Are Supplements A Waste of Money? What to do Instead

Are Supplements A Waste of Money? What to do Instead

I am a sucker for supplements.

When I hear someone I trust talking about how ‘this supplement’ is incredible and has life-changing benefits, I want it.

You would think I take a ton of supplements each day, but I don’t.

I already wrote an article about basic supplements to take daily here, and why most on the market are created from poor sources, are in a form that the body does not absorb, and are actually robbing your body of the valuable nutrients it does have. More often than not, supplements do more harm (or waste more money) than the benefit you.

Any supplements I take, I always choose products that are pure, tested, bio-available, and nutrients the body desperately needs more of to function properly.

There Isn’t a Magic Pill

People run to collagen or probiotics or that next ‘superfood’ because they are looking for tangible results in their mood, beauty, or energy. . .

People are looking for a magic pill. Period. Something they can take that will make them feel or look how they want, or fix a health issue they have.

I am guilty here too so no judgment.

The #1 question I get from people is what supplements I recommend. I get why, but I want to scream from the rooftops that there are practices they should be doing every day that are far more powerful than any supplement they can take that will enhance their mood, beauty, energy, and health.

What to Do Instead

Now when people ask me about allll the supplements, I tell them that they better be doing these practices everyday first, because they really give you the results you are looking for.

Your Prescription 

I am giving you a prescription, one that your body desperately needs. Look at each one of these practices as a supplement that needs to be taken daily for anti-aging, mood, energy, and healing.


What if there was a simple practice you could do every day that is equivalent to putting your body on a charger, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, and flooding your body with amazing antioxidants that aid in healing anything!

Every system and organ in your body functions optimally when it has an adequate source of electrons. Activities that steal electrons include being around phones and computers constantly, being inside most of the day, inflammatory foods, and wearing shoes every time you go outside.

The earth is the ultimate source of electrons and we were made to be GROUNDED. Meaning, stepping outside on the ground with bare feet is like putting your phone on the charger. The earth and sun are the chargers for your body, and you are living off a beyond dead battery if you are never putting your feet on the ground or getting sun on your skin.

The electrons from the earth have an antioxidant effect that protects and heals inflammation in the body. There have now been thousands of studies and scans showing the before and after of people walking barefoot on the earth for 10 minutes. You can physically see inflammation decreased, cortisol lowered, the hormonal and autonomic nervous system balanced!

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There is actually a healing science of sunbathing. We live in a world that is bombarded with paranoid messages about how dangerous the sun is even though ancient cultures knew how to use the sun to heal all kinds of illnesses, and bring about radiant health.

Sunblock is actually a real problem, we are making a whole generation Vitamin D deficient with fear of the sun.

Being in the sun for 20 minutes a day:

  • improves bone health
  • helps skin disorders
  • improves energy and mood
  • the sun’s light kills bad bacteria
  • supports the immune system (HUGE. Ever wonder why you get sick more in the winter? Lack of sun anyone?)

I am not saying get burnt, I’m saying wear a hat to cover your face and get 20 minutes of sun on the rest of your body. Sure you can take a D3 supplement if you can’t get in the sun, but nothing can replace the actual sun and what it does for your body so make it a priorty.

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Water is the most detoxifying, energizing, and beauty enhancing substance in the world.

Before reaching for any supplement that claims to do these things, get serious about your water. I am not just talking about how much you drink, but what kind is what really matters.

Pure spring water or well water is the best option if you can get it – filled with minerals and properties that enhance the body in amazing ways.

Filtered water is next best, but most “filtered” water is actually garbage and not much better than tap. Buying a cheap water filter may not be doing much for you.

Instead of spending your money on supplements, I would first invest it in high-quality water and view that as a supplement. The water you are drinking every day can be helping or harming your body.

This is the water and shower filter I use.

Anywhere I go, you can find me searching for the spring water and avoiding tap water like the plage.

Water (quality water) is life changing for your cells, blood, skin, organs, and mental health.

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When I ask some the top holistic health experts in the world what is the most important thing a person could do for their health, they tell me they would teach people how to breathe.

That’s a pretty powerful statement.

People come to me asking what they can take for their hormonal or digestive problems and I just want to scream from the rooftops – BREATHE & BELIEVE. Meaning, use your breath and mind to make profound biochemical changes in your body.

It takes more work than popping a pill in your mouth, but it’s also 100x more powerful in terms of what it does to heal your body.

The mind, breath, and belief are the most powerful forces you have access to. It’s time to use them to do miraculous things.


  • Puts your body into a healing state
  • Moves energy and emotions through the body
  • Increases energy and focus
  • Eliminates anxiety
  • Brings oxygen, nutrients, and blood to all cells and organs
  • Heals the body


Most people are deficient in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids because they are not absorbing them from their food in the first place.

I would argue this is caused in a large part by not eating their food properly.

You need to be in a relaxed state and really chew your food to break it down, absorb the nutrients, and digest them properly.

That is not happening when you are eating fast in front of your phone or tv.

You would be ridiculously surprised by how much more energy you will have along with less bloating and digestive issues if you just sit, breathe, enjoy, and chew your food.

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I couldn’t leave this out. The thoughts you think each day are either harming your body, or helping it. Balancing hormones, or causing imbalance. Clearing inflammation, or building it. That’s just how your body is designed to work.

It’s brilliant, really. Your mind is directly connected to your body. Meaning your thoughts are the signal as to what you body does.

Maybe you’re not deficient in certain hormones or neurotransmitters, maybe you are deficient in certain thoughts and emotions that are needed to create them.

Literally, I am writing a book on this because thought, focus, and belief are by far the most powerful agents you have to heal your body, increase your energy, improve your mood, look beautiful, and avoid disease. And it’s time to learn how to use this to our advantage.

You could be eating the healthiest food in the world and taking all the best supplements, but if you see the wrong in everything, compare yourself to everyone, and are full of anxiety, all of that will be for nothing.

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You may be thinking, “yeah, yeah, yeah – all of that doesn’t make a big difference”. Well, are you doing it? Are you really getting outside every day in the sun with your bare feet on the earth? Are you really taking the time to intentionally breathe for a period of time? Are you really sitting down, breathing, enjoying, and chewing each meal?

I am not saying to not take supplements- I think a good liquid mineral, fish oil, and greens powder and other herbs and antioxidants/gut support can go a long way – but your body needs the sun, earth, structured water, deep oxygenation and right thinking more than anything else.

Give this a try

  1. Invest in high-quality spring water or get a high-quality filter and drink 20-32oz of water right when you wake up.

  2. Get outside first thing in the morning, walk on the ground with no shoes on, soaking up the sun for 10-20 minutes, while intentionally taking some slow deep breathes.

  3. Sit down with your food, take a few deep breathes before you eat and really enjoy what you are eating while chewing the heck out of it.

  4. Detox your thought life – have a daily practice where you intentionally generate thought + emotion

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