How to Create Passion, Energy and Motivation Everyday

How to Create Passion, Energy and Motivation Everyday

We all know the feeling…one day you are so excited and passionate about something, and the next you are wondering why you even want to do it anymore. Some days are full of energy, while others seem to drag by. When you do the same things day after day- Eat- clean- work- repeat- it may put you in dangerous territory to get in a rut and lose your motivation and passion in life.

One of the biggest concepts I teach is that you are the one responsible for creating passion and motivation.  If you keep waiting for it to come your way- you may be waiting a very long time.

You may be thinking, easier said than done- but it is the little things you do every day that make the difference in your perception and outlook on life. They may seem small, not worth it- but I promise, they are.

You Create Your Own Motivation, Energy And Passion

Biologically this is true. To have a high sex drive, motivation to work or work out, or energy each day, we need to have a constant flow of positive energy running through us.

It is up to us to create that energy and keep it flowing. Just like keeping a fire going- you have to continually place wood on it or it will burn out. We are the exact same way.

Energy Drainers

There are many things that physically and biologically drain the energy from our body.

  1. Certain Food and Drinks: Sugar, caffeine, refined flour, high carbohydrate meals- learn more about how to increase your energy levels here.
  2. Negative emotions: Negative emotions have been scientifically proven to drain energy from the body. This is because it causes the energy in your body to go to your fight or flight systems- taking energy away from the heart and brain. Fear, worry, anger, and frustration are huge energy drainers.

Intentionally placing things in your life every day that make you feel pleasure, joy, gratitude, inspiration, motivation and peace will keep that fire going- and keep your motivation, energy, and passion alive.

Without a constant current of this energy coursing through your body, you have to start from scratch every time- it is a lot harder to start a fire than to keep one going .
Doing this will not only improve your sex life, but also your creativity in the work place, and your motivation to take on any goal you desire because you will not have to start from the beginning each time to get in the mood for love or motivated for a task- that energy will already be there.
I think we all know that creating this environment for ourselves would be helpful, yet why do so many of us not do it? The answer is, it is a learned skill, a habit. Like any habit, you need to do it every day for at least 21 days– preferably 63 to get it to become what drives you, and what you do naturally without having to think about it.
We know how life can take over- so make a challenge to yourself to do a few things each day that keep your fire going.


  • Have a morning routine: This is likely the most important action step. Create a morning routine, something that you look forward to waking up and doing that fills you with life and motivation. This is such a critical time that will set the course for what you get done and how you feel for the entire day. I personally look forward to my mornings because they are filled with sipping on tea, expressing gratitude, complete quite time and mediation with God, reading the Bible and Devotionals, making an amazing super smoothie that I love- planning my day of what I need to do, what I am excited about, and what I aspire my future to be.
  • Eat slowly. This is the most important part of a healthy diet. Savoring each bite and finding pleasure in your food not only is amazing for your entire body- it also creates a powerful form of energy throughout the body that signals the brain to relax, heal, and create.
  • Decorate your kitchen table with a big bowl of fruit or vegetables. Buy a big bag of oranges or lemons and put them in a glass bowl to display on the kitchen table. It adds a nice pop of color and livens up the space. Get creative with it- try using artichokes, limes, mangoes, or any other fruit or veggie that catches your eye.
  • Dance: If you are in a creative rut, needing motivation to work out, feeling anxiety, anger, or frustration- dance! It releases a flood of amazing chemicals, gets oxygen to the brain, and creates that fire you need to accomplish anything. Hip circles, jumping around, any way your body wants to move- do it- you will feel completely different afterwards.
  • Take a bath: Not very original but nonetheless effective. Add some Epsom salts and oils for a really relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  • Take a walk: This will also get you out of whatever kind of funk you are in. It will get oxygen to your brain, lift your mood, release happy/calming chemicals, and lessen the effects of the negatives feelings you may be having.
  • Take a time out (or two or five) throughout the day. This one is a total game changer. We often get so caught up with what is or is not happening in the day that we lose ourselves. Setting a timer for three time a day that allows you to stop everything, take a few long deeps breathes, remind yourself of who you want to be and are becoming, or something you are grateful for could change your life! Biologically, it changes your brain too!
  • Have a night time routine: Make going to bed a relaxing ritual by spraying some linen mist on your sheets, writing in a journal to reflect on your day, or reading for a few minutes before you turn off the light. Choosing to focus on what went well that day, and what you are excited about for tomorrow with also provide that fuel you need to stay in a state of motivation and passion in life.

The key is to be consistent. It will take at least 21 days of doing this every single day before it even remotely begins to become a natural response. Try setting a timer on your phone for three time a day where you will stop and do one thing that keeps your fire burning and you will notice a huge difference on your stress levels and overall perception of life! How to create a habit here. 

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