How to Raise Your Frequency

How to Raise Your Frequency

We are at a time in history where things like energy, frequencies, and the science of thought that were formally considered new age hippie jargon are not just far out there concepts, but scientific facts.

As Christians, it seems taboo to even talk about energy, frequencies, or vibrations because they seem to be associated with crowds far from Jesus.

Now, there are many amazing Christain leaders that are diving in and taking back energy medicine for the kingdom. After all, God did create it, just like he created gravity. It applies and works for everyone, whether you are a believer or not.

Here are a few awesome resources if you are interested in quantum mechanics from a Biblical perspective.

Now on to the good stuff.

Levels of Consciousness

Whatever emotion you are feeling emits a certain vibration or frequency. Positive emotions emit positive frequencies, negative emotions emit negative frequencies all of which can be easily measured as each person has their own ‘field’ around them.

You attract people and situations that are in the same frequency as you.

Easy enough.

Now the interesting part is what these emotions are doing to not only our own body but everything around us.

  • Shame … energy level 20
  • Guilt … energy level 30
  • Apathy …energy level 50
  • Grief …energy level 75
  • Fear … energy level 100
  • Desire … energy level 125
  • Anger … energy level 150
  • Pride …. energy level 175
  • Courage … energy level 200
  • Neutrality … energy level 250
  • Willingness … energy level 310
  • Acceptance … energy level 350
  • Reason … energy level 400
  • Love … energy level 500
  • Joy … energy level 540
  • Peace … energy level 600
  • Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000

Vibrations Effect on Your Body

Dr. David Hawkins discovered that there is a critical point (when we reach 200 on his scale) where everything that calibrates below this point makes the body go weak and represents as the absence of “truth”. Everything above 200, makes the body go strong and represents the presence of truth. Having a frequency of 500 or above is of pure unconditional love, and it is in this state that we are in complete harmony with our body and our environment.

Basically, emotions that are below 200 weaken your organs, immune system, and hormonal system which results in different issues for different people. This begs the question is it really our genes or circumstances that cause health issues, or the energy we are holding at any moment in time?

When we constantly experience emotions of love, joy, and thankfulness, the body’s healing system is turned on and can handle and heal anything.

Low frequency = low health and life problems.

Align your energy. Get and stay in the high frequency of love, joy, peace, gratitude- it changes you and what you experience!

To heal any area of your life, I think the focus should be how to raise your frequency because everything flows from that.

Your Vibration Changes People Around You

One of the most interesting things discovered about energy is that your energetic frequency can affect the energetic frequencies of those around you. For example, one person operating at a level of 500, which is Love, can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200. This is how we can be the light of the world and LITERALLY changes atmospheres wherever we go. Whatever energy we are holding is either lifting or lowering others around us.

We can be in control of our vibration, but most of the time we are letting the world, our circumstances, and other people determine our vibration. As you can imagine, this is a terrible idea. You cannot control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond to your circumstances, and the thoughts, emotions, and actions you choose to respond with determine your vibration. Your vibration brings life or death. Healing or disease. Lack or abundance. Success or failure.

Let that sink in. You control your vibration. Your vibration controls your life.

How amazing is that? The emotions and thoughts that you are holding can literally change the lives of people around you.

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Your Energetic Frequency Can Change the Reality Around You

Another fascinating research study that shows evidence of people affecting the energy of objects, is the famous one done by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

In his study, Dr. Emoto took water and exposed it to different objects and environments. What he did was project a thought onto a glass of water, or put the water next to a specific object. Then the water was frozen and the resulting water crystals were observed under the microscope.

Amazingly, when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a written word of high energetic frequency like “Love” stuck to it, the water crystals formed beautiful patterns that were pure in color and in perfect symmetry.

Alternately, when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a written word of low energetic frequency like “Anger” stuck to it, the water crystals were rough, dull in color and in a state of disarray.

You are over 70% water, and your body literally changes according to the thoughts you have towards it.

Here’s a shocking fact. The average vibration of humans is 207. . . because gossip, lack, worry, self-criticism, envy, and unforgiveness are the states most people are stuck in.

Moral of the story?

Thoughts matter. Emotions matter. Vibrations you emit matter. High frequencies attract high freiquncy things. Low frequncies attract problems. Whatever area of life you are struggling with, check your frequncy around it. The best thing you can do for your family? Be in a high frequncy. By doing so, you raise theirs and miracolous events will start to take place.

How to Raise Your Frequency

  1. Lasers, Lights, Magnets – red vs blue light 
  2. Grounding
  3. Meditation to hear God
  4. Doing whatever gets you into a state of thankfulness, love, joy
  5. Move your body
  6. Get outside in the sun
  7. Dance
  8. Sing
  9. Sound and music
  10. Eat amazing organic foods and vegetables with healthy fats like brain octane oil
  11. Visualize
  12. Do a random act of kindness
  13. Compliment someone

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