Get in Shape in 1 hour/week with HIIT

Get in Shape in 1 hour/week with HIIT

HIIT workouts will change your life. 

I am a home work out kind of girl, and I am always on a mission to find work outs that I love, and that provide amazing results.

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT- is the most effective exercise style for maximum fat burning, metabolism boosting, hormone balancing, and energy. Exercising at very high intensity interspersed with periods of moderate rest, is one of the best ways to get in shape.

Strength training, kettle-bells, pilates, and  HIIT are my workouts every week. These are the kind of exercises that I love so I actually do them. The best kind of exercise is the one you will do and that make you feel empowered. To figure that out, you need to try new things until something sticks with you!

The good news is, you can do HIIT with any kind of movement- so everyone can benefit. If you like dancing- do it with dancing!

Benefits of HIIT

  • The good news here is that doing 20 minutes of a HIIT exercise will give you better results than going for an hour run!
  • Not only does it beat conventional cardio as the most effective and efficient form of exercise, it also provides health benefits you simply cannot get from regular aerobics, such as a tremendous boost in human growth hormone (HGH), aka the “fitness and anti aging hormone.”
  • These high intensity bursts create an “oxygen debt,” and burn up all the stored sugar (glycogen) within your muscles and liver. The following adaptation that your body goes through over the next 24-36 hours is to store sugar in the muscle and liver (not in the fat cells) and to burn fat for energy. Therefore, you burn fat while you are sleeping!
  • Increases heart & lung power
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Takes 5-20 minutes 1-3 times a week

How To Get in Shape In 1 Hour/Week Challenge

If you are wanting to boost your energy, improve your mood, balance your hormones and nourish your brain- give this a try!

No need to spend on hour at the gym.

Just commit to working out 1 hour a week, for the next 4 weeks.

That’s it. Just 1 hour. You’ll try it out for 4 weeks, and see how you feel.

Plus, to make it easier, you’ll split it up over 3 days. So that means that 3 days a week, first thing in the morning (or whenever you want), you’re going to do a short 20 minute workout. Doing it in the morning tends to improve sleep at night, boost metabolism for the entire day, and increase energy for the day.

How To Do Burst to Burst Training or HIIT

There are many different types of exercises and ways you can do burst training.

However, here are the core principles:

  • Do 5-10 sets. Each set consists of 1 minute exercising as hard as you can…And then 1 minute of walking it off. You can also do 30 on and 30 off- or 30 on and 90 off- it all depends on the fitness level you are at now.
  • You can also do a  Tabata Method, which calls for just 20 seconds of all-out drop-dead effort, followed by a mere 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated eight times.

Your 20 sec- 1 minute exercise can be:

  • jump rope
  • running
  • squats/ jump squats
  • push ups
  • burpees
  • stairs
  • biking
  • swimming
  • dancing
  • mountain climbers
  • kettle bell swings
  • lunges
  • jumping jacks

One Week Example

Day One:

  • 1 minute of jump rope 1 minutes of rest – 5 rounds
  • 1 minute of burpees 1 minute of rest- 5 rounds
  • Total of 20 minutes

Day Two

  • 20 sec push ups- 10 sec rest- 4 rounds
  • 20 sec jump squats – 10 sec rest – 4 rounds
  • 20 sec jumping jacks – 1o seconds rest 4 rounds
  • 20 seconds lunges – 10 sec rest 4 rounds
  • Total 16 minutes

Day Three

  • 1 minute sprint 1 minute rest- 10 rounds
  • Total 20 minutes

Feel free to plug in any movement into the time frames above. Give your all out effort during the times of work. Combining this with an anti-inflammatory diet will give you  incredible changes!

Super brain yoga is a nice exercise to do on rest days!

Let me know what kind of HIIT you like to do below!

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  • Sarah

    Awesome sample workout! I am a mother of 2 little ones and I find HIIT to be the best way to shed baby weight, get toned and still have time to spend with my kids. Carving out an hour a day as a working mom can be tough…I feel guilty for taking that much time for myself. But with HIIT, I can get toned, get healthy, and still have time for my family. Have my cake and eat it too 🙂

    • Renewing All Things

      I love this Sarah! It really is true, working out smarter- not harder = less time, better results, and more time to spend with our loved ones:)