How Tea Changes Your Body: Pique Tea

How Tea Changes Your Body: Pique Tea

I love coffee, I don’t love how it makes me feel.

As we now know from numerous research studies, everyone’s body metabolizes coffee and caffeine in different ways. Which is why some people (my husband) can drink coffee at 5pm and still sleep like a rock while others can have a cup at 8am and be wired for hours or full of anxiety after that first ‘I-am-unstoppable’ feeling that lasts for a short period of time (that’s me).

Ove the years of practicing intuitive eating, I have discovered over and over again that drinking coffee makes me feel anxious, sometimes nauseous, and gives me a mood and energy crash a few hours later. Some people it doesn’t, bless your heart.

I have also discovered that it’s not the caffeine that causes these reactions because I can drink heavily caffeinated tea and feel like a rock star.

Because of this, I have become quite the tea connoisseur and today I am going to share my favorite teas and what they can do for your body.

How Tea Affects Your Health

Because tea contains other compounds like l-theanine that can counteract the caffeine, I believe that’s why it affects my body differently than coffee.

I am not going to bore you with the extensive research on the benefits of tea, but you should know that they can be a powerful form of medicine.

Drink tea to:

  • use different herbs that help balance the body from different imbalances
  • improve gut health and digestion
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • increase energy and focus
  • improve sleep
  • reduce wrinkles, banish cellulite & improve the quality of your skin
  • decrease inflammation

Most Tea is toxic

Just like I wrote about how:

Same goes for tea.

Most tea on the market is filled with pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives, and mold. On top of that, most tea you get in stores is not potent enough to give you the benefits listed above.

Because of this, I have done extensive research on the best tea manufactures, searching for the most powerful, pure, and effective tea.

Pique Tea Crystals

I’ve always stressed the importance of establishing a thriving inner ecosystem in our digestive tract. Digestion is everything. Disease begins in the gut but so does your Health. Your gut health affects the health of every other major system in your body.

The good news is that tea polyphenols is one of the very best ways to feed your healthy gut bacteria and increase their numbers!
But just how do we best set up these friendly “good bacteria” for success? By enhancing the growth of good bacteria naturally with polyphenol-rich foods.

One of the simplest and easiest foods to find such nutrients is tea.

Not only do polyphenols increase counts of beneficial bacteria, they also inhibit growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria, otherwise known as “bad bacteria”.

There’s More – Reduced Stress and Sustained Energy

Tea polyphenols not only improve the gut, but the high content of l-theanine (an amino acid) in tea helps reduce stress and provides the body with sustained energy.

The reason I have been loving Pique Tea:

  • Delivers up to 12x the antioxidants of regular tea, making it more potent and powerful than any other tea in the market
  • Made from the highest quality tea leaves and natural ingredients that are organic, sugar-free and free of additives
  • The only tea company to Triple Screen for pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals
  • Effortlessly hot and cold water soluble which I love for travel

If you want to try it, today is the last day that Pique Tea is offering 3 FREE cartons on any purchase of their bundles! 

Get the deal here. 

Other Favorite Teas

When baby girl’s nap time hits, I reach for my favorite caffeinated tea and get to work. I love teas that give me focus, improve my energy, and boost my mood.

For caffeinated tea, I reach for:

Yerba Mate:

I call this my happy drink because I love how this makes me feel full of creativity, energy, and just plain upbeat. Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. Of the six commonly used stimulants in the world: coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa and guarana, yerba mate triumphs as the most balanced, delivering both energy and nutrition.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

We all know that green tea benefits are amazing, but when you consume matcha, you consume all of green tea’s benefits in the most concentrated form — and the health benefits are amplified!

Matcha is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg. It boosts metabolism, detoxifies effectively and naturally, calms the mind and relaxes the body, has been shown to fight cancer cells, is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, and enhances mood and aids in concentration.

Organic Guayusa Tea

Guayusa is similar to mate and matcha in terms of health benefits and compounds. Another wonderful option for a caffeine boost for mental focus and energy, without the jitters or energy crash.

Longevity tea

This is my go-to non-caffeinated adaptogenic tea. I like to drink this when I am anxious, stressed, or just out of sorts. This is very potent, and taste delicious!

This tea was revered in the regions where it grew as “magical grass” because of its many reputed health benefits. Gynostemma has the ability to bring balance to the body under a wide range of challenging circumstances. Studies found that Gynostemma has double-direction, regulating, adaptogenic influence on the central nervous system. It is calming when one is overexcited and invigorating when one is fatigued.

So, next time you reach for that cup of tea or coffee, make sure it doesn’t contain mold, pestcides, or heavy metals;).

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  • Emily

    Hello Megan, what brand of Yerba Mate is your favorite?

    • Megan Kelly

      I like the Guayaki Traditional Organic Yerba Mate, it’s linked above and it can be found at almost any health food store:)