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Holistic Dental Care is a topic that I have been in the trenches experimenting, researching, interviewing, and compiling the data from some of the top holistic dentists.

I have seen now more than ever the importance of oral health. I did not give much attention to the health of my mouth. I thought that because I ate a great diet (no sugar, all organic whole foods) and brushed my teeth twice a day with an electric toothbrush and natural toothpaste, I would be okay.

I was wrong. Keeping your mouth healthy takes more than that.

Growing up on the standard American diet (no good) I had a few fillings already. Recently, I had to get some old fillings replaced because they were cracking. This caused me to dive deep into what dentist to go to, what materials should the filings be made of, and what is the best at home care to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

After interviewing many biological and holistic dentists, I am happy to share with you what I have found so you too can begin taking care of your mouth to protect your overall health AND prevent the need from having dental work!

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Diet + Oral Health

I wrote a whole post about how diet has the biggest impact on your oral health. Even more so than brushing and flossing.

Your teeth have roots that pull in nutrients to them. What you eat provides the nutrients for your teeth to be healthy or not healthy.

Healthy teeth especially need an abundance of essential fatty acids and minerals. Things like sugar, vegetable oils, and phytic acids (from unsoaked beans, nuts, and grains) block mineral absorption and cause inflammation.

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Oral Microbiome

Oh the micribiome. The hottest topic in the holistic health and even modern medicine. Your gut, skin, and mouth each have their own microbiome. A microbiome consists of good and bad bacteria. You don’t want all good and you don’t want all bad, it is the right balance between the two that promotes a healthy immune system and protects you from infection, virus, and disease.

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In our mouth, we have bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease and bacteria that help prevent it. My holistic dentist actually takes samples of my spit and looks at it under a microscope to see what kind of organisms are swimming around in there. . . cool right?!

Traditional toothpaste and mouthwash destroy the good bacteria that keep the bad bacteria in check. We are always going to have bad bacteria in the mouth, so when we kill the good bacteria, we create an environment for harmful bugs to flourish.

If there are more bad bacteria than good, problems begin to occur which is why it is important to have a diet and lifestyle that support the good bacteria.

You can support your good bacteria by:

  • keeping your mouth alkaline
  • avoiding sugar, gluten, vegetable oils, processed foods
  • only drink filtered water
  • use natural and biological mouth products
  • eat plenty of healthy fat and vegetables for minerals and essential fatty acids
  • supplementing with fish oil, minerals, vitamin C, and bone broth

TIP! swish with your saliva! Your saliva is SO GOOD & IMPORTANT for your teeth! It contains valuable minerals and enzymes that keep your mouth healthy. This is why is is so important to CHEW YOUR FOOD until liquid because chewing produces saliva and that saliva helps digests your food! Lack of saliva = lack in health. 

Holistic Dental Care at Home

Brush – there are two solutions for brushes that I have found most effective.

  1. Electric toothbrush: I like the electric toothbrush because, for most people, brushing teeth has turned into an unconscious chore. This is a problem because it actually takes paying close attention to each tooth and really making sure all plaque is removed. Not so much a scrub and go type deal. Electric toothbrushes are great for the lazy brusher because they work to remove the plaque in a faster amount of time and more efficiently than manually brushing.
  2. BASS toothbrush technique: This is the new technique that I have come to love. The concept is taking a simple BASS toothbrush and manually brushing each tooth and getting into the gum pockets (the most important part to keep clean). This way of brushing takes care of your gums and teeth in a gentle yet powerful way. More on how to use the BASS brushing technique here.

You can find the BASS toothbrush here 

Tooth ‘Paste’

The important part about whatever you ‘brush’ with is that it contains ingredients that alkalize, are antibacterial and promote tooth mineralization. Many kinds of toothpaste contain toxic ingredients that harm the bodies ability to have a healthy oral microbiome. Most natural kinds of toothpaste do not clean effectively and many still contain ingredients that inhibit tooth mineralization.

More on choosing the right toothpaste here.

The following choices contain powerful essential oils, probiotics, and ingredients that balance the oral microbiome, provide minerals, and promote healthy gums and strong teeth.

  • tooth powder this is what I recommend brushing with the most because each ingredient is designed to strengthen, whiten, and promote healthy teeth and gums without any unnecessary fillers. I love using this tooth whitening and protecting tooth powder.  
  • tooth serum. – tooth serums are great because they get absorbed right into the gums and fight inflammation, bad bacteria, and plaque. They balance the microbiome of the mouth while providing powerful botanicals that strengthen and heal. I love using this tooth serum  this this liquid tooth treatment.  I rub on my gums, add to toothpaste, or swish with in water.
  • toothpaste – there are times when toothpaste is just easier. These are the types I recommend that are natural but still work.

Mouth Rinse

  • water, sea salt, essential oils: simply combining sea salt in a mason jar with a few drop of essential oils is an amazing rinse to use morning and night that will provide minerals to the teeth and gums as well as alkaline.
  • I also love using this herbal mouth wash
  • water + tooth serums: you can also combine a few drops of a good tooth and gum serum in water and swish morning and night
  • I also love this liquid tooth treatment .

Natural Teeth Whitening

  • Oil Pull: Oil pulling is an amazing way to pull harmful bacteria from the mouth as well as whiten teeth.
  • This is my favorite teeth whitening powder made with activated charcoal and clay
  • Activated Charcol: Simple dipping your toothbrush in activated charcoal and brushing for a few minutes is a fast and highly effective way to remove stains and whiten your teeth! charcoal also is an amazing way to detoxify the mouth and body. This is my favorite kind of Charcoal
  • Baking Soda + Apple Cider Vinegar: Make a paste with water and baking soda and then use your toothbrush to coat the teeth with the paste. Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water and swish. The reaction of the ACV and baking soda deeply cleanses the teeth and gums while also making the mouth alkaline!

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Clean Toothbrush

I admit I am not the best at cleaning my toothbrush which is why I love this tip. Rinse toothbrush in Listerine(just to clean your brush, not to use in the mouth) and run under hot water and let air dry a few times a week!

My Oral Care Routine

  • I eat a diet rich in healthy fats, vegetables, bone broths, and minerals. I avoid sugar, vegetable oils, and grains that have not been soaked and sprouted.
  • Brush 2x a day with either clay tooth paste, whitening tooth powder, or liquid blend
  • Rinse at night with sea salt + essential oil blend or this herbal mouth wash
  • Floss 1x a day
  • Squish with probiotic liquids daily
  • Oil pull of few times a week
  • Whiten with activated charcoal or baking soda when needed

The healthier your mouth is, the healthier your body will be!

This stuff works because I did have a small cavity that I was able to remineralize and not get a filling!

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