray that you will replace this ____ with _____(usually the opposite emotion).
  4. MOVE: Shake, run, jump up and down- anything that gets you body moving vigorously! Although this may seem crazy- you are physically releasing the stress chemicals from the body when you do this. This is what all animals do. . . anytime they get scared or face a stressful situation- they always give a good shake and then move on. Trust me, it does wonders for the body. If every person did this after facing a traumatic situation, there would be far less damage done.
  5. EFT: Emotional freedom technique (also called tapping) is the most scientifically studied and proven way to release emotions from the body. To explain this would take a whole blog of its own. Learn more about EFT here, or simply give it a good google.
  6. CRY: Never try to fight the tears. Crying physically releases that harmful energy from your body.
  7. Listen or read something inspiring! This does not necessarily physically release the emotion HOWEVER it is my #1 go-to technique to get out of any funk I may be in!

Try one, try them all. The important thing is to not distract and run away. The more you change your emotional state when you need to, the better and faster you become at doing it so and those feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, overwhelm don’t hang around as long as they used to.

The goal of our life is not to never feel bad emotions. The goal is to feel them, and get faster and faster at dealing with them and moving on to what is important in life and our purpose here on this earth.

Same with relationships. The goal is not to never have conflict. The goal is to learn how to move through it better and faster each time.

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  • Ryan male

    When I started to finally confront some trauma from my youth I would go for a run then pray then I would lay on my bed and just feel. My stomach started convulsing. I’d breath super deep and let out a long deep breath and I could feel negative emotions exhaling out of my body but I had no grid for what was going on. Blogs like this have helped me to understand how emotions get stored if not processed and need to be worked through

    • Megan Kelly

      Thanks so much for sharing Ryan! I think everyone needs to have this information as we all face the trails of life!

      • Vickey

        This was interesting and helpful. Thank you

  • cheray steele

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Megan Kelly

      Thanks for reading Cheray!

  • Monica

    I LOVE it! I believe in modern healing techniques but the articles i read always talk about “the Universe”. All the things you mention above are completely true BUT most people miss the most effective thing… Jesus!
    I have completely experienced releasing trapped emotions. Burping… sneezing… coughing… these are some of the ways. Start meditating (the Calm App is the best for this) and you will become aware of so much. Also pray to God all throughout the day and develop a true relationship with Him and read your Bible. The Life Application Bible App is a great choice. Your life and body will change drastically for the better and in record time. =)

  • Diana

    Hi Monica,
    I like your post, but could you tell us which app you are referring to, “The Life Application Bible App.”
    I have looked for this app and it seams there are several listings. Please link to it if you can or give more info about it.
    Thanks for your extra time Monica, greatly appreciated.